Regner Vilhelmsen

Regner Vilhelmsen was a member of Casa di Cavalieri, joining alongside his only living family member, Adelle Vilhelmsen. He is notable as the oldest member of the pack as well as the pack's unofficial healer. He passed away in July 2012 after sustaining an accidental injury in a training session with packmate Lorenzo Knight.[1]

Regner Vilhelmsen

Regner, by ?? %
Date of BirthDec 27 1999
Date of DeathJul 10 2012
Age12 years
Subspecies75% Canis lupus familiaris
25% Canis lupus
Current packCasa di Cavalieri

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining dateJan 23 2012
Final RankFedele

The Broderskab

Joining date
Final RankBetydning

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1.  History

Regner was born the oldest of a litter of three into the Broderskab pack, a militaristic, nomadic pack dominated by Caucasian Ovcharka hybrids that originated in Denmark, but in Regner’s lifetime ranged all over the European continent in search of worthy enemies to fight.

Regner’s father was a high ranking warrior within the pack and his mother was an assistant to the Betydning, who was both the packs healer and one of the three alphas that governed it, leading alongside the Almindelige who lead the pack in battles and the Skaerising who served as the spiritual leader for the pack. This meant that while growing up Regner had a heavy education both in combat and in basic healing, mainly focusing in binding injuries and identifying herbs.

Despite his dual education, in his younger years Regner had no desires beyond becoming a strong warrior and fighting the pack’s enemies, either those who threatened it or those who the pack simply chose to make enemies of because they were strong enough to be a worthy challenge; Regner was young and brash and made no distinction between the two. Regner began known for his unusually aggressive temperament, but between the nature of the pack and the primary blood running through it that was not seen as a necessarily bad thing.

This attitude continued throughout Regner’s earlier years up until sometime in his third year of life, when his reckless and aggressive attitude brought about tragedy. Regner and his brother, Jakob, were leading a patrol of warriors around the pack’s camp when they encountered a group of wolves passing through the area.

Despite the unknown groups assurances that they were simply seeking to pass peacefully the patrol attacked, only to have the tables turned as it was revealed that the group was acting as scouts for a much larger pack travelling behind them. The patrol was quickly overwhelmed through sheer numbers and while reinforcements from the pack meant the battle ended in mutual retreat, the fighting claimed the lives of several of the patrol’s members, including Jakob, and left Regner severely wounded by a blade that just skimmed over his throat.

It was not the physical scars that had the most effect on Regner in the aftermath of the battle, but the mental. The death of his brother and several other canines under his command affected Regner deeply, causing a dramatic shift in the adolescent dog’s temperament. While Regner still fought bravely as a member of the pack he was also ore reserved and less aggressive in his judgement and could often be seen getting advice in tactics and fighting from the elder members of the pack, something that he had not found time for before.

In addition to this Regner also began to learn more about medicine and healing from his mother, gaining knowledge in the field beyond the basics that he had been taught previously; Regner was determined that if a warrior was injured under his command again he would have the knowledge to try and save their life.

Years passed and pack life went on, with the pack travelling all over the European continent finding new enemies to fight. Regner once again made a name for himself, fighting snow leopards in (where do snow leopards live) and jackal tribes in Africa. Now though he became known as a wise and strong leader, not the thoughtless berserker that he was before.

Regner rose quickly through the ranks and halfway through his sixth year he defeated the Betydning in a rank challenge, taking her place as one of the three alphas. For the next 6 years life continued in much the same vein for the Broderskab pack, until a chance encounter with some pirates left the Broderskab pack in possession of several seafaring boats and a large amount of provisions.

In Regner’s lifetime the pack had travelled over much of Europe and overcome many of the challenges that it could find there. However the clan was suffering from the increased civilisation of the European continent, the large cities being occupied going against the Broderskabian way of life. The pack was split on ether to make use of the boats in search of new lands or not. The Almindelige voted to set sail, while the Skaerising voted to stay in Europe.

Despite growing old and largely unable to fight Regner was highly respected by the clan and still held the position of Betydning, so it was him that cast the deciding vote and directed the Broderskab to set sail towards America, a choice that he would come to regret.

While the Broderskab adapted well to most of the new challenges they faced in America there was one enemy they were not prepared for, disease. While travelling through a desert the pack was struck by a disease that none of them had encountered before. The pack was forced to make camp and tend to its ill, though Regner could do little but make the afflicted comfortable and pray for their recovery.

