Laruku Tears

Laruku Tears

Laruku Tears
Name OriginL'Arc~en~Ciel, "rainbow," Clouded Tears
Date of BirthJuly 30, 2004
Date of DeathDecember 1, 2008
Age4.5 years
Subspecies50% Canis latrans thamnos ortus
50% Canis lupus lycaon ortus
Birth placeClouded Tears, Bleeding Souls
Death placeThe Dampwoods, 'Souls
'Souls Profile

Laruku had a very sad life and more scars than friends.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Early childhood
    2.   1.2  Adolescence & Homecoming
    3.   1.3  Love and Alphaship
    4.   1.4  Downward spiral
    5.   1.5  Madness and Ryoujoku
    6.   1.6  The fire, the hermit
  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Ryoujoku
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Nirupama Tsunami
    3.   3.3  Ahren de le Poer
  4.   4.  Appearance
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1.  History

1.1  Early childhood

Laruku was the only surviving pup from a misbegotten litter of five by Kiriska and Arlo Xyl, the then-leaders of Clouded Tears and Inferni respectively. He was a rapebaby. Ceres Sadira, Nirupama Rashmi, and Acid were present at his birth and his mother's subsequent death shortly afterwards. His name was among Kiriska's last words. Acid, whose mate Colibri Soul had given birth two weeks before, decided to adopt him and raise him as his own child. Laruku grew older adoring Colibri as his mother, respecting Acid as his father, and playing with their litter like they were his own brothers and sisters, never suspecting anything about his real parents or the circumstances of his conception and birth.

1.2  Adolescence & Homecoming

When Laruku was three months old, Acid left Clouded Tears without a word. The puppy went with his "father," but was abandoned somewhere along the way. Lost, confused, and scared out of his mind, he wanders the mountains alone for a few days before happening upon a wolf named Teimines. Laruku stays with him for five months and is, more or less, raised by this loner. Unfortunately, Teimines also eventually abandons him without any sort of goodbye. These two early abandonments will stay with Laruku for a long time. After Teimines's departure, Laruku rages and sets fire to the cabin they had been living in before wandering off. It was never his intention to return to Bleeding Souls, but somehow finds himself on the borders of his birthpack at the very end of June 2005.

There, he met his "mother," Colibri, but she had recently suffered amnesia and not only did not recognize him, but insulted him for his coyote-like appearance and obvious hybrid heritage. Laruku is infuriated at this and starts to leave, but Ceres steps in, dismisses Colibri, and asks Laruku to stay. Grudgingly, he agrees, if only for a little while. A month later, on his first birthday, Ceres reveals to him the truth about his parents and lineage. Laruku rejects what he's told, calls Ceres a liar, and runs off.

1.3  Love and Alphaship

Clouded Tears

RankAlpha Male

While angsting over his disbelief and the circumstances of his birth, Laruku meets Nirupama Tsunami (for the second time) and discovers that their pasts are remarkably similar. Despite their previous disagreements, the two sleep together. The next morning, Laruku encounters the disturbing ghost of his father and with his new lover's support, comes to terms with what Ceres had told him. Returning to Clouded Tears, he apologizes to his alphess. The same summer, Bleeding Souls is going through a hard drought. Laruku spends a lot of time helping Tsunami hunt for his half-sister Ophelia Nekane and her litter of six and the two grow ever closer. Winter 2005 is probably the highest point of the two's relationship, despite a break-up period during which Tsunami had a one-night stand with Segodi Mogotsi and Laruku attempted suicide for the first time.

As he no longer intended to leave, Laruku rises quickly through the ranks and is beta male at the time of Ceres's unexpected death in January 2006. On the night of the death, Tsunami comforts Laruku, who tells him he loves him. The hybrid ascends to head the pack, despite not feeling suitable for the job, especially since a few of Ceres's own children and grandchildren still resided in the pack, including Lisichka Sadira, who is a few months older. Nevertheless, Laruku accepts the job and does the best he can. He also begins noticing the longstanding pattern of packmembers coming and going frequently, even those with strong ties to the pack.

