Ismeme and Amatha, by Nat
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Date of BirthFebruary 14, 2009
Date of DeathOctober 8, 2012
Age3 years
Subspecies100% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Birth placeUnspecified
PackCasa di Cavalieri


Casa di Cavalieri

Joining dateMarch 10, 2012
Previous RankProva

Ismeme was a member of Casa di Cavalieri. She is the sister of Thana, mate to Hadley, and mother to Amatha. During the Hurricane, she was struck by a flying branch and knocked into a coma. She never woke up, passing away peacefully in October of 2012. Her ghost appeared later to her daughter, protecting her only surviving child from beyond the grave.

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1.  History

Ismeme and her sister, Thana had been born from two lovers who were very different. Their father, Lycas, had been abusive towards Isa since she was a pup. He spoiled her sister Thana and she became almost exactly like their father if not worse. When Isa was a year old Lycas began abusing Ismeme again, her mother stepped in and tried to defend her. He attacked their mother, Aeda, and Isa could only watch in horror as he bit into her mother’s throat and kept tightening his grip. She watched as her mother thrashed about, trying to get free until she stopped moving and her body went limp as the life left her body. Ismeme stood their, frozen in place and unsure what to do. Lycas began chuckling as he looked down at his mate’s lifeless body. He was laughing. Isa became furious and attacked her father. When it seemed Lycas would kill her too, Thana tackled him, pushing him off of Isa. The two yearlings attacked and ended up killing their father. It wasn't until after that the sisters learned their mother was actually their fathers slave, which is why she could do nothing to protect the girls.

Thana stuck by Ismeme’s side ever since as they traveled together in hopes of finding a new home. Thana and Isa were completely different appearance and personality wise. Isa had light fur light her mother while Thana obtained their father’s black fur and his orange eyes. Her eyes were even brighter than their fathers though; they seemed to mimic fire with the intensity her eyes shone. No matter how different the two were, they stuck together, almost filling in whatever the other was missing.

2.  Personality

Ismeme usually prefers to be called Isa. She is normally a very sweet and outgoing young Luperci. She is extremely protective, especially over her sister. If anyone even looks at Thana wrong, Ismeme will become furious and could possibly attack. With her slender and “delicate” looking form, no one would expect her to be very aggressive. Normally others would be right in assuming she isn’t aggressive but if she is challenged she will attack with everything she has. If you get on her bad side it is almost impossible to get back on her good side. It is suggested not to anger her if possible.

Those that are on good terms with Isa will forever have her by their side to help with anything that is needed, but if someone betrays her trust it is very likely that she will never forgive them. Isa is prone to trusting others too easily, which can sometimes cause trouble for her. She tends to be a little seductive, especially if she happens to meet a good-looking male. Ismeme is very respectful to those who are above her and will do anything they wish right away. She is slightly bi-polar and has days where she wants absolutely nothing to do with anyone and simply wants to be left alone. Those moods pass quickly though as long as she is left alone for a while.

3.  Relations

3.1  Family


  • Father: Lycas Theos
  • Mother: Aeda Theos
  • Sister: Thana Theos
  • Cousin: Thanatos Haima
  • Children with Hadley:


3.2  Relationships

4.  Appearance

Ismeme, photo from Lawria

Ismeme's Lupus form looks like any normal grey wolf. She has a silvery grey coat that is a little darker on her back. Her underbelly, chest, and muzzle are white along with a good majority of her tail. Her ice blue eyes stand out against the light pelt and appear to sparkle when the light hits them just right. She has a slender form and long legs, making her built for speed. Isa wears a black crescent moon pendant around her neck at all times. Her sister has one exactly like it as well but white.

Ismeme chibi, by Miyu

In her Secui form, Isa appears to be more muscular and her silver mane is a little longer than her Lupus form. Unlike most Luperci her age, Ismeme prefers her Optime form. Her mane comes down well past her shoulders and is usually parted to the side, covering one of her eyes while the rest is pulled back into a long braid. She has a few scars, a large one on her chest that her abusive father had given it to her. It is three long scars that begin at her left shoulder and snakes its way down to her ribs on the right side. Another scar, also given to her by her father’s hand, is on the right side of her face very close to her eyes. She hides the scar on her face by covering it with her silver mane.

In her Optime form she is very large, surpassing most males with her body reaching 7'8, getting her height from her father. She carries a dagger in a sheath at her thigh and a blade on her back.

5.  Non-Player Characters

5.1  Lycas Theos

Ismeme's father as a ghost, he will to show up every once in a while to frighten or threaten Isa. He has pitch-black fur and red-orange eyes. He is very cruel and aggressive and although he can no longer physically harm Ismeme, he can still screw with her mind.

5.2  Altair and Sora

  • Altair: male
  • Sora: female

Altair and Sora are a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks given to her by her sister. They are rather attached to Isa and are usually either somewhere around Casa or with her. They can wander off on their own but always end up going back to Isa's room by nightfall.