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4 July 2009

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10 March 2013




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Sutekina Basho


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Shurui is the brother of Mizu Kuin and the father of Dymtr Tormenta. Shurui was killed by Cercatori d'Arte members after trespassing to attack two pregnant women, murdering one of them and gravely injuring the other.[1]

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1.  Appearance

Shurui is completely white furred with no other color mixed in and the only discernible marking on him is the fiery red '666' tattoo that is carved onto his throat just above his sternum. His eyes are of an almost unnatural icy blue hue that appear to pierce from their sockets demonically.

In his optime form Shurui stands at 8 foot tall and walks upright instead of hunched, bound around each of his forearms there are twin ropes of a dirty brown cloth with tattered ends that seem to serve no purpose. He wears no clothes other than those cloth bands and his right ear is pierced continually in a continuing line from its tip down to the base, the top of his left ear is missing. His hair falls forwards to rest in a thin fringe just above his eyes.

His Secui form is a heathen monster of a beast, standing 5 foot at the shoulder and weighing in at 250 pounds as his lightest ever weight and 300 at his heaviest. Long tendrils of white mane slope down his back and neck,

Since learning to shift Shurui has never returned to his lupus form believing it to be the weakest of all his forms and in turn a representation that no one is perfect.

2.  Personality

Shurui is a baaad baad man, he cares not for anyone else either of his family or strangers, if he saw fit he would rape or kill at a moment's notice and answers to no laws but his own. He has a long standing hatred of his sister Mizu that goes back to their childhood and seeks to cause her as much pain and hurt emotionally and physically as he can.

When he wants to he can put on an extremely good act of simply being a traveling loner with a quirky disposition but always his eyes never match the story told. Calculating and cold he is quick to anger and even quicker to resort to violence to get what he wants.

Charm is a language he speaks and any whom he takes a special fancy too he will try to persuade before resorting to rape and sees it as a job well done whenever he manages to convert the females during the act, he takes no pleasure from hurting them during sex and instead tries to make them feel as good as possible.

3.  Family

4.  History

  • See Mizu Kuin's biography. Travels with his female slave, Malignant.
  • Assaulted many women, something that ultimately lead to his death; Shurui was killed by Cercatori d'Arte in March 2013.