Azazel Collins

Azazel is the only son of Skye Collins and Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, and is currently exploring as a loner.

Azazel Collins

Azazel by Miyu

Date of Birth19 Aug 2013
Birth placeoutside Cercatori d'Arte
Current packN/A

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Joining dateJune 25, 2014


Azazel's conception was an accident; Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii and Cercatori d'Arte leader Skye Collins became intoxicated at a party and ended up spending the night together. They agreed it was a mistake, and Skye did not realize she was pregnant until Azazel's birth during a business trip to the northern packs. He spent his first days outside of the pack and in the neutral wilderness, where Skye sought to protect him until they returned. Azazel grew up within Cercatori d'Arte, and looked up to his mother and his father equally. Honrin and Jace both devoted a lot of time to Azazel when he was not with his mother, hoping to impart their Svinka beliefs, only some of which stuck.

When he reached ten months of age, he decided that he wanted to explore the world around him more. He set off on his own with a few weapons and things that he had from his days in d'Arte, and left with goodwill from the pack. Azazel returned periodically to check in, keeping informed of changes such as his sister's ascension to leadership, d'Arte reforming into Midnight Shores, and the birth of his younger half-siblings, though he never remained long enough to consider himself a pack member. His travels took him as far as Sonnerie in Ontario, another group he considers himself affiliated with but not as an official member. He finds comfort in this transient lifestyle, and has little desire to set roots down in any one place.


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Azazel has always had difficulty taking life seriously: in his youth, he tried to act serious to emulate his respectable parents, but his truer, more boisterous and outgoing personality often emerged in excited or happy outbursts, making him feel somewhat awkward and out-of-place. His seasons of travel have made him more comfortable in his own skin, and he now embraces a laid-back and friendly attitude toward all he meets. He is accepting of all sorts, and has a natural curiosity toward different cultures and beliefs. He has some spiritual sense including the ability to see ghosts, though he downplays this.

He is a jack-of-all-trades, ace of none, and has taken all sorts of odd jobs on the road. Azazel values his personal freedom more than overarching loyalty to a pack or individual, and tends to avoid commitment for this reason. He smiles through the good and the bad, and is cleverer than some assume, as he can adapt and play a role as needed. He is, however, notably submissive and can be pushed around with little resistance. He tends to be a casual flirt with males and females alike, though he is remarkably passive when it comes to romantic endeavors, and will only engage if the other Luperci makes the first move.

Underneath his affable exterior, Azazel harbors some insecurities regarding his own culture and family — he falls short in comparison to his powerful mother and sister, nor does he live up to the warrior legacy of the Wolfe-Denahlii clan; he's just Azazel, and sometimes that's not good enough. He is a frequent smoker, both clove cigarettes and marijuana, and occasionally relies on these to calm himself when he starts feeling anxiety or pressure. He considers himself someone easy to like but hard to love, because he is rarely honest about his fears, shies away from serious relationships, and would rather laugh off someone's concerns than show his vulnerability. Really, he just wants to have a good time~



  • Skye: Without a doubt, Azazel's mother is his biggest role model. Would do anything for her, but doubts she'd ever need his help.
  • Honrin: Admires his sire from a distance, but doesn't really know how to connect with him. Is curious about Kjintora, Honrin's other child.
  • Jazper: Skye's mate. Azazel is courteous and friendly but has no desire to get to know him.
  • Jace and Temo: Respects his grandparents a great deal, but is also intimidated by them.

Family: Collins + Wolfe-Denahlii


Azazel's coat is a light gray, with a very light cream underbelly and bright golden eyes. When shifted, he has short hair with bangs, not unlike his sire - also similar to Honrin, his upper fangs stick out of his mouth. He is a high-content wolfdog, with only subtle hybrid traits.

Azazel has a mixture of Skye and Honrin's builds; he is solidly built, and although he is somewhat smaller than the average wolf, this allows him to have a certain speed and agility that those larger and more lumbering cannot boast of. Despite his slightly smaller size, Azazel packs powerful muscles, and is well-suited to do heavy lifting and labor.