Plague D'Angelo

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by Marcy

Plague D'Angelo is a Tradesman of Salsola and the result of an incestuous, political mateship between Anguish and Prophet D'Angelo.

Born the disfigured runt in a litter of six, she struggled against cruelty from the moment she drew her first breath. Her father, disgusted by her polymelia, made an attempt on her life soon after her birth. Fortunately, her grandmother, Misery, saved her life that night and cut from Plague her deformity.

As she aged, Plague was alone more often than not, forced to live in the shadows of her more prominent siblings. She found comfort as a priestess of Tak, becoming so fervid in her faith that she was generally regarded with odd looks and rumors of declining sanity. This was only exacerbated by the long-term abuse she suffered at the hands of her uncle Wrath.

In the later months of 2015, She was sent away to follow her sister, Bane, to Nova Scotia. There, she joined the ranks of the Thistle Kingdom and became enveloped in its polytheistic Coven as her sister quickly climbed the hierarchy.

And though this change should have ushered in a new era of peace in her heart, cruelty followed her. She was attacked later that December by her younger sister Haunt, and secluded herself in her home for two months as a deep-seated paranoia rose to the surface of her fragile mind. Her lingering psychosis eventually worsened and she left for the Outpost soon after, where she began a slow recovery.

In 2017, Plague gave birth to her first litter following a courtship with Quicksilver Lykoi. They raised their children—Absolution D'Angelo, Solace D'Angelo, and Jubilee D'Angelo—at the outpost until the three of them decided to strike out on their own. Plague currently lives in Portland with her mate.







  • Date of Birth: 1 Oct 2012
  • Human Age: ~50
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: The Tradesman
  • Name Meaning:
    • Pestilence
    • Of the angels
  • Origin: English, Italian
  • Epithet: The Wraith

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


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Lineart by artisticjackal
Fashion reference: i, ii, iii, iv



Alto (#DBDBDB)
Nobel (#B8B8B8)
Baltic Sea (#25232B)
Driftwood (#B68A60)


Amulet (#74A77A)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Gun Powder(#363642)


1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Speech: Deadpan, sarcastic, bitter. British accent.
    • Languages: Fluent in English and German, conversational in French.
  • Scent: Lemon balm, spearmint, rosemary, pinewood, petrichor. Outside of Salsola he primarily disguises himself with lavender, woodsmoke, and various wildflowers.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Curling his hair around a finger idly, playing with his jewelry, staring off at nothing and growing silent in the middle of conversations.
  • Posture, Body Language: Precise, rigid but not unnatural, defensive, has a problem with slouching and hunching his shoulders.


  • Accessories:
    • A Dragon's Breath Fire Opal ring, one of his most cherished possessions. It was a gift from his parents upon his first shift.
    • An old antique pocket watch that no longer works. The glass inside is broken, but he is fond of the engravings on its casing. He keeps it on a chain and tucked inside his clothes.

Notable Effects

2.  Personality

No Social SkillsEmotionless GirlThe CynicExtreme DoormatStoic Woobie

  • Quiet, mature, insightful, observant
  • Pessimistic, jaded, defeatist, secretive
  • Family-oreinted, loyal, nuturing, motherly
  • Clever, adaptable, quick to learn
  • Outlook: Pessimistic, Realist
  • Sociability: Reclusive, Unpleasant
  • Expression: Submissive, Brooding
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil / True Neutral

2.1  Details


  • Likes: The macabre, taxidermy, red wine, antiques, poetry, books
  • Dislikes: The occult, religion, thieves, abusers, men, horses


  • Promoting Salsola and furthering it's success
  • Bringing pride to his family's name and rank
  • Acquiring knowledge and a variety of skills


  • Drowning, Premature Burial, Immolation
  • Failure, Humiliation, Ostracism
  • Familial loss


  • Packs: Believes in Salsola's superiority over any other pack
  • Species: Not biased towards any particular species.
  • Gender: Females are superior to males, but untrustworthy.
  • Non-Luperci: Uncouth beasts, looks down upon them.
  • Sexuality: Discouraging of relationships between men.
  • Religion: An explicit atheist, sees the religious as less intelligent.


