Lánya Gašper

Lánya comes from a long line of show and hunting Vizslas, born and bred at a specialty breeding and training facility in Fairchild, Wisconsin. After leaving home to seek independence, she traveled north and became a member of Vinátta in early 2014.

Lánya Gašper

by Cait



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    2.   1.2  Modifications and Accessories
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1.  Appearance

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: In her normal lupus form, Lanya reaches about two feet at the shoulder. The top of her head barely brushes two foot, nine. Long, thin and lanky legs stretch out beneath a lean and almost too skinny body. Bones are easily seen through the measly layer of skin and fur covering them. Said fur is completely red from head to toe, not one discoloration on her entire body save for a slightly lighter colored nose.

Weight: 45 pounds.

  • Secui: The halfling form is one that Lanya has to use often, so it is most likely that any new friends would come across her in this beast of a shape. Gaining a good thirty pounds in fur and muscle, Lanya bulks up in this form for easier hunting and fighting, if need be. Unlike the little lupus form, she now has a thick red mane tangling against the back of her neck and shoulders.

Weight: 83 pounds.

  • Optime: While Lanya rather dislikes this form, she has to use it a lot in order to get what she wants. Standing at a full five feet and five inches tall, she really is one of the larger specimens of her breed. For a female, she's unusually big and would have been considered good breeding stock. Long legs and arms, very thin and bony frame, short red fur and a tangled mess of a mane.

Weight: 109 pounds.

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Few tiny scars here and there from small mishaps. Nothing noticeable.

2.  Personality

Lanya’s personality began, as a very young pup, sweet and gentle. She wanted everyone to get along, couldn’t take criticism, and was constantly a bleeding heart and martyr for whatever was going on. She forever wanted everyone to like her and it was the end of the world if anyone was mean. Living with a vicious family hell bent on making you into a brood bitch will change a pup’s perspective on life though. Within a few short months of birth, anger and resentment settled in her heart. She is resilient and stubborn, often pushing herself too far when it is obvious that she should stop and take a break or give up altogether.

Patience might be a virtue but it isn’t in her vocabulary and she simply cannot wait for the things that she wants! Way too curious for her own good, Lanya is constantly getting herself into trouble, though she is often clever enough to get herself out of it as well. Creativity and resourcefulness, along with that cleverness, are perhaps the only things that have kept her alive since she escaped the crazy baby makers. Despite all of that, she is hard on herself and cannot accept the fact that she cannot do everything, giving herself a hard time constantly which leads to both physical and emotional injury.

3.  Relationships


4.  Family

  • Bodnar + Gardonyi

Immediate Family

  • Parents: Jolan Bodnar Gasper + Moric Gardonyi Gasper
    • First Litter: Gulyas (m), Kadar (m), Emese (f)
    • Second Litter: Licia(f), Renata(f)

5.  History

Lánya comes from a long line of show and hunting Vizslas, born and bred at a specialty breeding and training facility in Fairchild, Wisconsin.

Long before the disease hit, humans became enamored with the beautiful red breed and began multiplying their numbers in the Americas. A few pairs of pure dogs were flown in to Mira Vizslas in Wisconsin, from Hungary, to begin the program. Within five years their business was soaring, outshining any other Vizsla breeders in North America.

1988 - The humans died. Dogs were locked in kennels all over the property with limited amounts of food and water. Half of the population passed away within the first few days from dehydration, starvation or fighting. The rest of the dogs lived, cannibalizing the dogs that had died and mutilating their own body's to get out of the kennels. Over twenty acres of fenced in land in the middle of nowhere at their disposal, the dogs got into anything they could to stay alive. Kibble quickly ran out, as did all of the human food that was easily accecable. Days passed with no food and again the fighting began, dogs died and there was a small snack for those who were left. Not until all of the remaining 17 dogs were weak and exhausted did the coyotes come.

They walked on two legs, like the humans, but had the heads and furs of canines. Scent like a dog, sound like a dog...but foriegn. Delighted in their find, the coyotes began infecting the Vizslas in any way possible, determined to spread the beautiful new 'gift', as they saw the disease.

November of 2012 - Jolan and Moric Gasper, both full bloods from the last remaining three lines, bred a small litter of three at the behest of their elders. Three fine, healthy female pups to eventually carry on the line of purity. The little ones were treated like royalty, pampered and doted upon while being brainwashed to believe that pumping out as many babies as possible was a good thing.

Lánya, the largest of the three girls, wasn't exactly buying into the bull that her grandparents were trying to feed them. She'd seen what the last litter had done to her mother, and was not impressed. At only six months old, the pup began to plot ways to get away from her crazy family. Though she loved them, she refused to be treated like one of the goats they used for dinners on the holidays.

Finally at eleven months of age, Lanya decided it was time to get out. Her grandmother had chosen her first stud, and she wasn't exactly enthused to get knocked up by some dog she neither liked nor loved. In the dead of night, she snuck from the 'bitch house', as it was commonly called, and snuck away from the only life she had known.