1.4  Downward spiral

In April 2006, Tsunami disappears from Bleeding Souls without notice. This crushes Laruku's faith and prompts the beginning of the downward spiral that would last the rest of his life. Effectively, Tsunami's departure would mark the third time the hybrid had been abandoned. This, along with Clouded Tears's members' tendency to not stay long makes Laruku eternally bitter towards people who leave without saying goodbye. Melisande Sadira, Laruku's would-be half-sister makes a promise with him never to leave without saying goodbye. Despite this, she also disappears over the summer.

Laruku begins binge drinking heavily which leads to his second suicide attempt and episodes of drunken violence. One of these incidents ended with the death of an Inferni coyote named Janus, which was discovered by Segodi shortly afterwards. This escalates into the Inferni-TearsWar, in the middle of which Tsunami returns.

Tsunami offers a reasonable explanation for his unexpected absence and sincere apologies, but while Laruku accepts him back into Clouded Tears, he is wary of accepting him back into a relationship. When Tsunami learns of the war in September, he immediately suspects that Laruku hasn't told the pack the whole story and they fight over the origins of and logic behind the war. Tsunami gets injured by Karloff while investigating the matter, which leads into a brief reconciliation period. However, near the end of the war, Laruku and Tsunami agree not to try to renew their relationship and part ways.

1.5  Madness and Ryoujoku

Though Laruku is convinced that he is fine with this conclusion to their relationship, he begins to develop a split personality named Ryoujoku Ame. Ryoujoku is a sarcastic and uncontrolled creature that enjoys provoking others and indulging in violence and sex. During his episodes as Ryoujoku, Laruku's consciousness believes he is asleep and doesn't remember his actions as the other personality. For a long time, Laruku does not suspect what's happened to him though he isn't sure how to account for his tiredness and fuzzy memories at times. A few pack members notice that something is wrong, but don't really mention anything. Tsunami, however, notices immediately and threatens to kill him when Ryoujoku tells the grey wolf that he plans to cannibalize his children-to-be.

Laruku gradually becomes aware of Ryoujoku's presence as the lapses in his memory become more frequent and when he wakes up in bed next to Rurik Russo. Ryoujoku's sordid affairs devastate him more than his existence and Laruku begins to realize that he probably really isn't over Tsunami at all. Unfortunately, Laruku is unable to figure out how to better the situation, and as Ryoujoku continues to gain more influence, he distances himself from everyone, his pack, his friends, his family. In December, Phasma Kiles informs Laruku that Tsunami has been carried away by the sea.

Things continue in very much the same fashion for the first half of the next year. Ryoujoku sleeps around and finds a lover in Kaena Lykoi, who becomes pregnant and gives birth to three children fathered by Ryoujoku/Laruku on July 30th 2007: Andrezej Lykoi, Arkham Lykoi, and Rachias Tears de Ame. This further worsens Laruku's relationship with Gabriel de le Poer, with whom Ryoujoku had insulted and fought. In August, Ryoujoku, true to his word, manages to kill and cannibalize Nirupama Ire, one of Tsunami and Phasma's sons. Upon realizing what he'd done, Laruku attempts suicide a third time but is, shockingly, stopped by Phasma herself.

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1.6  The fire, the hermit

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2.  Personality

Blah blah

2.1  Ryoujoku

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Nirupama Tsunami

Laruku x Tsunami = OTP. D:

Laruku first met Nirupama Tsunami when the grey wolf and his sister Ophelia visited (or attempted to visit) Clouded Tears. Not knowing that the pair had been invited by Ceres, Laruku was rude to them and inadvertently pisses off Tsunami. The two get into a rather serious fight and only stop when Ophelia throws herself between them. The second time they meet, Tsunami encounters a very upset and particularly vulnerable Laruku who was just starting to believe what Ceres had told him about his parents. They end up talking and discover how shockingly similar they are to each other. Then they sleep together.

