Neraka Tarasova

Neraka Tarasova was born in Sonnerie as the son of Kharma Asylum and Aleksei Tarasova, making him a member of the Lykoi and Tears families. He is the brother of Avaiki, Avernus, and Gehenna, and is half-brother to Cassandra, Myrika, and Domovoi. Neraka's status and whereabouts are unknown since his violent falling-out with Domovoi.[1]

Neraka Tarasova

by Alaine



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12 October 2012










Sonnerie, Ontario, CA


Dog-dominant hybrid

56.25% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)
25% Canis latrans (Coyote)
12.5% Canis lupus (Wolf)
6.25% Canis rufus (Red Wolf)


56.25% Dog: Borzoi x Saluki x Other?
25% Northeastern Coyote
12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
6.25% Red wolf




Mate None
Pack None
Rank None


Sonnerie (12 October 2012 - Present)



  • Optime Hair: Zeus (#151210)
  • Eyes: Gold Tips (#e8c11c).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily #Cocoa Brown (#2b201c), with darker parts areas of #Zeus (#151210) and accents of #Cork (#3e271e).
    • Belly, haunches and muzzle are #Toast (#967563), fading in places to #Pine Cone (#66524a).
    • His cheek and leg hue is #Sambuca (#35150e) and his paws are #Zeus (#151210).
    • The stripes across his shoulder blades and upper spine are #Cape Cod (#525353).
    • Light #Swiss Coffee (#dfdbd8) accents the tears beneath his eyes, the arrow on his chest and his left hind paw.

Art by Kiri

Lupus/Color Reference Optime Reference

(See Concept art by Kiri for colors.) When in movement, Neraka tends to have a slightly bizarre 'rolling lope', which is an odd combination of the effortless stride of a coyote and the more fluid, powerful gait of a borzoi. In Optime form this equates to a large and purposeful stride. It is also notable that Neraka tends to be a little self-conscious of his physical appearance, preferring to be well-groomed. Although not vain, he is aware that his mixed blood makes him appear a little 'odd', and he does not like anyone making fun of his tubby belly or his fluffy-tip ears okay guys :c

Build and Species

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xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

xx lbs (xx kg)
xxft xxin (xx in) (xx cm)

Neraka's odd heritage results in a strange blend of anatomy. He is long-legged, like his borzoi predecessors, but also holds much of Kharma's smaller, bulkier coyote build. He is slightly less lithe and willowy than his siblings, with a straighter coyote spine and barrel. However, his body is still long and sinuous, obviously marking him as a mixed breed. He has soft fur that is short and dense on his chest and bumfluff but longer and silkier along his forelegs and underside. His neck, although longer and thinner than a coyotes, is not quite the same elegant swan-like look as a borzoi. His ears are tall and stand mostly erect, flopping only slightly at the tips where there are long, silky, lynx-like tassels. In addition to his fluffiness, Neraka is a bit heavier than his direct siblings, giving him a slightly chubby appearance.

In this form, his coyote blood becomes much more prominent, and rather than becoming excessively lanky like the leaner builds tend to do, Neraka bulks up quite a bit. The silky hair on his elegant neck becomes much heavier and longer, falling almost like a lion's mane. His chest and barrel become wider and deeper, giving him much greater force but lessening his sight-hound speed. Neraka rarely uses this form, finding it bulky and cumbersome.

His coyote blood means that Neraka is not even close to being as tall as his brother, Domovoi. However, he is notably taller than a purebred coyote, standing tall with his long legs and torso. Nor is he as lanky in this form as a purebred Borzoi, with the coyote blood thickening his shoulders and giving him slightly more muscular bulk. As with lupus form, a direct comparison to his willowy siblings gives the appearance of slight chubbiness to his form - Most of which is due to his dense pelt, but some of which is due to his heavier build. He wears his hair long and tied back with a leather strip of a headscarf.



  • Piercings: None
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars:
    • None currently!



