Vidar was born a non-Luperci, but in January 2014 he was forcibly converted to Verto by Desdemona. He was a member of New Dawn, where he served as an Epsilon with the possibility of further ranking before he abandoned the pack in the last days of February. In April, Vidar had fathered a litter with Desdemona the offspring being Semira and Duskin?. He was lead to believe that the whole litter died and he has no knowledge of his son and daughter. After spending time between Texas and Mexico, in August, he returned to Nova Scotia as an alcoholic and a loner. He put his newfound knowledge of sailing to use and became a member of Krokar.

After settling down in Krokar, making friendships, and rising in the ranks, a year later he reacquainted himself with a former pack mate Leela. In the winter of 2015 they became mates and in January of 2016 they left Krokar to return to Vidar's distant homelands. They arrived just in time for Leela to birth her second litter. The family lived happily for a little over a month before a savage attack lead by Solas Justus and his followers.

Vidar, his mate, and their offspring died sometime spring of 2016.


Vidar by Shade

Date of Birth10 May 2012
Subspecies75% wolf 20% Wolfdog 5% Dog
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Former Pack

New Dawn

Joining dateOctober 5, 2013
Joining RankSubordinate
Most Recent RankEpsilon


Joining dateNovember 8, 2014
Joining RankGreenhorn
Most Recent RankGreenhorn

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1.  Before Souls History

Vidar artwork by Hannah

Vidar artwork by Hannah

Vidar artwork by Hannah

Young Vidar by Nat

Vidar was bred into a remotely unknown tribe of few very few wolves, a small band of outlaws and misfits who discovered their place in the world within each other. He had only a single surviving sibling, a sister named Sitara. As the only two pups, Vidar and Sitara shared a close and unbreakable sibling bond. The two playmates wrecked havoc within the tight-knit community but nonetheless were adored by their mother, father, uncles and aunts. Although he cherished his mother dearly, Vidar admired and esteemed his father more. His father was a radical and had astounding beliefs and opinions that Vidar didn’t always agree with but still respected and admired his father’s boldness. Although his mother was the leading ranked female of the tribe, she was a very soft spoken she-wolf, quite the opposite of her mate. In Vidar’s early youthful months he was raised with mixed morals between his father’s radicalism and his mothers more conservative teachings. However none of that would ultimately matter when Vidar’s father was murdered. It was a very unfortunate event. Vidar never saw the culprit but he’s always had his suspicions. By the time Vidar seen anything, his father’s body was already being swept down the rapid river. At the time he was unaware that his father was dead and without hesitation dove into the chilled current and grabbed his father by the scruff. The body was bleeding from various bite wounds, therefore the surrounding water quickly turned to a dark russet hue. Vidar was young and unwise and had misjudged the water’s strength. In his maddening struggle toward the shallow shores, to keep a hold of his father he had to grip his scruff so tight that he could taste blood. Young adolescent Vidar had a heart of gold that was equally strong and determine. Regrettably, Vidar wasn’t seen as a hero even if it was a failed attempt, but the tribe saw quite the opposite. He was blackmailed as the murderer of his own father. As shocked as the tribe was, part of them still loved Vidar but his supposed betrayal was unforgivable. Vidar’s life was spared so long as he was never to be seen or heard from again.

2.  Souls History

Vidar joined New Dawn early October of 2013, recruited by Veyra Damaichu. Although the alpha Zalen had no problems accepting the young male, Vidar found the pack difficult to adjust to. He often found escape in traveling outside of the pack lands where he met many different kinds of canines. Some of them inspired him to wish to become a better wolf for his pack and to take some pride in New Dawn. Regardless, his personality and behavior caused him to clash with Altair and Kiara, causing him to be weary of them. Meanwhile Lucia and Athena were two young wolves that he eventually found himself enjoying their company. When he returned from a trip in late November, his rank was raised from Subordinate to Epsilon. He took his new rank seriously and begins to have goals of becoming a co-ranked warrior and or hunter, however if only that was easy. The brown wolf-dog had many distractions and events to keep his goals out of reach. So far the male has been a late bloomer and has took little interest in females until encountering his first female in heat. Though prior he had a growing crush on the young princess, Veyra, after that encounter, he started feeling a growing desire for female companionship and possible mateship. However any relationship with a female would be difficult for Vidar, since he doesn’t have any yearning for pups or for such a responsibility as raising a family, thus he’d likely be very conflicted. (Not that that couldn’t change in the future).

