Marcello DeMonte-DiSarinno

Marcello DeMonte-DiSarinno

by Leah



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24 June 2011





"like a hammer"
"of [the] mountain"
"brand of amaretto liquor"






Birth place


25% Mexican Wolf
25% Great Plains Wolf
25% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Arctic Wolf




Current pack Vinátta
Current rank Frjal


Li'l Redfish Lake (Jan 2009 - May 2008)

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1.  Appearance

A rime gray wolf with a thick dusting of black brushed across his cape of which grows dense around his nape, forehead, and the base of his tail. A soft ivory colors his belly, up his tail and under his jaw. He clearly takes more after his rangy father than his graceful, delicate mother. Marcello is a gangling, coltish boy with large paws and radar dishes for ears. His build lends a light-footed agility to his paced gait. The texture of his fur is coarse, long, and often found sticking at odd angles up thanks to the wind, or other sources only aiding in giving him his roguishly handsome appearance. His solid silver eyes give the impression of a mischievous, but intelligent individual.

Overall, he is an average sized wolf with a balanced bearing that compliments a sleek musculature.

1.1  Coloration

  • His Optime hair color is Oil (#2b2018) with rich streaks of Metallic Bronze (#503821)
  • His eyes are an intense shade of Silver (#BCBAB9).
    • Primarily Dune (#262220) with soft Wafer (#ddd2c2) on his underside, lower face, and legs.
    • Zeus (#29261F) ticked nape and tail tip.
    • The muzzle strip and ears are a rich Walnut (#6a3518) with strands of Cumin (#A04127)

1.2  Forms




89 lbs (40.3 kg)
33 in (83.8 cm)

136 lbs (61.6 kg)
48 in (121 cm)

187 lbs (84.8 kg)
6ft 2in (74 in) (187.9 cm)

An all around average wolf with slightly larger ears due to his Mexican Wolf heritage. His fur is tufted and a bit longer around his nape and throat.

This form is used for last-ditch close fighting as he is fonder of being lighter on his feet than what Secui's weight prohibits. He is quite large, almost bearish, and the fur down his spine sticks up naturally to give him an even larger appearance. He uses this form to run long distances, and to intimidate others.

He is all elbows and feet in this form. Marcello is still growing into his adult size, so there's a few proportion errors when compared to the strapping appearance of his father. His shoulders are rounded, but his midsection is streamlined into a swimmer's build.

1.3  Other


  • Tattoos:
    • A branded area on his right shoulder that has grown back white in the shape of a red-tailed hawk with his wings spread. The brand itself was crudely hammered, and so the design is not very intricate.
  • Scars:
    • A faint nick on his right eyebrow from a fight with his brother.
    • Twin pair of puncture wounds on his left shoulder-blade from a run in with a hawk when he was very young.


  • An gold-wrapped larimar pendant on a stainless steel necklace. Given to him by his sister, Diana.
  • A hawk seal pendant on a tarnished bronze chain with Respice Finem on the bottom, Latin for "look to the end". A family seal.
  • A wooden Frithr necklace gifted to him upon joining Vinátta.

2.  Personality

A lover of life, and everything in it. He seeks to experience things with all five senses, and moves about the world as if nothing could bring him down. He has a bit of a bite to him whenever he is faced with problems that conflict with his moral compass. But he is a loyal boy, and far from brazenly arrogant like many his age. He greatly respects his superiors, elders, and betters. Marcello will often go out of his way to make others happy, even to the point of personal sacrifice.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Ladies, heroic stories, climbing, harmless mischief, getting back at those who wronged him.
  • Dislikes: Liars, thieves, cheats, cowards, injustice, mindless violence.


  • Friendly, kind, helpful, loyal, thoughtful, masculine, romancer, mischievous, fierce, courageous, all around do-gooder.
  • Outlook: Optimistic, but secretly pessimistic about some aspects of the world.
  • Expression: Vibrant, outgoing, warm, welcoming.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good


  • Loss or death of his family, old age, loneliness, imprisonment, dismemberment, paralysis.


  • ...!?


  • Packs: ---
  • Species: No biases. Doesn't know about the existence of jackals, or other foreign-type canines.
  • Non-Luperci: Just fine with them! Prefers Non-Luperci company, and those who are sympathetic to non-infected.
  • Gender: Females, mostly. Bit of a flirt.
  • Sexuality: Uncertain!


He's a bit flirtatious with the ladies, and it has earned him the reputation of being a "Romeo".



3.  Interaction

  • Speech: Slight Italian accent interposed with a Northwest influence; a fluid and fast rate of speech, soft T and TH; dropped G (in').
  • Scent: Pine, wet moss, freshly turned earth, blackberry.
  • Languages: English, basic Italian, rudimentary French.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

  • Chehalis DeMonte-DiSarinno: Marcello idolizes his father and constantly worries about the day when the patriarch becomes too old to lead the pack. Their relationship is very close, and though Marcello's poor choices have challenged their bond in the past, they've always come out strong in the end. Marcello is envious of Chehalis' rich life, and hopes that he ends up satisfied with his own in the end. Chehalis sees himself in Marcello, and tends to watch him more closely than his other children as a result.
  • Athena DeMonte-DiSarinno: His dear mamma. Marcello is very protective of her, and will defend her honor to the point of bloodshed (which, because of some ill timed words from one of the other pups, has come to pass before). Where his father is the pillar to his world, his mamma is the light. His connection with her is strong, and they often spend afternoons together away from the rest of the family. She is the one who taught him the skills to be an expert hunter, and he will never forget how much it meant to him.
  • Titan DeMonte-DiSarinno: The two are thick as thieves and often end up getting into trouble together. Titan is a simple wolf (not dumb), but always means well, and has followed on Marcello's heels since they've been able to walk. Marcello is protective of his brother, and will actually punch anyone who calls him stupid.
  • Diana DeMonte-DiSarinno: Though she is part of Marcello and Titan's litter, Diana spends a lot of time off in her world with the other young girls of the pack. Marcello is mindful of her, but in the way something precious is regarded. He is under the assumption that she's too delicate to face the real world, and herds her away from danger. However, he is very mistaken. Diana is quite fierce, in attitude and physical prowess, and was taught by their father to stand up for herself when under pressure.
  • Zaira and Aquilo: Zaira is younger, and not as skilled, but takes after their mother with her "zero tolerance for bullshit" attitude. And Aquilo is the baby brother with his head in the clouds. Marcello is doting on him, but isn't sure how to handle himself around his younger siblings. He harbors a bit of guilt because he feels as if he could be a bad influence on them both due to his roguish tendencies. They haven't been able to connect, mostly because Aquilo is still young, and Zaira is more interested in Diana.

4.2  Family: DeMonte and DiSarinno

Chehalis DeMonte

Athena DiSarinno

  • Mother: Athena DeMonte-DiSarinno
  • Father: Chehalis DeMonte-DiSarinno
  • Siblings: Titan, Zaira, Diana, Aquilo.

4.3  Minor Relations

  • You might want to just keep a simple list of characters your character has encountered, or you might want to describe them, or whatever.

4.4  Former Relations

  • Dead and inactive characters should go here.

5.  History

5.1  Timeline

5.2  Threads


  1. (NPC) if by chance we could find some redemption (6 Apr)
    Fort Cumberland, with Adonis Nero. Adonis approaches their camp and rediscovers an old friend.
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