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Hi, I'm Kite! I've been an on-and-off member of 'Souls for around 10 years now! In the offline world, I work as a Direct Support Professional (aka caregiver) for people with ID/DD. I also am attending school to get my Bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Sciences so I can become a Case Manager in the future. I am very passionate about activism and inclusion.

I consider myself a very friendly person! If you ever want to thread or need help with code (wiki or otherwise), feel free to hit me up!

Role-Playing Information

  • Current Reply Speed: Moderate -- I work full-time and go to school full-time, so my replies may be a little bit slow! Please have patience with me!


  • OOC Endings/Gravedigging:
Due to my busy schedule, I am a-okay with OOC endings for threads once they have gotten a little crusty!
  • Mature Themes:
I don't really write spicy things, I would prefer to fade to black! Gore and violence are fine, though!
  • LASKY:
Please contact me for specifics about LASKY threads! Generally fine if for future characters or during SoSuWriMo time.


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