Anselm de le Poer

Anselm de le Poer

Anselm, by Zero
Name OriginOld Germanic meaning God's helmet.
Date of BirthOct 31 2005
Subspecies75% Canis lupus ortus
25% Canis latrans ortus
Birth place
Current packInferni
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Inferni II

Joining dateJul 6 2009

Previous Pack

Inferni I

Joining dateApr 2 2008
Ain't nothing in this world for free
No I can't slow down
I can't hold back
Though you know I wish I could
No there ain't no rest for the wicked
Until we close our eyes for good

-Cage the Elephant

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1.  History

Anselm grew up in the mountains of Vermont. Strange weather patterns plagued the land with drought and prey was constantly scarce. Consequentially, there was a lot of tension with the neighbouring groups--the whole area was war-torn. Children were expected to contribute to their pack's cause as soon as physically possible and mortality rates were high. Anselm stayed here until shortly past his first birthday; from about six months on he received rigorous training and fought nearly every week. His only reprise was in the simple, carnal pleasures of life; he'd regularly get high and screw around with the other teens.

For a variety of reasons not usually discussed, he left one day, never to look back. For over a year he roamed, skirting around claimed territory, weaselling his way out of trouble, wooing random women, and stealing from the packs. Eventually he settled in mid-Nova Scotia, towards the southern half of the peninsula. The land was surprisingly vacant; he enjoyed peace while exploring and growing familiar with his surroundings. Fortunately or not, his lifestyle was about to be turned on its head.

A great fire to the north sparked a mass exodus of wolves, coyotes, and hybrids alike. By rumour and reputation alone, he managed to recognise his distant cousin, Gabriel de le Poer, amidst the chaos. The two relatives banded together, as Gabriel recognised the tactical advantages of the territory in which Anselm had settled. Anselm was initially bitter towards the event--now there were all these kids in the damn yard!!--but he grew to appreciate his place in Inferni. Ironically, it was Gabriel who started the fire in the first place... this is something Anselm still does not know.

Already familiar with the vast majority of land settled by the new packs, Anselm took readily to his position as Caelum, head scout. He'd often visit the surrounding packs to keep tabs on their members, lying or smooth-talking his way out of anything that might cause trouble. He went on to serve in the Dahlian war, claiming the hostage used for bargaining power, thus contributing directly to the eventual cease fire. He also assisted in the take-down of blood traitor Andre Lykoi. By these merits he was promoted to Praetorian, the then subleader rank of Inferni.

Yet again, just as he grew comfortable, fate threw another wrench into his machine: the unknown children from his romps of yore began to crawl out of the woodwork. The first to find him was his daughter Ryan de le Poer. Ryan's mother had passed since, but the girl had found her way to Inferni. Trying to go from the spunky bachelor to the responsible father all at once proved too much, not aided by the fact the blow came while he was under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms obtained from a strange dingo, Boomer. Anselm stumbled off into the night, not to return for approximately one full year.

One of the first litters he came across consisted of two children, Maserati de le Poer and Detroit O'Clavin. Maserati proved to be the most sympathetic he would find; she left with a message for Ryan explaining that he intended to return just as soon as he was ready. Detroit didn't really care for his random appearance or sudden interest too much--most of the rest he found along the way were no different, at best apathetic. Realising he was making a huge mistake chasing after old ghosts that neither wanted nor needed him, he set off at once for the closest he'd ever found to a home: Inferni.

2.  Personality

On first impression, Anselm is aloof, intense, and somewhat intimidating. He projects an aura of confidence and capability, even while significantly intoxicated.

From childhood on, he has always been exceedingly clever, perceptive, manipulative, and deceitful. Anselm knows how to pull others' strings to get the results he wants--a smooth diplomat and criminal both. Fuelled by paranoia and the demons of his past, he trains and exercises regularly (if not obsessively); if others cannot be otherwise persuaded, he will not hesitate to use physical force. This primarily occurs while cornered or threatened, and occasionly in defence of the innocent. Although his list of sins for confession would be ten pages long, he does have a few strong morals: he doesn't believe in rape or unprovoked violence in times of plenty.

