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by Roman?

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Date of birth

August 18, 2013




Lawful Good







Strong; Powerful






Birth place

Fundy National Park




40% Northwestern Wolf
60% Belgian Malinois




Current pack N/A
Current rank Loner


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Roman is the son of Unknown and Unknown. He is a Wolfdog, born into Fundy National Park.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

German accent. Uses 'erm', and 'umm.' when confused.

He speaks with a normal tone.


1.2  Abilities



Hunting, and stealth. He is great at climbing trees, and has keen eyesight. He would make a great spy, and uses this often.



Roman is terrible at making friends, because he's always out in hidden areas. He is too friendly also he would get attacked if he waved at a unfriendly foe.

1.3  Residence

Roman is a nomadic Luperci who has no for certain home. He moves around, and is wanting to find a forever home with a family.

1.4  NPCs


A 'dalmatian' horse, is the breed's nickname. He wears a coat of white with, dark grey, to black spots

2.  Appearance

Roman is a WolfDog, and has a rather thin coat, but is very thick, it keeps him warm in the winter, but also lets him cool down in the summer. His coat has a black mask, and it covers his ears. His chest matches it but also has some black spots spreading along his forearms. His pelt is a darker fawn color that has mixed in black with it. Has milky brown eyes, that seem to invite you in. His ears are rather large comparing to his old companions, and move around in their own directions. Roman is a rather large animal, and has a body built to take hits. Romans teeth are longer and more rugged than most helping him take down prey-

Sizing Chart





105 lbs
(47 kg)

39.5 In
(100 cm)


165 lb
(74 kg)

48 In
(121 cm)


289 Lb
(131 kg)

7ft 1in
(86.4 in)
(220 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


He is a rather large dog around the size of a pretty large doberman.


He grown longer hair, and looks like a fairly large Mackenzie valley wolf. He has teeth that stick out of his mouth in this form.


He sometimes has it in a mohawk, and other times its just back.

2.2  Build & Species

He is fairly tall, almost classified as a giant. He doesn't have any joint problems, or difficulties with his size though. He is a lean muscular build, that carries himself with swagger, and charm.

He has a large dog build, that has a strong jaw, and keen eyesight. His tail is thin, but is like a wolf's.

Roman wears a thin coat, that is straight, and short.

2.3  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • He has one rather large scar on his left side that runs down to his side to his thigh. This was given to him by his father who flung him into a sharp rock.
  • Tattoos:
    • He has a black spiral burned into the back of his thigh. It was given to him by his father before he went mad.
  • Piercings:
    • None
  • Other:
    • N/A

2.4  Accessories

  • He wears a silver woven ring when he is in optime form.
  • Sometimes has a brown leather satchel strapped on him.

3.  Personality

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  • Fears:
    • Dieing
    • Rabies
  • Motivations:
    • Finding mate
    • Second motivation
  • Traits
    • Charming
    • Clever
    • Protective
  • Alignment: Lawful good. He chooses to obey, and help his family, and his pack.

3.1  Demeanor

He usually is very friendly, and around a female who he deems attractive, he might try, and act more than he is. Around a foe, he would probably bere his teeth, and try to avoid a fight.He would be nice, and respective to a unfamiliar scent, and if they has a ill attitude towards him he would probably try to get them to warm up, but if they decide to ignore his tries he would probably just walk off. If they called him back he would return, but leave if they turn ill he'd turn away.

3.2  Outlook

He is sometimes dominant, but towards a longer more experienced leader he will obey.

3.3  Ideals


Big Bias

Roman hates murderers, or Rapists. He'd kill one if he found one in his sights.

Other Biases

  • Species: He sees all of the species the same, and doesn't discriminate.
  • Non-Luperci: He sometimes feels like they don't understand him, but still gets along with them.
  • Human Behaviors: Roman is kind of humanized, with his use of tools.


Heterosexual. Ina romance he'd take it slow, and does thinks that homo's are strange, and avoids them.


