Sidra Phoenix

Sidra Phoenix

Sidra, colored by Sami
Name Meaning"of the stars"
Name OriginLatin
Date of Birth12 Mar 2011
Birth placeAlaska
Current packCasa di Cavalieri

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Casa di Cavalieri

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Sidra Phoenix is a current member of Casa di Cavalieri, which is where she gave birth to her first child, Ayden Flynn Marino.

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1.  History

Sidra had a semi-normal life as a pup. Born to Castiel and Marin Pheonix, two loving and devoted parents. Raised in the northern regions of Alaska in a closely knit pack of Luperci. When she was old enough to hunt and fend for herself her and her mother were forced into sex trafficking. Drugged and taken from their beds. When they woke up, they were no where near their home with no way to escape. The traffickers treated them horribly, beating them, starving them, and drugging them in order to make them cooperate. The one thing that kept her going, was her mother. Who kept her sane when she was on the verge of giving up. Sidra made close friends along the way, most of them ending in tragedy. Her mother ended up dying, fighting for her freedom. After her mother was gone, she almost gave up on herself and on her freedom. Giving in to the nature of the trade just to survive and losing all self-respect for herself. Then she met Kavita, a young coy-wolf with an unbreakable spirit. Nothing the traffickers did to her could break her and Sidra learned many valuable lessons from her after befriending the young wolf. Together they remained strong, often playing practical jokes on the traffickers for fun. Kavita taught Sidra how to read and write whenever they had a moment to themselves, as well as a few tips to get the traffickers to cut her some slack.

After a few months of knowing Kavita, she revealed a secret. That she was planning on escaping the trade with outside help. Sidra agreed to help, it was the only way she'd ever be free. On the night of the planned escape, Sidra killed for the first time. She took the life of the trafficker who killed her mother. A dark piece of her was let loose that night. The two of them escaped successfully with the help of a wolf named Xander. The three of them traveled across the U.S. for a while, teaching each other skills they'd acquired over the years. Xander taught Sidra how to fight, a skill that would be valuable if the Traffickers ever found her again. Of course, Sidra would everything in her power to make sure that never happened. Kavita taught her how to ride a horse before they started traveling and Sidra became close with the horse she'd stolen. Eventually, the three made there way to 'Souls. They'd heard talk about various packs existing up there, a utopia for the three tattered spirits. Xander left the group to find a pack, while Kavita and Sidra stayed together and remained rogues. Eager to explore this new place before finding a suitable home. Eventually, Sidra met a man named Aro Marino who helped convince her to join Casa di Cavalieri. She settled in nicely finding it easier than expected to truth the male members of the pack.

2.  Personality

Sidra makes it clear to everyone she meets that she is not one to be taken lightly. She can come off as rude or harsh, but she's only speaking what's on her mind and watching her back. She's a blunt person. Sidra finds it hard to trust anyone of the male gender and generally isn't very nice to them. During her time in trafficking business, she lost all self-respect and spends a lot of time sleeping around with males and females who don't give a damn about her. She keeps her feelings well shielded from most people creating a force field around herself that keeps her from becoming close to anyone. If the shield is somehow broken, she's compassionate and loving. She has a lot to offer those she cares about. Sidra is smart and cunning, she has a way of influencing others to do her bidding. Tips and tricks learned over the months.

Sidra is bisexual. She has spent most of her life around women and trusting women so naturally she feels more inclined to give her heart to a woman. Though, it will take her a long time to trust a man, she feels oddly attracted to them and can't seem to stay away from them. If they prove themselves worthy.

The only men she's ever trusted fully are Xander and Aro. Aro is becoming and important part of Sidra's life. Like Xander, Aro single-handedly took down a group of traffickers that came back to steal Sidra and take her back to her Boss. He saved her, thus becoming her Knight in Shining Armor and potentially the love of her life.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

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3.5  NPCs

Soloman is a stallion whom Sidra stole when she made her escape from the traffickers. He's a strong and stubborn beast who's come to see Sidra as one he has to protect. She mainly uses him to carry the majority of her possessions but she's grown quite attached to him. Sidra enjoys riding him and was taught by Xander how to communicate with him using low speech as well as the best techniques for riding him.

His pelt is a mahogany brown speckled with lighter browns and a patch of cream on his underside. He has a splotch of white on the left side of his face and his left back hoof is white as well. His mane and tail are a dark brown, almost black as well as his legs and hooves. Soloman is a rather large beast.

4.  Appearance

Sidra is a tall and graceful creature standing at 6'2". Thin legs and slim body give her a fragile appearance, but fragile is the last thing Sidra is with muscles hidden underneath her medium length pitch black fur. Large ears adorn her head with a thin muzzle and long neck to match her gangly but athletic build. Her fur is mostly obsidian black with various markings. Gold markings embellish her face along her muzzle and above her eyes. Her cheeks are a lighter shade of black, barely distinguishable from her normal fur color. She also has some grey on her chest and stomach. On her shoulders are faint gold and brown spots, that look like a jaguar's spots, leading the length of her arms disappearing about halfway down. The tip and some of the fur underneath her tail are light gold. Her hair is black with some golden highlights near her face, bangs, and back of the neck. She has side swept bangs that sweep to the right. She has two medium sized braids on her right side and on the other side a bunch of smaller braids that dangle with her long black locks. She has a a large scar over her left shoulder that runs over her chest, stopping right above her breast in the shape of three claw marks. She had a few other minor scars. A slash on her right thigh and some visible slash marks on her left arm leading down to her wrist from her struggles with the traffickers.

In secui form she's leaner and taller, not as bulky as most secui wolves are. Instead of a heaving beast she simply looks like a larger, more muscular wolf. Her muscles accentuated and more easily visible from under her coat. All of her wolfish features such as her tail and teeth are slightly larger, giving her ease when hunting larger prey. Which is what she mainly uses this form for, being able to take down a fully grown deer with ease. Her power is at it's max in this form, a force to be reckon with in both speed and strength.