Although all wolves initially made him wary, he now sees much more merit in judging others based off of their individual personality alone. He makes no distinction among species or by even pack affiliation, knowing that it may well be the extremists and morons that stand out the most. Strongly individualistic, he sees no need to be enemies of his friends' rivals--he passes his own judgement. Lately he's rekindled his interest and participation in drug culture, going so far as to grow his own crop for surplus trade. As anyone is a potential businessman or fellow junkie, he makes even less distinction now more than ever.

Anselm feels dissatisfied if he is not bettering himself, either through rigorous exercise, the acquisition of different skills, or new knowledge. The only time he manages to slow down is while high--otherwise he is always moving, studying, or practising. Initially these needs were very basic, but the benefits of clan life eventually afforded the time for more and more specialisation. He spars regularly with both his cousin and his "aunt," Kaena Lykoi; he also has time and encouragement to study botany and expand his drug trade.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Please see the de le Poer family pages for more information.

  • Gabriel de le Poer - Anselm quite possibly respects Gabriel more than anybody else. He always knew his loyalty lie with Gabriel, not necessarily Inferni itself.
  • Ryan de le Poer - Anselm's daughter. He appreciates how down to earth Ryan is and is secretly kicking himself for screwing her over.
  • Maserati de le Poer - Another one of Anselm's children from a different litter. Anselm appreciates her taking her time to deliver his messages but recognises her wariness around him.
  • Detroit O'Clavin - Maserati's brother and Anselm's oldest son. Detroit really doesn't appreciate Anselm at all; rather than be angry, Anselm simply gave up on him.

3.2  Friends

  • Alacrity - Anselm loves her as a friend and a life partner, which is surprising given that she is not Luperci at all.[1]
  • Savina Marino - Anselm helped her through a rough spot in her life. She's probably one of the few people he likes that he's not related to.
  • Boomer - Boomer was agreeable enough that Anselm liked him. Boomer served as a sort of therapist for Anselm as he struggled to come to grips with his past. Anselm also tracked Boomer, which eventually lead him to Maserati and Detroit.
  • Axle & Grit - He partners up with these dogs so that they will guard his garage in Halifax. They are on great terms.[2]

3.3  Enemies

  • Haku Soul - To Anselm, Haku is the worst kind of madman, who strikes without rhyme or reason. For all his faults, Anselm never slaughters the weak or innocent. Haku ceremoniously slain a mother coyote and her child, though, and Anselm thinks he should burn for this.

4.  Skills

Anselm's brain is chock full of random information and he's good at sifting through the files to find what he needs. He's familiar with basic meteorology, botany, first aid, and the use of hand tools. Most of the things he learn come from old human books--though he can read, he's usually too impatient and prefers field-guide style books with lots of pictures.

He also has excessive endurance thanks to his obsessive running, plenty of experience in combat (including disarming opponents), and a fair bit of strength from his other exercises. A surreptitious diplomat, he's good at getting others to talk.

5.  Appearance

Golden coat, mottled with caramel, dark accents along the spine, and an overall reddish tint. Ear tips are dipped in black, as is the tip of his tail, enabling him to appear at least a few degrees more expressive than he really is. Characteristic, bold red gaze of the de le Poer line. Two tattoos, the biohazard symbol on his left arm & the radiation hazard symbol on his right foot (pelt reference).

Mixed heritage is not especially evident: his build is very similar to his father's and he could easily be mistaken for a full-fledged wolf. Only his vibrant coat colour, slightly elongated muzzle and ears hint toward his Mexican wolf & coyote heritage.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Anselm regularly shifts between all of his forms. He likes to be able to shift quickly and he likes to practise and train in each form so he is never at a disadvantage.


The only times he uses his lupus form are when he's safe at home in Inferni or trying to appear non-threatening while gathering information from the packs.


Anselm is in this form most often simply because it is the most convenient; it takes less time to access the other forms from the midway point.


In his Optime form, he will operate on four legs as often as two. His hair is thick and mane-like, not styled or drawn back, though it is moderately neat. Anselm never wears clothes; at best he will wear a tool belt or carry around a satchel. This form is mostly for training purposes or while doing work in the city.
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