He never drinks, or smokes due to the fact that his mother told him before she died that her sister got addicted, and it runs in their blood. He would die if he smoked, or drank.



Specific Beliefs

  • He is not religious, and is sometimes judged from it.

4.  Relationships







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4.1  Key Relations


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4.2  Groups



4.3  Family

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Immediate Family

Maternal Ancestry

Paternal Ancestry

5.  History

Roman was born Aug, 19, 2013. He was born from a loving rouge family. His father was was half Northwestern Wolf (Mackenzie Valley wolf.), and the other half was Belgian Malinois. HIs mother was full Belgian Malinois, and took care of her pups very well. Sadly the other pups were dwarfed, and didn’t survive. Romans mother, and father shifted for hunting, and taught him the importance of each form. Roman used each of his forms for a certain duty. Poor Roman was out hunting one day with his ‘Pap’, and his father was bit by a rabid fox. He soon lost his mind around 3 days later. His father, and mother fought, and he died. His mother died a few hours later of blood lose. Roman was left alone. He had all his knowledge, and used all of it. Roman ran into many faces who smiled at him, but soon had to leave to find their right pack. Soon enough Roman decided to do the same, so he packed up his worn out satchel, and his dried meat for the trip. He had a knife, and his body, so he figured he was alright. Took his Young Stallion Lepur, And left to seek out a new pack.

5.1  Timeline



5.2  Threads



Name MeaningStrong; powerful.
Name OriginLatin
Date of BirthAugust 18, 2013
Subspecies60% Belgian Malinois
40% Mackenzie Valley wolf.
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeLonely cave
Current packN/a
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateFri Jun 26, 2015
Joining Ranknone
Most Recent Ranknone

6.  History

7.  Personality

Roman, is a very smart, and clever, like his dog relatives. He has a romantic aroma around him that i added to by his charming smile. He has a strict obedience to the others higher ranked than him, and will obey his pack if he had one. Roman has a hilarious side that can make many laugh. Romans demeanor is very lovable, and makes you wanna give him a big hug. Roman’s very serious when it comes to the time says he needs to. Roman has a certain spunk to him that makes you want to hang around him, and the fact that he’s a good boy couldn’t make him more attractive. Roman has never hurt a female without her trying to kill him first. He is a very accurate wolfdog, and is great at hunting which is one of his favourite things to do, but he doesn’t kill just for fun. He uses the whole animal. Roman’s has some features some people don’t like though, sometimes he ignores females if he has a crush on them, so he can keep this professional, but if he decides to hang out with her he might just fall in love. But the females he has liked never stayed long enough for him to actually fall in love.

8.  Coloration

  • Eyes: Primarily a Hazel shade
  • Fur: He has a fawn color to him, he has a black mask that has has black spread through it, but mostly on his chest.

9.  Appearance

Optime: He has a toned muscular build, that helps him travel quicker, and faster. He has his hair combed up into a short mohawk, due to his lack of fur. Roman walks with great posture, and a swagger you can feel as he walks past. His physical appearance, demands attention without asking, and asks for work. He is willing to obey, and take commands, if you give him a order to kill the enemy. Lets just say you won’t be disappointed.

Secui: He is large, but still built for the run. He likes to use this form for catching prey, and protecting his friends, and family.

Lupus: Roman looks like a natural Belgian Malinois, he has a darker greyer coat like the Northwestern Wolf (Mackenzie Valley wolf.)

9.1  Forms




105 Lb (47 kg)
39.5 In (100 cm)

165 lb (74 kg)
48 In (121 cm)

289 Lb (131 kg)
7.1 Ft (216 cm)


10.  Relationships

10.1  Family

10.2  Friends

10.3  Acquaintances

10.4  Enemies

11.  Skills

  • Fighting
  • Tracking
  • Hunting
  • Making friends
  • Obeying

11.1  Luperci Forms

Uses them equally.