Contact & Info

  • I prefer you PM my primary account Selene Vansenza so I can get back to you quicker and without the "wrong profile grumbles", talk to me about anything! I love to talk and I guess I'm generally approachable. ;D
  • I don't mind pre-plotting out anything, just shoot me a PM first!
  • You can also catch me on my email-- *vannah2132*@gmail.*com

(without the *s) -- but please tell me who it is sending the email, or I might end up putting it through spam before I read it. That or put in the title something 'Souls related. I don't check it as much as my PM box, but it's likely I can get back to you.

  • I think I can draw. If you'd like something made, an avatar or full body lupus, shoot me a heads up. I don't think I'm good enough to offer them as commissions anymore, and the practice is needed! I can't draw full body anthros unfortunately, I guess I've lost the knack :L

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