Over the past winter, his crush on Veyra grew to near obsession. Although the pair were never romantically together, he grew certain that the Princess was the she-wolf for him. His attitude towards New Dawn changed and he decided to do everything he could to make his mark in the pack and win Zalen’s favor as a fitting suitor for Veyra. Around this time a familiar she-wolf by the name of Nadia Ancientfire saved his life, but his feelings for Veyra clouded any possiblities there. Before he had a chance to become a suitor for Veyra himself, in late December/ early January, he was kidnapped and missing for about a month by the dark and insane, Desdemona. Vidar was tortured and physically and sexually abused by the evil wolfess. She burned half of his face with a flame, branded her mark on his chest, and tainted his blood so that he now carried the luperci virus.

Finally he was allowed to escape from his tormentor, and he returned to New Dawn, damaged and self-conscious. Once again he felt like an outcast in his pack, but worst of all Veyra had taken a liking to one particular suitor by the name of Callum Knight. The threat of losing the only dream that promised happiness caused Vidar to become violent and aggressive in confrontations with the Knight, but it wasn’t until Veyra’s heat that the two actually split eachother’s blood. The fight was brutal. Vidar had an unfair advantage of being an excellent fighter in lupus form as opposed to Callum who was inexperienced fighting on two legs. Vidar won the fight but ultimately lost any chance with Veyra and she chose Callum over him. His persistence was short lived, because shortly after the fight she burnt any bridge that there was left standing between him and her.

Unable to stand watching the love of his life with the wolfdog that he’d already beat, Vidar finally abandoned New Dawn. The ever watchful Desdemona, took this as an oppurtinity to capture Vidar yet again. This time Vidar lost any desire to escape, and in time the pair formed a mutual agreement. He needed alcohol to drowned out his sorrows, and she wanted him. So she gave him what he needed, if he gave her what she wanted. Eventually they traveled far south where his alcoholism grew. Only when Vidar discovered that Desdemona was pregnant, did he finally decide that he contemplate leaving her. When Desdemona lead him to believe that the whole litter died, Vidar finally left.

An old wise wolf by the name of Quito took the drunken Vidar under his wing for a couple of months, probably because he reminded him of his own son. As a fisherman and local moonshiner, Vidar had no problem accepting Quito’s help. Eventually Quito suggested Vidar return to Nova Scotia for closure so that he could move on in his life, and for some reason Vidar agreed.

2.1  Horse

Icon Owner Gender DoB About


Vidar Mare 2010

Stormy is a dark gray curly coated draft mare cross. Vidar did not really know what to call her but since she was the color of a storm cloud, he named her after one. She was a rescued cart horse from a trader from the Outpost who overworked and underfed her. With the help of Milos and Aspen, Vidar has been training her undersaddle. She is very friendly and laidback as characteristic of a curly horse. Not much bothers her.

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3.  Personality

The once bold, determine, and almost romantically heroic Vidar has now grown into a young adult and with age, his aspiring and optimistic outlook on life has disintegrated far sooner than most. Initially Vidar had simply come off as cold hearted with an overly harden soul. The loss of his role model and then his family sending him into exile has paid its toll on the young wolf. But now he simply doesn’t give a care. His trust is minimal and while his mind was once always calculating and sharp, his drunkard habits cause him to be easily confused and disoriented or even enraged. Even still there is the slightest bit with in him that contains some form of hope. It is this tiny fighting optimism that keeps Vidar living on through the miserable heat of the days, bone chilling cold nights, and insanely lonesome and downright depressing existence. In reality his hard exterior is like a shield to protect his soft side. Deep down the charismatic happy wolf cries for salvation of his exile but recent events threaten to kill off any hope still left. Vidar may have once acted like a wise-guy when he was really almost as clueless as when he was part of the tribe, he is now old at heart but might not have gained as much wisdom as he’d like. Even as a post-adolescent he had lived through more than most his age but he still had so much more to learn and experience. Those experiences he lived through in his young adult life, have left him unmotivated and possibly unable to love or develop peaceful relationships. His snappy behavior and bleak outlook makes him a usually gloomy canine to hang around. Due to his alcoholism his behavior can be quite unpredictable and he can have unexpected mood swings. You have been warned.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