Unfortunately the territory that the Broderskab settled in was occupied by a large pack of coyote. The territorial pack quickly clashed with the Broderskab, raiding the stricken warrior’s camp only to be driven off time and time again. This stalemate carried on for several months before the coyote bribed one of the Broderskab, promising them with shelter and medicine for their family.

The traitor poisoned the Broderskabian water supply, causing many more of their warriors to become ill. With most of the clan incapacitated the coyote struck at the camp, killing all that they could find. The fighting was fierce and many of those too young or old to participate in battles were drawn into it, including Regner himself who was wounded when a coyote in Secui form latched onto his leg, tearing a large gash which never fully healed, serving as a reminder to Regner for the rest of his life.

Wounded, Regner retreated further into the camp just in time to witness the coyote overwhelm the last of the defenders. Wounded and unable to fight in the main battle Regner threw himself into a smaller battle which had broken out in the pack’s living quarters, managing to rescue his granddaughter Adelle from the chaos before fleeing the battle as the coyote began to mop up the few surviving Broderskab.

In shock from the loss of his pack Regner slowly wandered north, seeking the familiar snowy climate and mountainous territory that lay that way. While he tried his best to be self sufficient he soon came to realise that while he could keep Adelle alive, he wouldn’t be able to provide her with safety after his own death, an event a year or two away at best.

And so, as he entered the territory he would soon come to know as Nova Scotia, Regner swallowed his pride and began to search out the local packs, seeking a home for his granddaughter, and a place to die for himself.

2.  Personality

Regner’s personality is flexible and often contradictory, depending on his mood; forged from a combination of the fierce protective instincts inherited as a Ovcharka, the influence of a traditionally and spiritually rich pack and 12 long years of life.

At his heart Regner is a warrior, fierce in battle and towards those who threaten his pack and loved ones. By nature he tends to be rather gruff and confrontational, freely doling out aggressive language and behaviour with intent to back it up if necessary, but rarely starting a fight himself or actually loosing his temper. In battle he is either cold and calculating or a raging berserker, going between the two depending on his temperament at the time.

However years of being a father, grandfather and medic have also softened him somewhat, teaching him that there are times when a softer approach is necessary. This element of Regner is most noticeable when he is interacting with a member of his family or with a young child; despite his gruff nature Regner is an excellent child-minder.

This is compounded by a fierce protectiveness. With the lion’s share of his blood belonging to that of a Caucasian Ovcharka, Regner has inherited fierce protective instincts towards his family, his pack, his friends and anything else he identifies as belonging to him in some emotional or physical sense. He will gladly follow this protectiveness with violence if need be, though experience has also taught him to use both his appearance and the threat of violence to avoid an actual fight.

When around those he regards as friends Regner tends to relax himself somewhat, becoming willing to joke about and reminisce, though he tends to overindulge in the latter on occasion. The distinction between friend and comrade is a narrow one, but one that makes a difference to Regner’s behaviour. When around comrades, as opposed to personal friends, Regner’s behaviour tends towards the boisterous, but it also lacks the familiarity of his behaviour when around friends.

Regner believes that respect should be earned and not given and will flat out refuse to respect anybody if they have not earned it in his eyes regardless of position or rank; like most canines he will show appropriate submission in a pack setting, but it will not have respect behind it unless that person has earned it in his eyes. When around those in a position of authority, or those he respects in a distant manner, Regner tends to become extremely formal and long winded compared to his usually casual and laidback manner of speaking.

One other notable thing about Regner is his rigid adherence to the beliefs of his old pack, the Broderskab, despite the packs destruction. The pack’s beliefs are loosely defined in some areas and rigid in others, but in general they can be summarised as heavily orientated around battle and respect for the dead, with many rituals and customs orientated around such, Another strong part of their belief system is debt.

The Broderskab believe heavily in balance; that every act, good or bad, generates a debt that must be paid and that a Broderskabian should be sure to keep the balance where they are concerned, paying all debts they owe and collecting on all debts owed to them.

