Grit was orphaned at an early age. The simple-minded dog lived most of his life as a loner in the city, alongside his adoptive father, Axle. The pair of dogs were inseparable, and as they grew older, decided to settle down and spend their golden years in the security of a pack: Vinátta. When the 2016 Meteor hit, Grit gave his life to save Axle's, and died a hero.[1]

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Grit, by Ashley
PlayerPack NPC
Date of Birth~2007
Date of Death2 Apr 2016
Subspecies100% Canis lupus familiaris, Presa Canario
Birth placeUnited States

Current Pack


Joining date04 Nov 2012[2]
RankVald, formerly Frjáls
SignificanceBorder Patrol and Security

1.  Personality

Grit is Axle's junior by roughly two years. After Axle rescued him as a pup, he never really escaped the follower role. Grit is rarely seen without Axle and is more reserved in conversation. In their travels, Axle was always the brains of the operation. Grit is simple minded and relies on Axle to do his thinking for him. He can be wary of strangers and dislikes change. He is known to curse freely, not knowing how to frame his words politely. When Grit does speak, his pronunciations are colored with an uneducated accent, ie his introduction: "We from da midwest. Ain't much but wide open fields for da most part. Lotsa ranches, dat's where we'd live mostly, lotsa dogs like us live on da ranches down der. Built lil packs wit da ranches at da center and expanded upon dem. We pretty handy wit da tools and such, did a lotta fixin' up and maintenance for dem."

  • Skills: Security . Mechanical Knowledge . Good Judge of Character . Physical Intimidation
  • Traits: Follower . Sturdy . Simple . Reserved . Amiable

2.  Residence

Up until spring 2014, Grit resided in Jordheim along with his companion, Axle. Recently the pair decided the village was getting too crowded for their taste, and they chose to move into the quiet streets of Amherst. When not on patrol, they can be found lounging in a garage they fixed up (not unlike their old haunt in Halifax). A shelving unit on the back wall is stocked with dried meats, bottles of liquor, and an assortment of human tools.

3.  Relationships

Grit was an orphan, so his family ties are unknown. He was adopted by Axle at a very young age and is inseparable from his Rottweiler partner, not needing any other parental figure. He was friends with Anselm de le Poer and Anselm's grandson Barry, though he resents them for leaving Halifax. Saul Stormbringer, Lilin Soulstorm, and Ezra Rosen used to live with him and Axle, and he considers them good friends.

4.  Appearance

Grit is a purebred Presa Canario, which makes him an extremely large Molosser-type dog. His coat is short and coarse, colored brindle as a mottled mixture of Hemlock and Rangitoto. He is muscular and intimidating, dark brown eyes set into a black mask marking. His ears are cropped short, the only clue that he may not have been abandoned as an infant. Grit mimics whatever form Axle is in, and Axle feels far more comfortable in his Optime form. He does not wear clothing save for a collar he picked up during his travels, which has no sentimental value.

5.  History

About a year deep into his travels in the United States, Axle came across a wounded puppy, struggling for life, tangled in a rosebush. He bandaged the bleeding child and carried the Presa Canario whom he named Grit to the nearest village, where he stayed for some time helping with maintenance in exchange for a recent mother willingly providing milk to Grit. When his tiny companion was weaned and able to thrive on solid foods, Axle decided to leave, with Grit accompanying him. For the next three years, the two remained inseparable, Axle leading the way as the older and wiser canine, with Grit following blindly. These travels have led them to 'Souls territory in the recent months, more specifically Halifax.

They were not in the city long before they ran into Anselm de le Poer, forming a partnership to guard his garage.[3] They loyally protect the garage even as it changes hands to Maserati, Anselm's daughter, and years later to Barrett Poer de Aika XIII, Anselm's grandson[4]. It was under Barry's watch that the Hilsburn group founded -- notably Saul Stormbringer, Lilin Soulstorm, Ezra Rosen, and the puppies Temeraire and Elias. Axle and Grit become close friends with the group and they enjoy each others' company, until the day Barry packs up and leaves. The group disbands, and Axle and Grit find themselves alone again. Months later they receive a letter from Barry explaining that he is happy where is and won't be returning, and this is the final push for the dogs to leave the city.[5] They seek out Lilin to the north in Amherst and she welcomes them to Vinátta.

6.  NPC Threads

  1. Zzyzx Rd. (04 Nov 2012) Axle and Grit come to find Lilin Soulstorm and join Vinátta.
  2. saint in cain's mask (18 Nov 2012) Lilin shows Axle and Grit the territory expansion.
  3. million dollar man (18 Nov 2012) Axle and Grit recommend Tayui Aston seek out Temeraire Stormbringer for training.
  4. Rubber ducky you're the one... (01 Jan 2013) Axle and Grit beckon Lilin away, leaving Lund Stormbringer under Thorn Russo's supervision.
  5. hearts wrought with iron and oak (02 Jan 2013) Axle and Grit patrol with Shiloh Dawnbringer.
  6. Follow as the time flows in everlasting waves (24 Mar 2013) Lilin is intercepted by Axle and Grit before her travels south.
  7. Throw open wide the gates of Spring! (31 Mar 2013) Grit distributes flower seeds at the Ostara Spring festival.
  8. steeped in blackened holes (25 Jun 2013) Axle and Grit vow to protect Jordheim during the Ironside Conflict.
  9. a shadow of the humbling city (27 Aug 2013) Axle and Grit discuss a recent mountain lion attack with Shiloh.
  10. Oh, the Places You'll Go! (29 Sep 2013) At the Ausa Vatni for Alessan, Abigail, and Dreyma, Axle and Grit contributed by setting up the tables and chairs.
  11. Culling the Herd (15 Nov 2013) Axle and Grit participate in a pack hunt organized by the new leader of the Vald tier, Palaydrian Soul.
  12. the lost will be found (5 Dec 2013) Axle and Grit join in the search party for Aspen led by Palaydrian and Cody.
  1. We can't close the door on this broken home (8 Jan 2014) Abigail Sadira announces her intentions to travel to Cour des Miracles, and Axle and Grit pledge to escort her.
  2. Counting the ways to where you are (8 Jan 2014) Abigail arrives at the kingdom of Cour des Miracles, accompanied by Axle and Grit, and meet Valencia Catori.
  3. With the brightest of hopes (31 Jan 2014) At the Ausa Vatni for Orvar, Bel, Russano, Fionna, Ninian, and Dagr, Axle and Grit contribute an elk roast.
  4. I'm in misery where you can seem as old as your omens (1 Feb 2014) Grit accompanies Tayui Aston on her business trip to Inferni, though he does not get along with the scout they meet with.
  5. This could be the start of something good, don't you agree? (12 Mar 2014) Axle and Grit escort Abigail Sadira on her final trip to Cour des Miracles, and leave her to join the pack.
  6. Deep roots are not reached by the frost (15 Apr 2014) Axle and Grit set up tents and man a roasting spit for the Ostara Spring festival.
  7. Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning (20 May 2014) Vinátta celebrates the second anniversary of the pack's foundation. Axle and Grit bring venison to the table before leaving to patrol.
  8. I feel it in my bones (1 April 2016) The Meteor strikes. The entire pack is evacuated to the village hall where they wait through the night to see if they will survive.
  9. We're painted red to fit right in (2 April 2016) The morning after the Meteor falls, Grit goes on patrol to survey the damage. He and Axle fall into the floodwaters, and Grit spends his strength saving his foster father's life before he drowns.