• Pronouns: she/her
  • Location: Oregon
  • Birthday: 31 August 1999
  • Joined: hhfhheheh
  • Primary: Tamara de le Poer
  • My discord and PMs are always open to anyone wanting to plot or just chat in general! I like to think that I am a pretty friendly person.

PM - Tamara de le Poer

  • PMs are preferred for more official correspondence (i.e. adoptables, etc.)
  • Feel free to poke me again via PM or on Discord if I haven't responded in 3 or more days.

Discord - nerdoraptor#6969

  • Discord is preferred for chatting, plotting, etc.
  • I'm pretty much always online because I have Discord on my phone, so feel free to message me at any time. The only times I won't respond are when I'm sleeping or in class!
  • I dunno

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Hi, I'm Kite. I've been a member of 'Souls on and off for around six years now. I am constantly procrastinating my homework by lurking around and I draw a lot of memes.

I am currently a 19-year-old college student majoring in Computer & Information Sciences (for now). I am pretty busy a lot of the time because I am very involved in campus organizations like student/hall government so I have 3+ meetings a week on top of going to classes. I still make time for 'Souls, though, because I am a master procrastinator and addicted to drawing memes and playing weird characters.

I have a chinchilla named Wanda and she is my daughter even though she is the spawn of Satan. Feel free to ask me for pictures of her on discord.

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we've bonded through seed related trauma <3 - Vida

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