Selene Vansenza

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Selene Vansenza  

Selene by Nat
Name MeaningGoddess Of the Moon
Name Origin  Greek
Date of Birth  Jan 4th 2011
Age1 year
Subspecies  50% Canis latrans
50% Canis lupus familiaris
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth place  Milan Italy
Current pack(none)
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Joining dateJune 18, 2012

Crimson Dreams


Casa di Cavalieri  

Joining dateJan 28 2012
Joining Rank  Prova
Most Recent Rank  Prova

Selene is a young woman born in Italy, hailing from a darker past as an heiress hiding from others seeking to usurp the ruling of her family in a small portion of Italy. Soon after arriving in Nova Scotia, Selene falls in love with a former slave named Hadley and the story goes on in a turmoil of emotions and confusion as they don't know where their relationship is going.

Once their romance falls apart, Selene realizes her true feelings are for Fritz Earl, and she follows the Englishman wherever he leads her. Their only litter was unfortunately miscarried during the hurricane, and the young couple decide to leave their pack and travel to forget their woes.

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1.  History

1.1  Life as it goes

Born to the family Barino in Milano Italy, she was classed as a high ranking canine. The family was wealthy and rich, diplomats of Europe with sharp tongues and amazing public speaking skills. They died in a fire, leaving Selene the heir to the family's wealth. Little does she know, she can't prove her position in that family.

Selene was an orphan from the start, her parents back in Italy died from a massive fire caused by some youths running around acting like idiots. Selene never knew any information on her parents but during the fire, she was sleeping soundly in a little bed, she was close to dying from smoke inhalation while her parents were burned to a crisp. Luckily, a stranger found her during a heroic house search for anyone still living. His name was Jonito Vansenza, he had no mate or family with him so he took on Selene (named after the goddess of the moon) as his own daughter, raising her, teaching her how to fight and survive. Sel loved him as her father. Later on, Selene learned that she was not of Jonito's own, but took on his last name as he was a special person to her. The two stuck together for a while, enjoying eachother's company and living happy. Unfortunately life can't run in a smooth stream for too long, some men ended up killing him for stealing many valuables over the years.

In the morning, Selene found him laying in his own blood. The horror and sorrow she felt for the only family she had was overwhelming, she stood by his dead body for a couple of days before deciding to give him a proper burial. She took the gold cross necklace from his neck and dragged him out of the house before digging a makeshift pit and throwing him in, after a few prayers were said Selene left her town. Italy was known for its great ships, big vast wooden ones that the people had grasped how to use them. One of the great ships was going to sail the next day, things were bad and from the fear of being killed next she left. For days she spent time on the ship, not adjusting well to the swaying and motion of the boat. Some male canines who worked on the boat saw her hiding within the hull and dragged her out. Things were looking much worse. They told her that they would give her food and keep her alive for one thing: her body. She refused, but it wasn't worth it. They raped her, one held her down and the other did what he did. She screamed and kicked, snapped her jaws and tried to escape. They were rough, they bit her and beat her for trying to get away. On one occasion they knocked her out and she was covered in her own blood. They continued to rape her but later on tossed her from the ship in Halifax and carried on. She lay on the creaky wooden harbor for days, dreading to get up and face the world.  

A lone female coyote named Saphira found her and nursed her back to health, keeping her alive and well. So far in life Selene only trusted her dead adopted father and this new woman. Life was easy from there on, nothing traumatic happened. Saphira taught her the skill of healing and gave Selene a horse named Ukaglay, her own gift to the brown and black female she saved. Ukaglay was a special horse to Saphira, an older horse but well broken in and loyal. After her traumatic embark in Nova Scotia, Selene wasn't too emotionally scarred from her previous horrific events, but they wind up in her dreams, they probably would not happen again. After many many goodbyes were said, Selene left the small coyote woman's cabin. She moved on from the free lands to start over in Nova Scotia. In the lands, she frequents around Eastern Rise, soon enough she finds a man named Hadley and she falls head over heels in love, following him around like a puppy. 

Hadley was formerly a slave in the ownership of Amy Sunders, and his obedient nature made it difficult for him to make his own decisions as a free man. This is ultimately what destroys his relationship with Selene, as another woman named Ismeme fell for Hadley and usurped his affections. He could not deny her, and so Selene left him, heartbroken over losing him and being betrayed. She was comforted by Fritz Earl, and soon transferred her emotional attachment to him, realizing he was a much more loyal and trustworthy man than Hadley was capable of being. Selene remained naive and fell prey to a sexual predator calling himself Fang, though her innocence was what saved her. Later she meets Toby and learns they are one and the same, and forgives him for attempting to rape her.

Selene and Fritz travel together, spending a brief time in Crimson Dreams before its disbandment. They fall in with a handful of pirates attempting to form a new coastal pack, but the Corsairs fall apart, and they go north to make a home in Vinátta instead. Selene remains withdrawn and shy, and it becomes clear that she is hiding something from everyone: she is pregnant. She goes into labor during the Hurricane 2012, and her litter is sadly stillborn. She tries to remain positive, but she and Fritz decide to leave their home in Jordheim, pack up their horses, and travel somewhere they will have better luck at starting a family.

2.  Personality

Since past and recent unfortunate happenings, Selene's personality has shifted somewhat. She is quiet and shy to strangers, not speaking out of turn much at all. When angered, Sel is not loud at all. She expresses her disappointment with cold gestures and at times, glares.  Times have made her somewhat possessive, keeping treasured things far away from others, one at most is Hadley, a wolfdog from the south she met before she moved to Casa di Cavalieri then found he lived in the same pack. If she sees someone coming on to him in any way, it tends to upset her and the other being flirting becomes very low on her terms.  It is common to see her in her more gentle ways, softly spoken and timid. She likes being held, kept close to someone she cares deeply about. 

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

:| all family is dead. In the ground, deceased. Whatever lol.

3.2  Friends

3.3  Acquaintances

3.4  Enemies

4.  Skills

  • Cooking
  • Sword wielding 
  • Hugging 
  • Caring for her horse, Ukaglay

5.  Appearance

Selene's pelt consists mainly of earthen and neutral tones, lightened cream hues on her chest, belly and tail while having darker black Cinderella-style gloves and partial black mask running up her muzzle. The rest of her body remains a rich caramel. Sel's hair is the same color black as her arms and streak of black on her face, dark and wavy, falling in waves around her middle waist. She is ALWAYS seen wearing a gold cross on a silver chain around her neck.

Her body form is two things, both petite and athletic, her body remains rather willowy and very lithe, while not losing her feminine curves to her thinnish physique. Her body even though small, suggests strength by the way she carries herself. Strong streamlined muscles cover the majority of her body, not bulky but still pretty powerful.

Selene's eyes are a warm molasses brown, with the exception of almost a reddish tint. Her left ear is slightly floppy, suggesting her doggish ancestry, in lupus form, her body seems almost underfed from the lack of bulk, but in actual fact she's very healthy and fit. 

She has many markings and minor modifications on her body, a red cross outlined in bright teal is tattooed on her right shoulder-blade, and two small silver earrings hang from each ear, the left ones on the slightly floppy ear are almost not visible from the ear folding over them. 

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