  • Heterosexual (presumably)
  • Absolution has a strong preference for feminine and/or powerful women
  • Possesses inclinations towards same-sex attraction, but will deny this.
  • Desires long-term companionship, though he is prone to becoming obsessed.
  • Sexually repressed, a prude of sorts, but he does have a libido.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: D'Angelo

  • Extended: D'Angelo - Plague is loosely related to almost every major family in 'souls due to being a D'Angelo

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Bane D'Angelo is Plague's sister and former sponsor. She resents her for her privileged upbringing but this is juxtaposed by her need to protect the waif. Out of all of her siblings, Plague dislikes her the least.
  • Quicksilver Lykoi is the daughter of Salsola's Crone and Plague's closest friend in the kingdom. She questions why the silver woman would want her in her life.
  • Elphaba Revlis is the young daughter of Lokr Revlis and Osrath Eternity. Plague has taught her many things about Khalifism and the girl has taken to calling herself the priestess' apprentice.

Positive Relations

Neutral / Negative

  • Misery D'Angelo saved her from Anguish and severed her vestigial extra limb. Plague cares deeply for the old woman and is greatly shaken by the news of her death. She hasn't really overcome her grief.
  • Prophet D'Angelo is her mother. She is the only person who has ever openly showed concern or care for her, so Plague favors her greatly though she sees herself as undeserving of Prophet's treatment.
  • Salvia Eternity is Plague's Queen. She is in silent awe of her and her power.
  • Lokr Revlis is the Lord Commander of Salsola. Plague is wary of him, as she is with any man. This distrust is only exacerbated by his contempt for the coven.
  • Anguish D'Angelo is her father. He attempted to murder her soon after birth. She hates him.
  • Haunt D'Angelo is her younger sister. She has an intense fear of the beastly woman after many attempts on her life. She despises Haunt as much as she despises her late uncle, Wrath.

Minor Relations

4.  History

2015 Threads


  1. [M] From dust and ashes I have called you
    Plague performs a sacrifice in Sticks and Stones and is interrupted by Pisces D'Angelo.
  2. [M] A pretty picture but the scenery is so loud
    A fox steals from Plague's supplies in Sticks and Stones and Quicksilver Lykoi witnesses' its death by poison.
  3. You’re the first and last of your kind
    Plague is found in Black River Reserve by her sister, Bane D'Angelo.
  4. Fate hath its way when all that's learned is sin
    Plague, accompanied by Bane, is received by Salvia Eternity and joins Salsola.


  1. Through the silence of fireflies
    Plague meets Osrath Eternity.
  2. I don't want the world to see me.
    Plague is stumbled upon by a wandering Weaver Valentine in Millstone Village.
  3. Tie your napkin 'round your neck, chéri
    Heine Kaiser seeks out Plague in Millstone Village for lessons on cooking.
  4. I will cover my eyes
    Plague visits her sister, Bane D'Angelo.


  1. [M] Strike the tethered liar dead
    Plague and her brother, Fire D'Angelo, are reunited and preform a sacrifice.
  2. Vemod
    Quicksilver Lykoi finds Plague in Millstone Village with a gift.
  3. The fire's found a home in me
    Plague comes face to face with her past and is "hunted" by her sister, Haunt D'Angelo.

2016 Threads


  1. No one's here to sleep
    Quicksilver Lykoi visits Plague after her two-month absence.
  2. A young ghost with half a life
    Plague meets her younger brother, Eventide D'Angelo.
  3. No surrender, no retreat
    Plague is visited by a concerned Bane .
  4. Silver in our lungs
    Plague seeks out her sister and instead meets Bane's mate, Basilaris Eternity. She ensures her sibling's safety.


  1. Watch the fires rise, burn through my skin
    When the red star falls, Plague is found by Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi.
  2. Don't you remember me?
    Things go awry when Plague completes a trade with Weaver Valentine.
  3. Dream away these evil days
    Plague discusses her beliefs with Loki Helsi in the wake of the red star.


  1. Dreamers; they never learn
    In the month following the red star, Plague meets Elphaba Revlis. She tells her the stories of her homeland.

2017 Threads


  1. Rain, Rain, Go away
    A steady rain begins to pour down upon the kingdom. Sorcha D'Angelo is shown around the kingdom by Plague. She introduces the swordswoman to Weaver Valentine.
  2. [m] Malleable beings
    Plague bears with the worst of the spring sickness and seeks help from Quicksilver Lykoi, who she has not seen for months following her leave of absence.
  3. No more of this sin
    In the depths of the Blackwoods, Elphaba and Plague perform a blood ritual in hopes of cleansing what remains of the blight ravaging the Thistle Kingdom.
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