To a Broderskabian being deep enough in debt to another that it must be acknowledged is shameful. However they will rigidly honour any debts that they feel they owe; the only thing more dishonourable than being in somebody’s debt is reneging on that debt.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Parents — Marx Vilhelmsen (deceased) & Sasha Vilhelmsen (deceased)
  • Mate — Maria Vilhelmsen (deceased)
  • Children — Stanforth Vilhelmsen (deceased), Marcus Vilhelmsen (deceased)
  • Grandchildren — Lucy Vilhelmsen (deceased), Karl Vilhelmsen (deceased), Adelle Vilhelmsen
  • Daughter-in-Law — Alicia Vilhelmsen (deceased)

4.  Appearance

In his prime Regner was a striking and intimidating example of his breed. Standing just over 8 foot tall and rippling with muscle he contained the best features of each of his parent breeds; his Ovcharka blood bringing him his size, thick fur and powerful jaws while his wolfish blood provided him with the raised ears, straight tail and body shape of a wolf.

Where Regner’s frame is intimidating his colouration only serves to complement this. Most of Regner’s body is covered with powerful golden fur, cut through in several places on his back and limbs with large gashes of black fur, looking not unlike large scars. Most noticeable of these is the twin stripes originating from around his eyes and running upwards over his ears, while at the same time moving forwards to meet just below his eyes and paint his muzzle black. In addition to his scar shaped markings Regner’s left arm is entirely black from the elbow down and his chest has a large patch of black fur starting with a sharp point around the middle of his ribs and fading into a shapeless blotch of black around his stomach.

However age and life have taken their toll on Regner’s body and appearance. Time and injuries has cut away at his proud posture, reducing him to a stoop that leaves him several inches shorter than his true height. Where once his skin was pulled taunt against powerful muscles it now hangs loose, the muscles beneath shrunk, though still respectable, and largely hidden.

One part of Regner that has survived the ages is his eyes. While much of his fur has lost its original lustre, time lessening the vivid colours it once held and striking it through with strands and patches of grey, the fur around his eyes retains the bright gold and ebony black of his youth and speckled coppery eyes still display confidence and strength to match.

Regner tends to avoid using his Lupus form as his loss of muscle and stature is most apparent in this form. In Lupus form Regner’s muscles have atrophied much more than his Optime or Secui forms, leaving little muscle left on his frame, and unlike those forms his skin is still pulled tight, exposing his ribs and thin legs to the world as they lay just beneath his fur.

In contrast Regner’s Secui form is only slightly below Optime as his preferred form. While his Lupus form suffers from a lack of muscle his Secui form still has plenty to spare, with the muscle loss in this form being much less pronounced than either of his other forms.

Regner’s body is covered in scars and marks from the life of conflict he has survived. It is near impossible to look at any individual part of his body and not see some scar or mark left by blade, tooth or claw. Despite his somewhat gruesome appearance Regner is proud of his scars, to him each one represents a battle fought and won or lost with honour. While Regner’s scars span the breadth of his body there are several individual scars that stand out.

Along Regner’s left leg there is a long, jagged scar, starting on the front of his upper thigh and snaking round to the side of his calf. This scar was left by a coyote that clamped onto Regner’s leg and has never healed properly, leaving him with a limp. Other than this a shallow scar running horizontally across Regner’s neck and a set of deep claw marks left by a bear, which start just below his left eye and extend all the way down his face, disappearing at his neck before reappearing at his shoulder to continue down his arm, are the other most noticeable scars that he bears.

In terms of clothing Regner wears a loose leather tunic along with leather wrappings over his forearms. The tunic covers his upper arms and shoulders before loosening, exposing his chest before it tightens under a belt at Regner’s waist, hanging down about a foot over his legs. From his belt hang two leather harnesses; one small harness to the left that holds Regner’s axe, Soelvblod, and one large harness to the right lined with fur that Regner uses to hold Adelle when making long journeys. A small bag hanging from aside the right harness also contains a small knife, a pipe and a considerable supply of tobacco.

Soelvblod is a solid steel axe with a silvery sheen to the metal. The entire weapon is made from metal, including the handle, with a leather wrap providing a grip. Regner also carries several knives concealed in various places such as his leather wrappings or beneath his tunic, a round shield edged with iron slung from his back and a long, gnarled staff which he uses as a walking aid.

Regner completes his clothing with a heavy leather cloak, fastened at the neck with a silver clasp in the shape of a rose. The cloak is thick brown leather on the outside but the inside is lined thickly with snow leopard fur, with said fur also used to edge the hood and bottom of the cloak.