Maserati de le Poer

Maserati de le Poer

Maserati, by Zero
Date of BirthJuly 4, 2007
Age> 3 years
Subspecies90% Canis lupus
>10% Canis latrans
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeTroika Outpost

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


DateFebruary 5, 2009[1]

Maserati de le Poer is the daughter of Anselm de le Poer and half-sister to Ryan de le Poer.



Maz and her siblings were essentially abandoned at birth. The pregnancy hadn't been planned and the litter was born to a random loner. One of the puppies was picked off while the mother was out hunting; she got back just in time to save the other two. Since she knew she could not possibly care for the children, she left them in the care of a pack lead by a triumvirate of friendly males.

Early Life

Although the entire pack played a great role in her life, Gale played the role of her father, being the first on the scene when the pups were surrendered on his doorstep. He exchanged a few quick words with the female, and although he invited her to stay with them she had her own purposes for leaving. He quickly enlisted the help of a good friend of his (and the only resident female), Kendra. As the pair took care of Maserati, they grew quite fond of each other and Maz was quite convinced she had the perfect family.


From a young age she was exposed to a variety of crafts and trades, ranging from carpentry and wood carving to weaponry and mechanics. Generally well behaved but somewhat mischievous, she mostly enjoyed tinkering with things and keeping to herself, despite the overly social nature of the group in which she was raised. A bred introvert, she always felt a slight disconnect even though she loved her family and their company dearly.

Coming of Age

Something peculiar happened several months following her first birthday. A strange dingo called Boomer had joined their pack recently, and although she got along with him well enough, it appeared he had been trailed. Her father came to her, his typical cheerful expression unusually sombre. He explained that she had been adopted, and her birth father had known Boomer, followed him to their pack, and was here to see her...



Please see the de le Poer family page for more information.

Adoptive Family

  • Parents — Gale and Kendra O'Clavin
  • Uncle — Ross O'Clavin


A petite black wolf with strange red markings: the tips of her ears and her tail are marked with red, as well as all four feet. A streak originating on her forehead runs down her spine, where it then flashes across her left side then wraps around her left front leg.

Natural Markings

Rusty-reddish black on ear tips, tail tip, four paws, and streak going down spine from forehead, also across left side and left fore arm

Enhanced Markings

Same but dyed a more distinguished red; some liberties taken with "enhancement" of mark on side (such as the loop)

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