Adelle Vilhelmsen

Adelle Vilhelmsen

Name MeaningNoble, Kind
Name OriginGermany
Date of BirthOct 20 2011
Subspecies87.5% Canis lupus familiaris
12.5% Canis lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeBroderskab
Current packCasa di Cavalieri

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Joining dateFebruary 27, 2012
Previous Rank(s)Poco
SignificanceWarrior in Training

Adelle Vilhelmsen is the grand-daughter of the late Regner Vilhelmsen and was a previous member of Casa di Cavalieri. She left the pack in early January of 2013, current whereabouts unknown.



Adelle was born into a warrior pack on the boats when they were traveling to new lands. Wrapped in the safety of a swordsman father and hunter mother she spent her youth happily playing until the pack fell sick. Adelle didn't drink the poisoned water, playing and drinking in the puddles instead, saving her from death. She watched as the coyotes killed her parents, though she doesn't remember that. She's traveled with her grandfather until they reached Casa di Cavalieri. There she has become a more boisterous pup, exploring and working towards her goal of one day becoming a warrior.

She befriended Ismeme, a rather outgoing female that cared for the pup while her grandfather was busy elsewhere. Under the care of the pack Adelle quickly grew, Lorenzo Knight teaching her in how to fight and hunt. At the age of six months a unique ceremony, passed through the years from her grandfather's pack, was performed. It initiated her as an adult and warrior before the eyes of her grandfather, if not in the eyes of the pack when she gained the ability to shift. Adelle's training began in earnest, even battling and defeating a loner who dared to trespass into the pack.

A young boy around her age, Skoll Haskel befriended the lone pack pup. They quickly found out that they had similar interests in fighting, Adelle sharing her knowledge of how to fight with him so they could both be warriors. Their friendship was deep, but it didn't remain that way. As Adelle changed to an adult she found herself with strange feelings for her friend, feelings that she couldn't quite explain. Adelle fell in love, and to her delight found that Skoll returned it. They explored these new emotions with care, not yet an adult.


Tragedy struck unfortunately. She was not yet a year old when she found herself facing things that much older canines wouldn't care to face. In a sparring accident against Lorenzo Adelle's grandpa was gravely injured. It was only days later that his ancient body succumbed to the wounds, Lorenzo accepting the blame for the death. Rage filled Adelle, becoming a beast. She had no thought, simply lashing out at everything around her, attacking endlessly. No one was safe, not even those she was close to. At the funeral where they burned his body she had to be carried away to prevent herself from getting burned and grievously injuring those that attended.

It aged her. There was no more time for the warm feelings and thoughts that her life before had been filled with. Instead it was a darkness. It took time for her to begin to live again, barely feeding and surviving off instinct. With her grandfather gone however, it was up to her to step up and fill his legacy. A hate for the one that had brought about his death dwelt inside her, the previous friendship forgotten as she threw herself fully into training to become the warrior the one family member that she'd had was. Bereft of family Adelle slowly began to heal. She was a fierce warrior now, with a serious energy and a high endurance. She saw Skoll again at this time, to learn that he had lost his mother as well to a senseless crime. They might have taken comfort in each other, but the young feelings they'd had were gone. They had to move on.


Adelle has deep strength, mentally, physically, and emotionally. She will endure all that happens to her and move past it, always reaching for the goal of becoming the great warrior that her grandfather once was. She has the ability to focus completely on what she chooses to pursue, with nothing else able to derail her and take her away from it. Adelle has boundless energy, always ready to press onto the next objective that she chooses to follow. She rests very little, her frame usually tense and watchful. Adelle's reflexes are increasingly sharp, ready to react to whatever comes her way with movement that almost appears too swift for her large frame.

A deep rage fuels Adelle's actions. She believes that she was in a way responsible for her grandfather's death by not being as strong as he needed her to be. It strikes her inside, sometimes fighting against herself when she trains, other times fighting all those that would stop her in her goal. Adelle's mind is fiercely calculating, measuring everything that she encounters. She has a light buoyant manner that is shallow around strangers, very rarely showing her true face. Adelle does care to relax, but getting her to stop long enough to actually do so is difficult. She is always living for the future, not caring to look back at the past, knowing that if she does the temper that she tries to control could become unleashed.





Dixie-May Jackson, Hadley, Aro Marino


Lorenzo Knight


Adelle has beautiful gold and black fur. Her hind legs and tail are black with gold flecks and a streak of black running across her eyes, reaching down to her nose and up her ears. The rest of her fur is a bright gold. She has a heavy build, thick with muscle running through it. Her eyes which are ice blue, a colouring inherited from her mother. Adelle has thicker fur than her grandfather and is more bulky; her size surpassing even most larger wolves. Adelle’s ears hang down over her face with a thick growth of fur around them. A wooden rose pendant hangs around her neck, slightly worn as she never takes it off. There is a scar on the pad of her right forepaw from when she first shifted.

In lupus form Adelle stands at 40 inches and weighs 146 pounds. Her paws appear almost too large for her body, just fit into. Her fur is thick around her scruff, an area that's easy to grab and shake without her being damaged by the rough treatment. Underneath that small corded muscles can be seen, developed through endless training and hours spent running along the borders in patrol.

Her favorite form is secui. Here Adelle stands at 46 inches, weighing 239 pounds. Her fur grows even thicker, turning her into a large ball of moving fluff. Her paws are smaller in this form, with thick claws crossing through. The pendant that she wears grows higher up on her neck, almost into a choker, and barely visible. Her lean muscles become much thicker now, giving her the appearance of a full grown warrior.

In optime form Adelle stands at 7 feet and 7 inches, weighing in at 288 pounds. Her build is very solid, though a slight curving of her hips may be seen. Her breasts are completely covered with the thick fur on her body, making her look rather flat instead of as large breasted as she is. She wears bracers on her arms and legs for protection. She has short curly hair that covers her head, cropped short just below her chin to prevent it from being grabbed and used against her.