4.2  Pack

  • Zalen - Alpha and Vidar regards him highly especially after defusing a conflict he had with Altair
  • Veyra - The New Dawn princess, that Vidar has a growing 'fondness' for.
  • Kiara - The Omega that he had a rough first meeting with
  • Lucia- Also had a bad meeting with but seemed to redeem himself in their next encounter
  • Soran - First Luperci he'd seen and at first was defensive around her then had a respect for the elder
  • Athena - He found her slightly annoying but her behavior reminded him of his sister so he has a special place for the young she-wolf
  • Altair - Had a conflict one night with this brute and Vidar doesn't like the wolf at all, even though Altair saved him from being kicked out of ND.
  • Ciara - There is a growing respect for this she-wolf and he looks up to her like a mentor
  • Hartt - Met the she-wolf when she was in heat and had an embarrassing encounter and kind of avoids her
  • Krys - Got to know her in a hunt and Vidar was impressed with her skills and would like to think of them as friends

4.3  Outsiders

  • Chloé - The first wolf he told about his father and first friend he felt he could trust
  • X'yrin- A she-wolf who inspired him to find his place within New Dawn
  • Kentaro - Fought with him over a cliff side that almosted ended fataly, considers him an enemy
  • Violeta - A shy young she-wolf he met, he has neutral feelings towards
  • Ombre - A very strange canine that he found fasincating
  • Hug - An older male that Vidar sees as a good commrade even if he is a loner
  • Nadia - This wolfess saved his life and he isn't sure how he feels about her
  • Isla - They hunted together and he discovered a new regard for the female
  • Aspen - An abused female he found out in one of his trips, that he helped get back to her home
  • Desdemona - An evil wolfess that takes him as a pet and mistreats him and the mother of his daughter. He both fears and reveres her after developing a form of Stockholm syndrome during his second kidnapping.

5.  Skills

  • Hunting small prey - Journeyman to Master (Teaching himself to hunt as a loner has taught him this skill)NOTE: He is currently very rusty
  • Hunting large prey - Novice (Two deer - one elk) NOTE: He is currently very out of shape and unable to bring down large prey
  • Exploring - Master (Traveling has given him much oppurtunity to learn about the world around him)
  • Fighting Lupus - Journeyman (He was close to reaching Warrior rank in New Dawn) NOTE: He hasn't fought in months and very weak, almost ill

6.  Appearance

Vidar’s rich dark coco coat is thick but ever so slightly matted from ill kept grooming habits. His under coat fades into a soft yet dull cream that highlights his underside and amplifies his facial features. An irregular but unmistakable dreary ‘V’ traces his forehead and sits between his brows. Although he almost all wolf, it is apparent that some domestic canine blood courses through his veins from his markings and deep blue eyes. His icy blue eyes are almost always in a cold hard narrowed glare, but if on a rare occasion, left unguarded, they are truly the window to his soul allowing his emotions and thoughts to seem almost readable. Additionally, Vidar has maxed in growth and is maturing at an above average height for a North American grey wolf, which hints even more to a malamute somewhere in his ancestry. However it must be far down his line because behavior and physical build, he is much more wolf like rather than dog like. Even being considered more massive than usual, Vidar is surprisingly light on his feet and swift which combined with his strength, makes for a deadly hunter. Due to his exile and recent activities as a loner, his body has lost some mass and bones be seen under his thick fur.

  • Apperance Update:

Recently he was permanently scarred on the right side of his face and branded on his left chest, dissolving his once handsome features. He currently looks aged beyond his years and reeks heavily of alcohol. Lately he has been using his optime form more than lupus and now can be expected to be seen acting more humanized. Vidar’s eye are no longer unreadable, and instead mirrors his pain and misery.

Vidar by Gen

6.1  Luperci Forms

Sizing Chart






(45 kg)

32 in
(88 cm)



237 lbs
(100 kg)

40 in
(108 cm)



263 lbs
(112 kg)

7ft 6 inches (90 in)
(235 cm)

Prefers Optime form.


97lbs 32inches