Thomas Ryder

This character was a pNPC in Midnight Shores.

Thomas Ryder

by Sunny



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Date of Birth

December 18, 2009




Eastern Timber Wolf




Pack Midnight Shores
Rank Pollux

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1.  Appearance

Thomas is a black wolf, the dark color covering his entire body save for light gray on the insides of his ears as well as on his eyebrows. His fur is thick and well-suited to the harsh Canadian winter, and his upper teeth poke out from the tops of his lips.

Thomas is rather large and muscular, his appearance a bit intimidating to some. He stands tall at 7' 3". He has bright cyan eyes.

2.  History

Thomas was a part of a traveling band of merchants in eastern Canada when he was younger. He was the guard of the group, and would also provide entertainment for the band when spirits were down. They traveled across Canada, trading and entertaining others in exchange for shelter and various goods throughout Thomas's youth.

One day, however, a rogue band of loners noticed the merchants' various goods and baubles in their covered wagon, and organized an ambush against them. They managed to take a large majority of the goods that the group had obtained from various trades, and the fight that broke out between the two groups led to the death of two of the merchants, fueling Thomas's intense dislike for outsiders and rogues.

After the attack, many members of the traveling merchants decided that it would be better to split up and find shelter within permanent packs. The group quickly fragmented, leaving Thomas alone in northern Nova Scotia. Unwilling to live life as a loner, Thomas sought out the rumored pack Cercatori d'Arte, which reminded him of the merchant band's trading tendencies and colorful spirit, and quickly called it home. When the pack disbanded and became Midnight Shores, he was quick to follow.

In August 2016, Thomas and Jerome Gryphon helped escort Esther Hennamin and her grand-niece, Elsie Hennamin, back to their family so that Esther could see her loved ones one last time. Thomas and Jerome never returned to the Shores, and their whereabouts are unknown.

2.1  Art & Graphics

3.  Personality

To those within the pack, and those that he knows and likes, Thomas is a very jovial and entertaining fellow; he loves to tell jokes (especially stupid puns) and stories by the bonfire, and enjoys a good drink or two while he spins tall tales or dances to have a little fun.

However, when faced with an enemy or a trespasser, his demeanor turns rather dark very quickly. He can get extremely aggressive and intimidating to those who cross him, and takes it upon himself to patrol the borders with his large wooden club, meant to intimidate and fight off any who mean him or the pack ill.

Thomas also has an irrational fear of badgers.

3.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Sparring, joking, parties, eating, drinking
  • Dislikes: Trespassers, badgers


Loyal, cheerful, joyful, aggressive

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Good

4.  Inventory

4.1  Wooden Club

Thomas has a large, sturdy wooden club that he uses to intimidate trespassers and criminals with, and uses for fighting. He first received it from an old trader when he was still with the band of travelling merchants, and has had it ever since.