Fritz Earl

Fritz Earl

by Yuki



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Date of Birth

01 February 2009




Lawful Good





Fritz is a nickname


Frederick – Peaceful Ruler
Earl – Nobleman, warrior






Birth place



Dog (Great Dane)


100% Dog




Current pack Vinatta
Current rank Risna


Pack Casa Di Cavalieri, Crimson Dreams, Vinátta

Fritz is a Great Dane born in London. He arrived in 'Souls, heading to the Casa Di Cavalieri to join in February 2012. He then got a mate and headed first to Crimson Dreams before trying to start a pack and then finally ending up in Vinatta.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Fritz speaks with a very light English accent. It is hard to tell what sort of English accent beyond the fact that it is English. He speaks a bit slowly and deliberately. He speaks rather loudly due to his size but also very clearly.

1.2  Abilities



Fritz's main strength is his strength. He is really tall with quite a bit of muscle, easily towering over most canines. He uses this to advantage with his choice in weapons, either going with two swords or more likely a massive two-handed mace. He learned this from his uncles and honed them during his days as a mercenary.

He is also good at construction, another skill where his height and strength comes in handy. He learned construction from his father, who was a woodworker and boat builder.



His main strength is also a weakness. His height causes problems with finding a place that he can stay. And with his weapon skills, he can easily become bloodthirsty if he isn’t careful.

1.3  Residence

Fritz resides in the territory of Vinatta in Jordheim (see map) The house that Fritz and his mate have claimed is rather large, with tall ceilings to accommodate Fritz's height. It has a second story which is half the size of the lower level to expand their family.

In CdC, he lived the Courthouse and in Crimson Dreams, he and Selene lived in Haven Manor. For a bit they lived in a house near Halifax.

1.4  NPCs


Anton is a large Shire stallion that is five years old. He is bay colored. Like his rider, he is rather easygoing and calm. He is used to Luperci and will let almost anyone near him. He can be ridden only be Fritz or anyone that Fritz tells him to let ride. He is trained as a warhorse but can be used as a workhorse or just for riding.

1.5  Inventory


Household Items

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Other Items

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2.  Appearance

Fritz is a large Harlequin Great Dane and has green eyes.

Sizing Chart





200 lbs
(91 kg)

42 in
(107 cm)


400 lbs
(181 kg)

48 in
(122 cm)


415 lbs
(188 kg)

8ft 6in (102 in)
(259 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


His lupus form looks just like any Great Dane, tall and powerful.


His Secui form, Fritz's neck grows a bit thicker and he generally becomes larger and more imposing.


In Optime, Fritz grows extremely tall and powerfully built. His hair is quite a bit past his shoulders and is generally tied back in a ponytail.

2.2  Build & Species

Fritz in all his forms is tall and muscular. He carries himself with pride and self-assurance.

2.3  Coloration & Fur

His coat is Harlequin, with the base being pure white with black patches all over his body. In Optime form, his hair is black. His eyes are a forest green.

His fur is very short and medium thickness. It is straight and smooth.

2.4  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • Very minor scars all over his body but nothing major that is very noticeable.
  • Tattoos:
    • None
  • Piercings:
    • None
  • Other:
    • Nothing

2.5  Accessories

  • He wears a pair of simple pants and shirt that he has made himself, since he can’t really find leftover clothes his size. He carries a large two-handed mace as well as two normal size swords. He carries his mace on his back and his swords on his waist. He also carries a large backpack with flint and steel, thread and needle, throwing knives, and a clean pair of pants and shirt.

3.  Personality

Despite Fritz’s intimidating large size, he is actually very friendly and laidback. He is gentle and good with kids and very protective and loyal. He does tend to be a little on the quiet side but isn’t overly shy.

  • Fears:
    • Losing his love of her getting hurt
    • His home being destroyed
  • Motivations:
    • Selene
    • His pack
  • Traits
    • Gentle
    • Protective
    • Loyal
    • Friendly
  • Alignment: Fritz isn’t strictly Lawful Good simply because he does believe that everyone deserves his help in anyway possible. He tends to prefer to stay within the rules but doesn’t see the need to follow them all the time, just most of the time.

3.1  Demeanor

Fritz is generally amiable to all that he meets. The only time he is not friendly is if they did something to cause him or those that he cares about harm. He really enjoys pups and hopes to have his own at some point.

