Midnight Shores - Pack Game


This is a historical resource!

This page belongs to a former pack and is being kept for posterity. Adding relevant and accurate information is encouraged, but please do not delete this page.

This pack has been disbanded.


Territory & Animals

Contact Us

Territory Claim
Special transportation is required to reach Midnight Shores.


Word Count



3 300-word post
4 400-word post
5 500-word post, and etc. per 100 extra words (ex. a 1,190-word post would be worth 11 game points)

Earning Points



5 Thread with a Packmate
10 Use Your Co-Rank in a Thread
Complete a Thread Prompt
Start or Join an AW Thread Outside MS
15 Complete all three Thread Prompts
Start or Join an AW Thread Inside MS
Create a Pack Thread
25 Earn a Co-Rank
35 Join the Outer Circle of the Order
50 Join the Inner Circle of the Order
75 Join MS with a Loner
100 Join MS with an Adoptable
125 Recruit a Member to MS




50 Change Token
100 Custom Title (3 months)
200 Custom Icon (3 months)
350 Custom Title (Forever)
550 Custom Icon (Forever)
600 Chibi by Sunny
750 Custom Icon & Title (Forever)
800 Avatar by Sunny

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