Omni Cadeaux

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Omni Cadeaux was a Scorpius of Inferni, and former mate of Jacinto Lykoi. She is the mother of Eris Avenicii, and adoptive mother of Sinatrai Lykoi.

Omni Cadeaux

Omni, by Nat
Date of BirthJuly 12 2009
Age> 2 years
Subspecies59% Canis latrans
41% Canis lupus arctos
Birth placeQuebec
Current packInferni

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Joining dateDec 9 2011
Previous Rank(s)Tirones,

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1.  History

Omni's mother beat her and hurt her since the day she was born, Omni was an accidental child, born to a woman who often slept around and avoided children until Omni. Omni had two brothers, but they died in their first hours of precious life, unfortunately Vera heaved their tiny bodies on the floor in frustration, snapping their frail bones and killing them. Omni was a little more fortunate other than a broken paw. She never knew her siblings after their first and last breaths.

At the start Omni was a quiet obedient girl, never speaking out in fear that her mother would beat her. She had no idea about the outside world, her mother would forbid her to go outside, punishment was an awful beating. Of course that meant that she had no form of companionship, she didn't know of friends or enemies except for her mother. Her mother, Vera would take much pleasure in beating and breaking Omni, making sure that she didn't disobey her. Life was like this for a few months but got much worse later on.

At nine months, when Omni was able to shift; Vera started bringing in men, selling Omni's body for goods and alcohol. She would let them be rough with Omni, sometimes tying her hands and legs to the bedpost to restrain her from getting away. It was miserable, she took on a religious view of life for a short while: her mother was the devil and the mean men were her demons. When her mother was out, Omni would hide in fear that one or any of them would come in and hurt her. Omni was fearful, flinching at any move of anyone else. Soon she would just go limp in the grasp of the men, not feeling anything but dread and fear.

At one year of her life, Omni met someone that would change her life. His name was André Fontainé. He spotted her looking out a window longingly, watching other adolescents play games. He crept up and opened the low window before saying "Why don't you join us?" Omni simply shook her head before retorting "My mother...She'd kill me." André saw that she was thin and noticed that she was thin and her body seemed in pain. "Well...I'm André...Who are you?" Omni didn't know how to speak to others other than "yes mother" which was spoken in a monotonous voice. "Um..I'm Omni." André nodded and ran off to join his group.

Over one year old, Omni was brave enough to sneak away from her mother, mainly to see André. They had become very close, and one day he took her with him to an old motel, confessed his feelings for the thinnish girl. Promptly after he made love to Omni, it was very different from the men that came into her room. It felt affectionate, caring. But reality hit, she had to go back to her mother. Vera soon found out about Omni sleeping with André, she beat the hell out of Omni and threatened to kill her for her actions. Over the months Omni had been building up courage, and later that night; Omni with her raspy breath and broken body entered her mother's room grasping a long sharp blade before slipping it in between her mother's shoulders. Vera finally was dead, instead of grief and guilt Omni felt pride and relaxation.

Omni left Vera's body in their house, thinking that the witch didn't deserve a proper burial and was fit for a meal for carrion and scavengers. She moved in with André. Unfortunately her life took a wrong turn, she got into drugs and alcohol for a long time. After a long night of reckless drinking, Omni was passed out by another man, it was the wrong moment for André too see her. Enraged and betrayed, he took a dagger and carved the word "WHORE" into her inner leg.

The relationship with André fell apart, Omni left him and headed for a new home. She found herself in New Brunswick after long days of walking and finding ways to get different ways to travel. She needed many things, but the people were stingy and unwilling to support Omni with free things. Her knowledge of men helped her, she would let them sleep with her for trade of varying things from drugs to food. She ended up with a loyal but snappy horse whom she named Solei Noir. She loved her horse, and soon decided that her life in the area wasn't going anywhere.

She found Nova Scotia, getting on ships with her horse and traveling to different areas. She found an apartment in Halifax, where she often stayed for many nights, her own little corner of the world to call home. She was more willing to sleeping with others, and found some to do so in the lands. Soon enough she found that she'd need a home, Inferni seemed to fit her and she doomed moved to live there.

The next chapter in Inferni is still in progress, but she met some pretty interesting people there. Made a few friends and even a lover or too. The most noteable was Jacinto Lykoi, a man that loved her very much and seemed to swear his life to her. She has slept with him, but instead of a bed-buddy Omni felt something different for the Lykoi man. Something stronger even though she had slipped and let herself be a little unfaithful.

2.  Personality

Omni has a wide array of different personalities, but she does not have Multiple Personality Disorder. It much more depends on the people around her, whatever they seem to feel she fits in well with. For example, put her in a room full of depressed and sorrowful beings and Omni would feel the same, or throw her into a lively party and she'll be the life of it.