3.2  Outlook

He is a optimist but also a realist. He knows that things will get better but that things can and often do get worse before that. One just needs to weather through each storm and a rainbow will come afterward. He does tend to be a bit on the submissive side, but more out of respect and not shyness.

3.3  Ideals


Big Bias


Other Biases

  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: OK
  • Human Behaviors: They are interesting and useful.


Heterosexual but a bit shy about it and talking about it in public especially.


No problem with them but hasn't really used any except alcohol and only in moderation and very rarely.


No specific beliefs but is interested in learning about others beliefs.

Specific Beliefs

  • None

4.  Relationships



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4.1  Key Relations


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4.2  Groups


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4.3  Family

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Immediate Family

Maternal Ancestry

Paternal Ancestry

Extended Family

5.  History

Fritz was born in London, England, and is one of five children. He is the middle child with an older brother and sister and a younger brother and sister. His father is a carpenter, whose family has been in England for generations. His mother is deceased and was the daughter of German immigrants. For the first year of his life, Fritz worked with his father and brothers in their father’s construction and carpentry business. In his spare time, he would train in various fighting and hunting techniques with some of his uncles.

Soon after he turned one, he started to do mercenary work with first his uncles and then whoever needed his services. By the time he was two, he was fairly well known in the British Isles as a fair but effective mercenary. Yet one day, he disappeared from the mercenary line of work and worked for his father again. Many people wondered why.

The reason that he left is his bloodthirstiness got the best of him and he killed an entire village, including women and children. In shame and guilt, he quit the mercenary work and tried to work with his father. But he couldn’t stay in England and decided to leave. He learned about ‘Souls and used his father’s reputation as a boat maker, along with his own construction/protection skills as barter for passage to Freetown. He soon arrived in 'Souls, heading to Casa di Cavaleri, where he starts to settle in.

He soon meets Selene and falls for her but waits until she sorts her feelings towards another. They decide to be together and eventually join Crimson Dreams, only to have it disband soon after they join. Fritz and Selene then hope to start Corsairs, a pirate pack, but that falls through and they join their current home, Vinatta.

5.1  Timeline



  • Occurrence [4]

5.2  Threads


  1. [J] I Am a Rock (24 Feb) Fritz joins Casa di Cavaleri.
  2. Limitless Choices (27 Feb) Fritz play fights with a pup named Adelle.
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  4. Whispers can be heard, but there is only silence (01 Mar) Fritz meets Laikira.
  5. Our Ancestors Knew Best (04 Mar) Fritz plays with his packmates.
  6. Defend the Ones I Love (05 Mar) Fritz teaches Hadley to protect himself and those he cares about.
  7. The Raiders of the…Horses? (10 Mar) Fritz helps defend CdC from raiders
  8. Forest Friends (24 Mar) Fritz meets Selene and hears what happened to her.
  9. Eager Learner (28 Mar) Fritz hangs out with Adelle.
  10. princesses don’t cry (01 Apr) Fritz learns that Hadley left Selene for another female and tells her that he cares for her. A lot.
  11. Answers Sought (04 Apr) Fritz talks to Hadley about why he hurt Selene.
  12. Not strong enough (04 Apr) Fritz confronts Ismeme about what she did to Selene.
  13. butterfly with the broken wings (11 Apr) Fritz comforts Selene after she was hurt.
  14. [J] starts don’t wait for fairydust (21 Apr) Fritz and Selene join Crimson Dreams.
  15. like a dose of lovedrug (26 Apr) Fritz and Selene become mates.
  16. M. Seven sins to my name (05 May) Fritz and Selene help to try and create a new pack, Corsair.
  17. Sailing for Adventure (09 May) Corsair tries to start.
  18. you lift my feet off the ground (19 May) Fritz and Selene take some time for themselves.
  19. J-one more tango (18 June) Fritz and Selene join yet another pack.
  20. It started with a whisper (26 June) Fritz meets Luella.
  21. Cautionary Tale (04 July) Colibri, a packmate, is attacked.
  22. that bridge is on fire (10 July) Fritz and Saul do a quick border patrol.
  23. the might of thors hammer (31 July) Fritz helps start building the Town Hall.