Beck "Boomer" O'Malley

Beck "Boomer" O'Malley

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Name Meaning"from the brook," "brow of a hill"
Name Originenglish, gaelic
Nickname Originstems from the first letters of each name: Beck O'Malley
Date of Birth29 february 2004
Subspecies100% Canis lupus dingo
Birth placesouthern australia
Mottocarpe diem--"seize the day"


Boomer loves to live life to the fullest. Everywhere he goes, he tries to take a part of that place with him--the most obvious manifestation of this is his extensive tattooing, although he always leaves with new skills and life lessons from the various cultures he discovers. Free-spirited and non-judgemental, he tries to find the silver lining of every cloud. Empathic and loyal to friends, some may presume him to be overly trusting--but he is an excellent judge of character, and he knows when to keep people at an arm's length.


  • Australia: toxicology, spearing, fishing, tattooing
  • Indonesia: basic healing, darts
  • China: sewing/working with fabrics, using arrows, fire
  • India: sword fighting, more advanced medicine, navigation
  • Belgium: weather forecasting, other practical science
  • Spain: human architecture, human artefacts/tools


  • parents were Gavin O'Malley (sire) x Adelaide O'Malley (dam)
  • occasionally NPCed alongside Anselm de le Poer. [1]
  • tattoos all over, all tattoos are in black ink and each is sort of a tribute

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