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  • Clothes list goes here!


by Alaine

Neraka maintains a position as a 'moral compass' to most he meets - He is honest, and will voice his opinions clearly if they are asked for, or if he feels it necessary. Having idolized his older half-brother Domovoi since birth, the young Tarasova male has adopted many of Dom's more protective and selfless traits. He adores his siblings, and is particularly generous and kind around his sisters, who he believes to be innocent and pure and in need of protection. This is also attributed to most females he meets, as Neraka is slightly close-minded and sexist in the manner of generalizing and stereotyping women to be gentle and goodhearted. He always tries to act in an honorable manner, and does not tend to self-reflect often; as such, a lot of his actions are done purely for others with no thought as to how they effect himself or his standing.

Most of these traits are linked to Neraka's gullibility and his easily manipulated temperament. With the right argument, anyone can convince him of evildoing or kindness. Although he is deeply thoughtful and not one to spring into action before thinking a plan through, he generally believes in the goodness of strangers and will often take what they say as truth without further proof. In this sense, he is somewhat naive and idealistic.

However, more recent events in his family have resulted in Neraka becoming more wary and closed. He is often indecisive, and does not react well to pressure. Although not cowardly, Neraka is certainly a pacifist and becomes nervous at any sign of physical or mental violence. He is easily worked up over the idea of harm coming to any member of his family, and once in an emotional state, can be uncharacteristically rash and senseless.


  • Honorable - Description!
  • Sweet - Description!
  • Selfless - Description!
  • Anxious - Description!
  • Wary - Description!



  • Likes: Blah blah
  • Dislikes: Blah blah


General statement

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted, submissive
  • Alignment: Lawful Good


  • Fear: Explanation
  • Fear: Explanation
  • Fear: Explanation


  • Motivation: Explanation
  • Motivation: Explanation
  • Motivation: Explanation


  • Packs:None currently
  • Species: None currently
  • Non-Luperci: None currently
  • Gender: None currently
  • Color: None currently
  • Sexuality: None currently
  • Age: None currently


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  • Strength (Level): Description


  • Weakness: - Description
  • Weakness: - Description
  • Weakness: - Description


  • Speech: BLAH BLAH
  • Scent: BLAH BLAH


Key Relations

Family: Lykoi, Asylum, Tarasova

Other Relations


Family Relations

Minor Relations

  • Friendly: None atm.
  • Unfriendly: None atm.
  • Sex: Virgin.
  • Fights: (won) None atm.
  • Fights: (lost) None atm.
  • Murders: None arm.

Former Relations


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Neraka was born 12 October 2012 in a pack of gypsy sighthound dogs called Sonnerie in Ontario, Canada. He and his littermates were raised by his mother Aleksei, and his older half-brother Dom, since his father was traveling abroad and did not know about the pregnancy. It is January when Kharma Asylum returns to the gypsies and finds that Aleksei bore his children, and Neraka meets his father for the first time. He and his siblings know nothing about their father, but his reappearance causes immediate friction in their family dynamic - Kharma and Dom are like oil and water.

Dom never liked the coyote and is protective of his mother and siblings, so he vehemently tries to drive Kharma off for good. Aleksei interrupts the fight to tend to Kharma's wounds, and Dom smolders with rage. As soon as they are alone, he assaults Kharma again, and just like last time Aleksei overhears them and tries to intervene. This time, however, Dom shoves his mother aside and accidentally throws her against a fallen table, fatally snapping her neck. Dom and Kharma are both enraged and attempt to fight to the death, Dom sustaining a grave knife wound near his heart and Kharma losing an eye to a garden hoe. Gehenna tries to break up the fight and receives a scarring injury on his face. Finally the rest of the pack manages to tear the combatants apart and keep them separated.

In the wake of Aleksei's death, the combatants slowly recover from their wounds, and Neraka and his siblings are forced to take sides. Gehenna and Avaiki are interested in the other half of their heritage, and blame their half-brother for the death of their mother, so they decide to follow Kharma when he departs. Avernus feels honorbound to remain with the brother who raised her because she knows she reminds him of their mother, and that her leaving would destroy him. That left Neraka with a difficult decision, and ultimately he chooses to stay with what is familiar, even if he harbors a quiet resentment of Domovoi's overbearing authority and the schism it created in his family. Once he is ready to travel, Dom is hellbent on hunting down Kharma and retrieving the two wayward siblings that followed him, which left Neraka with little choice but to tag along on their journey to Nova Scotia.





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