The Sastre Family

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The Sastre family consists primarily of dogs, with a small coyote hybrid branch. The dog portion of the family lives on the island of Barbados, while the coyote portion of the family lives in Eterne and the Ciudad del Carmen.

The family is descended from mainland United States dogs. He liked to hunt, and kept a few different types of hunting dogs on his property. Following the apocalypse, many of them died. Those that survived interbred and produced a cross between the Redbone Coonhound and American Foxhound. A more recent addition to the family's bloodline, the Australian Cattle Dog, was not amongst the hunting dogs. Those on Barbados are descended from a pair who immigrated to the island in 1999; it is likely there are members of the Sastre family on the mainland somewhere.

1.  Members

1.1  First Generation

  • Daneal Sastre x Annise Sastre
    • Toriano Sastre
    • Janellys Sastre

1.2  Second Generation

  • Janellys Sastre x Evo Velena
    • Raeni Sastre
    • Kai Velena
  • Santi Leni x Toriano Sastre
    • Ercelina Sastre
    • Emelina Sastre
    • Eladio Sastre
  • Axaxitl in Oquic x Toriano Sastre

1.3  Third Generation

  • Yara Ojeda-Sastre x Evaristo Sastre
    • Domenech Sastre
    • Maudrith Sastre
  • Emelina Sastre x Akili Sastre
    • Snovia Sastre
    • Galiel Sastre
    • Aldanae Sastre

2.  Defining Features

  • The rather different temperaments in the hound breeds (solitary/pair hunters in the Redbone and pack hunters in the American Foxhound) has produced a family that works well together as a team, with individuals who are also (generally) very capable on their own, as well. Some canines tend one way or the other: Toriano, for example, was more standoffish and preferred his own company to that of many of his family or friends.
  • Inherited from both hound breeds -- an excellent sense of smell and pro-level baying.

2.1  Physical

  • Floppy-eared -- upright ears can be found, but only in the coyote branch and even then only in Evaristo's 75% coyote son Domenech (his 75% coyote sister has half-floppy ears). The long, droopy ears of the hound prevail; erect ears (such as in the Australian Cattle Dog) are not seen.
  • White splotches found often in coat; deafness tends to accompany those with a ton of splotches. However, white triblend coats are often seen; these are different from the splotchy coats and do not tend to accompany deafness. Also seen is an all-over, rich mahogany color, courtesy of the Redbone Coonhound.

2.2  Health

  • The recessive piebald alleles (they produce the white in the coat and skin) inherited from the Australian Cattle Dog are linked to congenital hereditary deafness. None of the Sastres are known to be completely deaf; however, Daneal, Eladio, and Ercelina are all deaf in one ear.
  • Also inherited from the Australian Cattle Dog is the possibility of progressive retinal atrophy (a condition that causes the rods and cones in the retina of the eye to deteriorate later in life, resulting in blindness). This has not shown up in the Barbadosian/Eternian Sastre family members, but it was known in their ancestry.
  • The American Foxhound breeding has given the Sastre family a propensity for being overweight if too indulgent with food. Janellys and Aldanae Sastre are both overweight.

3.  History

  • 2004: Daneal, descended of hounds from the mainland, comes to Barbados to settle. He meets an Australian Cattle Dog from overseas, Annise.
  • 2007: Toriano arrives in Eterne. He makes a baby and then gets snakebit and dies.
  • 2009: Adventurous Evaristo Sastre (son of Toriano), procures a boat and begins making semi-monthly trips to Barbados to trade Eternian goods for Barbados trinkets, slaves, and other exotic wares.
  • 2010: Ercelina, Eladio, Galiel, and Aldanae begin making the overland part of the journey for Evaristo, facilitating trade.
  • 2013: Snovia and Aldanae permanently move to Ciudad del Carmen.

4.  Family Members

4.1  Evaristo

Evaristo was born in Eterne. Though he did not know his father, his mother did tell him who Toriano was and where his family was from. He grew up with a strong desire to visit Barbados and did so at the first opportunity, delighted to meet canines who shared his surname. A sharp businessman and shrewd person in general, Evaristo was happy to facilitate trade between his homeland and ancestral homeland.

  • Evaristo is seen in Eterne only in the latter half of the year, during fall and winter, when he allows another captain to navigate the seaward route of his trade.
  • Evaristo is seen in Barbados only to trade or visit with family.

4.2  Snovia and Aldanae

This sibling pair moved to Ciudad del Carmen in 2013. Though they were not particularly pleased to go, the brother and sister went to

4.3  Janellys

Janellys is the eldest member of the Sastre family. Though she does not occupy a position of explicit leadership within the Sastre family, she is iron-willed and hard-tongued and exerts a lot of influence on things. Raeni and Kai Sastre are daughters of Janellys who assist with the Sastre trading on the the island of Barbados.

5.  See Also

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