Their relationship develops slowly but steadily throughout the next several months even as drought and famine grips the valley. Laruku agrees to help Tsunami hunt for Ophelia, who soon gives birth to a litter of six. Through this, Laruku comes to fall in love with Tsunami's simple goodness, his selflessness, and his unwavering dedication to his family. Sadly, these first few months were probably the height of their entire relationship. As the famine wore on, Storm's alpha, Adreon, died of malnutrition. Tsunami and Laruku get into a petty fight about staying healthy which inadverdantly leads to Tsunami freaking out and accidentally mentioning something about Malachi. Laruku pries for answers, but this escalates to another fight and a period of no talking. Eventually, Laruku learns from Ophelia that Malachi was Tsunami's ex-lover, whom he ended up killing for raping her. Tsunami remained stricken by the murder, as well as the betrayal.

On the evening of the rain that ended the drought, Tsunami finds Laruku and apologizes. Laruku is ready to forgive him until Tsunami admits to having had a one-night stand with Segodi Mogotsi during their time apart. Laruku is furious and stalks off soon afterwards. The rain doesn't really end for almost a month; during that time, Laruku holes up alone in the city library and stews on what he'd been told, so it's no real surprise that the first thing he does afterwards is hunt down Segodi and try to beat him to death with a shovel. Tsunami stops him, not wanting him to become a murderer like himself, and they have another brief spat before parting ways again. Some weeks later, they meet again accidentally and, after several apologies from both, decide to give their relationship another chance.

However, things are rockier than before, especially as both are put under outside stresses. Laruku is promoted to beta male, and Tsunami leaves/is banished from Storm by Gibraltar after Moxie, one of Ophelia's children whom he'd adopted, set fire to a portion of the territory. Tsunami joins Clouded Tears at Laruku's invitation, but still continues to grow distant. It accumulates to Tsunami telling Laruku a simple lie in response to a simple question, which greatly upsets him. This leads to another period of no talking, awkwardness, and pretending that the other doesn't exist. Tsunami eventually gets a hold of himself though, and when Ceres dies, he is there to comfort Laruku, who tells him he loves him.

They are happy for a couple of months after that, then Tsunami vanishes from the territories without a word.

The abandonment strikes him deep, and Laruku spends five months growing more and more bitter and angry. He takes to binge drinking, which leads to random acts of violence, and disastrous pack relations with Inferni. It is the beginning of a huge downward spiral he never really recovers from. Tsunami does eventually return, but while Laruku does allows him back into the pack and listens to his reasons, he is too terrified of being betrayed again to renew their relationship and remains distant. The truth is that Laruku forgives Tsunami as soon as he hears the hows and whys, but it's also true that they'd both changed a lot in their time apart. For one, Laruku had killed a man. For another, unlike Tsunami, he hadn't had a very good reason for the murder.

By then, Clouded Tears and Inferni were at an all out war with casualties and fatalities on both sides. This infuriates Tsunami, who tries to find out the root cause of the conflict since Laruku doesn't tell him. Tsunami ends up critically injured by Karloff, prompting Laruku to freak out when he finds him and tends to his wounds. This leads to a very brief period of reconciliation wherein Tsunami tells Laruku he [still] loves him, but Laruku knows it won't last because not everything was out in the open yet. Laruku gets into a fight with Karloff knowing full well that Tsunami would not approve. Upon his return, they get into an argument and Laruku finally admits to having killed a man in Tsunami's absence. Tsunami is unable to really react and they don't speak for a month before formally agreeing to break up and stop trying.

For the most part, Laruku convinces himself that he's fine with this and that that closure was all he needed. At the same time though, he begins to develop a callous and malicious split personality. Meanwhile, Tsunami seeks comfort in his good friend Phasma Kiles, who happens to be in love with him, and impregnates her. Laruku finds out, but ends up telling Tsunami that he should just stay with Phasma and be happy since he obviously loves her (though not necessarily romantically). Tsunami gets angry at this. Later on, Tsunami meets the split personality, Ryoujoku, who happily declares his intentions to devour the other's soon-to-be-born children. Tsunami tells him he'd kill him if he does.

;____; Art by Jennadelle.