Omni hasn't really "grown up" where pulling pranks and tricks helps her feel exhilarated and full of pride. Her personality has changed quite a bit from her childhood, in many drastic ways anyway. This has made her some kind of a daredevil, seeking the thrills of life by challenging danger. Whatever the cost, being it her life or anything of value Omni finds that seeking that thrill gives her a jolt that keeps her rather pleasant around others. She's willing to risk anything to have others approve of her, the branding scar on her leg calls her a whore: Omni wants to prove she's much better than that, getting respect is something she actually fights for.

Omni is a flirt, plain and simple. Although she has a mate, she finds it hard not to bat her eyelashes and swagger around other men. But having a mate has put up bars, it all ends at flirting and nothing more. Omni mentally denies that she is a bit of a player and promiscuous and often hides behind Jacinto just to prove it, having a mate helps her stay on track however jumbled and messed up inside she really is.

There is indeed a darker side to the russet coywolf, the beatings from her mother and lack of a father figure have changed her life forever. Her mother's rage and disregard was inheireted, anything that truly pisses Omni off could trigger a nasty temper. Unless physically restrained or getting close to the right state of mind, Omni won't stop until she accomplishes her revenge.

Although she appears confident and self assured, Omni is truly quiet, gentle, and soft spoken. No one really gets to see these accents of her personality unless they have somehow burrowed their way deep into her heart and are trusted. Jacinto is the only one who knows this side of her, not the prideful side of her.

Omni is extremely loyal, especially to Inferni, and a few scattered others that are known well and are close to her. She would put her life on the line for her trusted ones, kill herself in defense of her clan and mate.

Omni could be hostile, her words are harsh and cruel if in defense of her own self. If mocked and treated poorly, the treatment would be returned. She fully expects to be treated with respect and kindness. Cruel beings usually have her bristling with aggression, ready to strike with as much force as venom.

Omni has many skills, her most top trained and practiced is her hunting skills, usually with arrows or throwing knives. She throws and shoots with much accuracy, not always hitting her desired target but good enough to satisfy herself and others. She takes great pride in what she does, accepts praise with eagerness to learn more and takes criticism with dignity and willingness to learn more.

Omni likes to read and when not hunting or curled up with Jacinto, she's found with a book in her hands feverishly reading and memorizing stories. The humans fascinate her, but Omni regards them as a lesser and weaker species as they had failed to keep themselves alive. Fairy tales happen to be her favorite but mysteries and murder contexts keep her turning the pages.

One of her weaknesses is drugs, marijuana being her favorite. Omni could usually be found with a joint in her fingers or up by her lips, having the smoke relax and sedate her temporarily. She's currently trying to get Jacinto hooked on the stuff so she could have a "smoking buddy" to live with.

Her lack of caring brought on from her mother made Omni a little wary for expressing love for others, usually awkward Omni seems to have trouble saying and stating her caring for others, but touches of affection get out the message pretty well.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

Omni, to any eye is on a great scale of beauty, although she disregards this and doesn't care about her looks as much as she usually did in the past. Her body is lean and athletically muscled without the bulk, delicately curved in all of the right places.

She wears a variety of different things, her favorite is a long black trench coat that falls a little past her thighs, but isn't bulky and big but rather fitting to her body and made of soft leather much like suede. She keeps it buttoned a little past her breasts, it usually doesn't look too revealing. Her legs are usually covered in tight skinny-leg black jeans specially hemmed to fit by her own hands. The pant-legs extend to her ankles, and the top of it sits just over her hips. Usually her trench coat is worn outside for the colder weather, and without the coat she can usually be seen with casual things like a t-shirt (usually blue or other bright colors) or tank top. Usually she is seen with black leather a belt with a row of deadly throwing knives, the buckle is a silver tiger, it sits just by her hips accessible at almost any time.

Omni has many different colors in her coat, the majority being a rich caramel that covers most of her body, the minority being a creamy tan color that concentrates over her chest, underbelly, tail, feet and arms, and inner legs as well as her face. A dark reddish brown splash of color goes up her muzzle and stops just a little past her eyes. Omni's hair is a sultry dark brown that extends to her waist, styled in a sideswept way.

Omni eyes go against her coloring, they should be a warm reddish orange like the rest of her family, instead they are a sea blue color, striking and much like the water they were distinguished from.

On her body is a variety of markings and scars. She currently has two tattoos, one of a white star on her lower back just over the base of her tail, and the other being on her left inner wrist, a red heart/barbed wire design that she did on the night Jacinto asked her to be his mate, he has a matching one on the same arm. Both of her ears are pierced twice, usually sporting two silver rings in each. Two horizontal scars are over her left eye, a result of one of her mother's drunken rages a few months before she came to 'Souls. On her left inner leg is the scarring in letters of the nasty word "WHORE" carved into her leg by a jealous ex-lover before she left to Nova Scotia. The scar looks faded, now retiring into the soft fur of her leg. It's not so visible now, you'd have to look close to see it.