Roland Malone

Roland Malone

by Sky



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2 April 2011




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Saint John




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Pack Vinátta


Roland is lithe and a bit below average height, standing at only five foot four and tipping the scales at a mere one hundred and twenty five pounds, he might not be the most physically fit, but he isn't frail by any stretch of the word. The fur on his arms, legs, inner ears, muzzle and stomach is a pale cream, while the fur on his forehead, outer thighs and the rest of his torso is a mottled with shades of dark grey, darkening the further from the pale parts of his coat. His eyes are a pale grey-blue, and he has a small scar above his right eye from a fall as a child, after a fishing trip that ended with a fish-hook cutting his forehead. Roland prefers to stay in Optime form, having grown accustomed to walking on two legs for most of his life. On his left hand, he is missing part of his pinky “finger”, after an incident when he was first learning how to use and maintain his spear. While sharpening the blade, his hand slipped and he accidentally removed the tip of his finger down to the first knuckle. Like his mother, due to a slight mutation his hind paws are slightly webbed. The webbing doesn't give him anything other than slightly odd looking feet.

Roland's usual attire is his village's militia uniform. The uniform consists of black boots of leather that go halfway to his knee, drab olive pants which are somewhat tight fitting and have pockets on the side of the thighs, a light cotton sleeveless shirt worn under a drab olive long-sleeved collared jacket. The top goes to just a bit above his knees, and is padded across the spine, armpits, chest, shoulders and over his kidneys with oil-boiled leather, to add a bit of re-enforcement.


Roland is a bit introverted, preferring to listen, rather than speak when in large groups, but he tends to be straight-forward and honest in his dealings with folks. He is kind to people, until given reason not to, and amongst friends is fun-loving and a bit of a joker.

Roland picked up an odd sense of honor from his father and other members of the militia, as a pup. They frowned upon shifting into lupus or secui forms, and willingly chose not fight with teeth or claws, choosing to martial prowess with hand-to-hand combat and weaponry. Because of this, he almost never shifts to another form beside his optime form, and will never use his teeth or claws in combat, even if his life depended upon their use.

Despite being happy-go-lucky with his friends, he has a deep-seeded internal conflict, constantly trying to remain “civilized”, and has a bit of a tendency to suppress his more “savage” or “base” urges. Although off-put of shifting himself, he has no issue with other luperci who choose to take Lupus or Secui forms on a regular basis.

Deep down, the reason Roland doesn't like to shift is because it makes him feel uncivilized. In his Optime form, he can use tools, write and he feels that he can think more objectively in his bipedal form. His greatest fear is that after shifting he wouldn't want to return to his Optime form, or not want to read or write, or most disturbing to him, use his claws or teeth to fight.


Roland was born to Stephen and Rea Malone in a small fishing community by the bay of Fundy. The foreboding ruins of Saint John were visible from almost any spot in the hamlet of around forty other Luperci. His father was a member of the local militia and his mother was a semi-accomplished metal-smith, being one of the only luperci who had the skill to locate and work with iron.

As a child, Roland had a good life, frolicking around the country-side with his friends, camping, fishing, and exploring the woods hills and fields that surrounded his home-village.

At around eight months, Roland expressed interest in becoming a member of the militia alongside his father. Soon, his father began to train him in combat drills, and he quickly learned how to efficiently wield a spear. By the time he was ten months old, Roland was doing regular “shifts” at the palisades surrounding the village.

As the months passed, he grew a tad restless. He wanted to get “out there” and see other places, meet new people, and try new things, not sure if he wanted to spend the rest of his days in the same sleepy little fishing village, so the young luperci hit the open road to travel from place to place.

As of August 27th of 2012, Roland has joined up with the Vinátta pack, and is living in Ink's guest-room.

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