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1.  Family Members in Eterne

2.  Sangre Real

2.1  Characters with Wiki Pages

3.  Sangre Principe

3.1  Metetzili Kimaris

Metetzili Kimaris, an even-born male, departed on his Ehecatl journey as all same-aged males of similar birth do in Eterne. However, Metetzili was never able to produce children through his journey or otherwise. Mete is the eldest Kimaris, older than his sister Dieriel by about half an hour. Mete formally took over after Mantus's death near the very end of 2009; he was relieved of his duties in 2012 by Tlantli.

3.2  Dieriel Kimaris

Dieriel was intended for extreme importance. Except oops, she was caught having sex with someone of slave status and considered sullied and publicly shamed afterward. She is soft-spoken and reserved, and generally does not speak out against either of her brothers, though she will act in surreptitious ways to foil their plans. It is said of her that she had sex with the slave who 'sullied' her to spoil her family's expectations.

In 2010, she became pregnant by one Oztotl Miztli of inconsequential birth, and had her child, Citlali Kimaris-Etalpalli, in secret, sending him north with her younger half-siblings to seek safety. In 2012, when Baphomet Kimaris was killed, Dieriel immediately revealed the existence of five children she carried in secret and hid amongst other Eternian families. The first litter of three was born to a coyote trader who subsequently disappeared; the second born to another lower-class lover.

3.3  Trader Triplets

These three canines were born to Dieriel Kimaris of a nameless trader. They were raised in the Miztli family prior to the revolution, and thought of themselves as Miztlis. By the time the Kimaris family revealed itself, Hadlai had moved to Barbados; Pahtli lived with Beraiah in Eterne still. All had distanced themselves from their former family, though for different reasons.

  • Hadlai Kimaris
    Sharp-eyed Hadlai has proven an asset to the Kimaris family -- moreso than his siblings, which are more tolerated than appreciated. The smartest of Dieriel's secret brood, Hadlai aids Tlantli and her children in everything they do. He suggested many of the changes to Eternian structure, and continues to be a driving force behind the family.
  • Pahtli Kimaris
    This former general healer now attends the rest of her family. Quiet, unobtrusive, and altogether rather bland, Pahtli was almost as unmoved and unchanged by the revolution as her brother Beraiah. She has maintained what seems like the most dry, sexless mateship in the universe with a coyote since late 2009.
  • Beraiah Miztli-Kimaris
    A childhood illness left him somewhat addle-brained yet intensely cheerful; nonetheless, he grew into an extremely large coyote, and occupies much of his time guarding his half-aunt Tlantli -- a task he excels at. Teto still refers to himself as an Miztli; one questions whether he understands what has happened in his homeland. He maintains close contact with his former family when not guarding Tlantli. Beraiah was made a eunuch after he raped a woman in 2010.

3.4  Ojeda Children

These children of Dieriel lived with the Ojeda family of Eterne prior to the revolution. The falsely religious family gave Iztalia and Tetocoyan a strong grasp on the Atotozli religion. During the revolution, they helped the Kimaris family immensely in rooting out potential allies within the seemingly religious canines of Eterne. Their father, Tetocoyan Ojeda, maintains a close relationship with Dieriel, and the children knew of their Kimaris heritage. Dieriel visited the children in secret, though the visits were extremely sporadic. Dieriel was always fearful of Baphomet's discovering the children.

  • Iztalia Kimaris
    Iztalia is all softness and smiles, but she is ruthlessly calculating and manipulative. Since her mother Dieriel claimed her, Iztalia has been careful to remain close to her mother -- and her brother, after he made a name for himself in the Ochpaniztl Calli. A slight coyote; few know her true nature.
  • Tetocoyan Kimaris
    Teto is similar to his sister in that he is ruthless -- but he wears this trait openly. Teto metes out justice for the Kimaris family -- while Tlantli judges some of the most severe crimes, Teto oversees the rest. He enforces the justice, too, where possible -- he seems altogether a bloodthirsty sort, and performs a lot of sacrifices in the name of supposed spirituality.

Other Kimaris Family

4.  Whereabouts Unknown

Dead Kimaris Family

5.  Characters with Wiki Pages

6.  Characters Without Wiki Pages

6.1  Mantus Kimaris

Mantus was the former head of the family. He primarily concerned himself with the Kimaris legacy, as his even-born brothers failed to return from their ehecatl journey. The bloodline of the Kimaris family was left to Mantus, an odd-born male.

Mantus was always a relatively devout follower of the Atotoztli religion, though he had no interest in priesthood. He was generally laid-back and fatherly, though he owned slaves and had no qualms about beating or even killing those who disobeyed. He encouraged his elder children in their individual pursuits, conniving to give each an opportunity to re-elevate the Kimaris family.

His first woman, Aosoth, was killed in childbirth with Astaroth's litter, though she bequeathed two even-born males to the Kimaris family upon her death. In early 2009, he finally decides to seek a new woman after recieving news of Astaroth Kimaris's death. Nahualli wasn't high-born, but she served Mantus's purpose, half-wolf or not.

Mantus watched his children born into the world healthy; shortly thereafter, he argued with Baphomet regarding the childrens' involvement with Atotoztli, and fell mysteriously ill, lingering in a semi-comatose state for a few months before passing on.

6.2  Baphomet Kimaris

Baphomet is a member of the Xochitl priest(ess) sect, part of the Atotoztli religion of Eterne. He has never reproduced. He is generally stoic and reserved, finding it easy to be merciless and impartial when serving as a judge for crimes. He is also withdrawn from his family, having been thoroughly inundated within the priesthood sect.

Baphomet saw his younger half-siblings as precious gifts to offer to Momoztli. He desired to religiously educate them, hoping to take as many as possible for the Atotoztli order. He saw Xochime as a slave-gift for the Mamexi and kidnaps her. He passes her off to a slaver; however, the slaver betrayed him and sent Xochime northward for a better price. This incident causes Metetztli to send his younger half-siblings north.

Killed by Tlantli Kimaris in late 2012.

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