Saluce Tremblay Exultare

Saluce Tremblay Exultare

Saluce, by Zyn
Name MeaningSaluce is unknown, Exultare means leader
Name OriginFrench and Nomadic
Date of BirthNovember 3, 2007
Subspecies(Gray?) Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeNormandy, France
Current packIchika no Ho-en

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


DateJune 10, 2010[1]

Dahlia de Mai

Joining date?
Previous RanksJager
Most Recent RankJager Fuhrer

Ichika no Ho-en

Re-joining dateNovember 4th, 2011
Previous RanksKonrei
SignificanceFounding Member

Saluce Exultare is a former and founding member of Ichika no Ho-en, where he was mate to X'yrin Exultare. He was previously a member of Dahlia de Mai, where he was mate to Layla Nishant.


Saluce was born to the soothing sounds of the Normandy coast beating quietly against the shore. Sired by a his father Claude Tremblay and his mother Abigail. For the first few weeks of his life one could come to the conclusion that all was bliss. Loving parents and untold wealth acquired by his aristocratic father did nothing to dispel that myth. Around the time of his first month the sea ran dark with the ships of invaders. His English mother was able to get him and his few sisters out before the horde smashed into the towns dotting the coast. He never did see his father again after that day. Some say he died fending off the town so others could escape but no one is sure if he survived. From there his life was mostly spent on the run until finally they stowed away on a boat to take them to the English coast. There his mother had promised her family would take care of them.

It’s worth noting at this time that the dual loyalties of a English and French child and a mother who married a French man would pose inevitably a dilemma. Since man had left the earth one could assume that wolves wouldn’t follow in their footsteps but as one can imagine as they take on a more human life style that they would in fact follow the follies of their former human masters and go about fighting over land just as humans did. Since Saluce is given respite in England because of his mothers prominent family he was never accepted. But it never stopped him from taking advantage of the opportunities granted to him. Growing up he quickly became proficient in weaponry, daggers, swords, and especially bows. His French accent soon faltered quietly as he practiced English more so then French and as hard as he tried he was never considered anything more than a half English mongrel spoiled with the blood of the wolves from Normandy. With his conscious guiding him he finally left his mother and family to set out towards a new world, not so unlike an older time in history like the books he had read about to see if he couldn’t find something else to fill his time.

It arrived with the Snowstorm and the ruin it brought to the pack. What had once been a vibrant family slowly fell into Disarray. Conor Soul left without much of a word,Nayru took his place. While elated at first by his former pupils exalted position it didn't take long before another abrupt change happened. It came in the form of merging the pack with Phoenix Valley into Ichika no Ho-en. Not happy about the prospect of a complete change in pack policies, his given dislike for hippies and a resounding urge to move on he ended up leaving to pursue other interests.

Saluce would eventually return to Ichika no Ho-en but it wouldn't be because of some stoic reasoning, no it was more because he met a special lady while prowling around, who would later affect him to such a degree that swallowing his pride and rejoining Ichika was an easy choice. This lady ended up being X'yrin Exultare but again stability didn't seem to last. Nayru left to go find her daughter and Razekiel Lykoi left without a word, at least that he was aware of anyways. Leaving his mate as the sole leader of the pack. Coming to terms with his pupils departure and understanding finally the wisdom in her words pertaining to the ones he loved, he accepted the cards he was dealt. If remaining Ichika meant he'd take a back seat to his mates abilities to lead he'd do so and he do everything he could to help her succeed.


He’s a gentleman raised to be polite and guarded. Few often will find him giving up much of his past or what he intends to do. Aloof and brilliantly disarming with his words he more often chooses to end any conflict with his tongue more than his highly capable skills with a blade. He does have a more brash and moody side when it storms mostly because it reminds him of when he last saw his father. Loyal to anyone he feels a kindred spirit with he is known to react fiercely when they are threatened but undoubtedly threats to him never seem to bother him.



  • Parents — Abigail Wright and Claude Tremblay
  • Sisters — Margaret and Sandra
  • Previous MatesLayla Nishant, X'yrin Exultare
  • Considered an honorary member of the Nomads, since he took X'yrin's family name. It is unknown if Saluce still calls himself Exultare since their mateship ended.


Due to his breeding he picks up quite a lot of the more northern English cold weather climate build of the grey wolves. His optime form is impressive, broad shoulders giving way to a heavily muscled frame all surrounded by his thick gray coat. The only spots where his father’s linage shines through are the few darker patches on his chest and the stripes the flank his thighs. His mane is kept neat and trimmed allowing only a few braids to flow from either side of the back of his head. To round it out his eyes are a cool icy blue hue that often times hint at the insecurity he seems to hide with a aura of confidence.

He wears plated steel armor, not in the normal tradition of Midevil knights but plates strapped with leather around his shoulders, arms, chest, and legs. It provides a certain level of protection along with an imposing aura. His twin blades have since been reforged into a mighty Hammer named in honor of the blacksmith to the gods "Vulcan", the shaft is made of a light weight steel alloy, engraved with "Though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death" which continues upward to the great head of the hammer. Double sided and engraved on either side with the continuation of the quote along the shaft "I will fear no Evil" and on the reverse "for thou are with me".

His war horse is a Black Shire horse, standing 19 hands tall, with white feathers at the feet, named Charlemagne. Ill tempered and mean the horse is a marvel, big enough to carry Saluce and mean enough to enter any situation without becoming skittish. Extreme caution should be given to him whenever interacting with the horse without Saluce present.