Not long after the litter is born, Tsunami is swept away by the sea along with one of his sons, Bane. During this second absence, Laruku continues to spiral downhill mentally and emotionally. Ryoujoku gains control more and more often and does end up murdering and cannibalizing Tsunami's other son, Ire. This act pretty much destroys Laruku, who tries to lobotomize himself with a shard of glass. (Ironically, it's Phasma who stops him, despite knowing that he's killed her son.)

Tsunami returns again briefly several months later and tries to make good on his promise to kill Laruku/Ryoujoku for the murder of his son. Ryoujoku fights, but Laruku had long ago begun wishing for death. In the end, however, Tsunami is unable to finish his ex-lover, and vanishes with the sunrise (and effectively, so does Ryoujoku). They never see each other again.

Laruku remained in love with Tsunami throughout the years, though guilt consumed him for most of those years and he didn't spend much time wishing for some kind of happy ending. It was a sad fairy tale kind of thing. Laruku loved Tsunami because he saw in the grey wolf everything he could never be. He loved him because he believed that he was as close to perfection as anyone could hope to be, because he was righteous and because he was selfless, even when he made mistakes. Laruku loved Tsunami even when he hated him.

3.3  Ahren de le Poer

Laruku met Ahren on an old stage. As they had both been literary inclined, they got along well and remained friends for a long time. They became the leaders of Clouded Tears and Chimera respectively, and even in the worst of times, they never really had a serious fight between them.

Years and lifetimes later, they sleep together one night while they're both drunk. This scares the shit out of Laruku because it is the first time since Tsunami that he's slept with anyone of his own will (Ryoujoku slept around, but there was a different between being Ryoujoku and being drunk). This is worsened by the fact that Laruku did not know how he felt towards Ahren (because in the back of his head, he is still in love with Tsunami~). But despite Ahren being against the idea also, they stay friends and continue to spend a lot of time together, especially after the fire drives them from their home. By then, Ahren is pretty much Laruku's only friend as almost all of his connections are cut off after the fire (though the fact is that he had begun isolating himself long before that). They sleep together several more times, but Laruku comes to force himself not to think much about the nature of their relationship. Indeed, he forces himself to not think about pretty much everything.

While he is delirious with canine distemper, he mistakes Ahren for Tsunami and tells him he loves him. The truth is probably that Laruku does love Ahren, but he is never in love with him. They are each other's only emotional support after the rest of the world falls away. Though their ideologies and philosophies were never quite in line, Laruku always respected Ahren's intellect and beliefs. He felt like they understood each other without really understanding. In the end, it is Ahren that kills Laruku because he knows that that was what he wanted. Ahren commits suicide immediately afterwards.

4.  Appearance

Reference sheet
March 2007 Reference sheet LARUKU IS AN UGLY HO. In fermentum diam et nisl. Aliquam erat volutpat. Sed laoreet, lorem sit amet volutpat egestas, quam lectus pulvinar urna, at ornare nulla elit vitae nunc. Sed scelerisque. Sed a turpis eu urna accumsan porta. Sed lacinia viverra odio. Vivamus gravida metus. Nulla pulvinar sapien nec libero. Fusce sit amet nisl sed tellus consectetuer euismod. Nunc et urna. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Donec ut nibh malesuada nulla auctor vulputate. Vestibulum porttitor. Fusce a lectus. Nulla vitae eros. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

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5.  Threads

6.  Soundtrack

(No) Happy Ending

  1. "New World" -- L'Arc~en~Ciel
  2. "Field of Innocence" -- Evanescence
  3. "Will the Future Blame Us?" -- Our Lady Peace
  4. "Raindrops are Falling on my Head" -- BJ Thomas
  5. "Us" -- She Wants Revenge
  6. "RED...[em]" -- Dir en grey
  7. "Ryoujoku no Ame" -- Dir en grey
  8. "Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck" -- Blood Brothers
  9. "Broken Promises for Broken Hearts" -- She Wants Revenge
  10. "Crash and Burn" -- Savage Garden
  11. "Unintended" -- Muse
  12. "Happy Ending" -- MIKA