Tituba Diaspora

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Born a long way across the sea in the arid world of her homeland, this woman has traveled far - very far - to escape the watchful eyes of her demons.

Though by no means an elder, nomadic Tituba has lived a longer life than she had once expected to. In the time before this present one she has taken many false names, and worn many false faces to avoid those who might have hunted her for her great crime - The one she wears now is the one she has had almost since the beginning, and seems the most truthful of all.

Finally her weary travels have brought her to a secret Emerald Isle hidden far from the wanton gaze of the world, where she has found a solemn peoples that look and act in part like her desert ancestors (but are not, for in her shame she can never return there), and though they worship gods of a different calling it is a worship nonetheless; And devotion is something Tituba understands very well. Here, the lost Bedouin thinks that she and her quiet son might at last find peace - And he, a chance to grow deep roots, the kind that make an individual stand strong against the harsh winds of fate.

In the early Winter of 2016, Cernunnos Winters of the Macha Tribe met the dark lady Tituba Diaspora. The exotic foreign woman - originally a traveler supposedly from the West Indies, though actually from a far land called Bedaya - had wandered far via merchant vessel across the known and civilized world and decided at last to settle and join the Badb Tribe some months prior to their meeting. After a surprisingly passionate fling (which turned into a casual and continued affair), Tituba became pregnant, and bore two daughters to Cern: Zenobia Diaspora? and Beira Diaspora?. She adamantly refuses to join him as his wife in the Macha tribe in spite of his continued insistence, and instead lives fiercely independent with their daughters and her son Sin Diaspora (from a previous dalliance) in Badb territory.

Due to the still-fragile peacetimes between the Tribes of Macha, Cern is able to visit his daughters and their strange mother, but not as regularly as he would like.





Player Info

  • Date of Birth: 14 Oct 2012
  • Human Age: Adult
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Dog Hybrid
    • Dog (Dog: Saluki)
    • Not Purebred; Likely other assorted breeds mixed in
  • Family: Unknown
  • Birthplace: Bedaya
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: First Witch of Salem
    • Last Name: Driven from the Homeland
  • Nicknames: None


  • High percentage Arabian mare.
  • Glossy black (groomed to a shine) with white star and three white socks.
  • Head-strong and vocal, likes to squeal like a drama queen!
  • Tituba likes to dress her up in finery traded for with potions.
Though she dresses plainly herself, Tituba is clearly vain when it comes to her horse.
  • Player: None - Offboard Character
  • Creator: Alaine

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions


Characters from AG may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Since joining the Badb tribe, Tituba has deeply immersed herself in its culture; She is a fount of knowledge on local lore, and will readily discuss any religious ideology.
  • Tituba often disappears into the woodlands with her two young daughters in tow for long periods at a time. Sometimes her son accompanies them - Sometimes he does not.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

  • General


1.2  Picture

1.3  Coloration and Palette

  • Nose and Paw Pads: COLOR
  • Claws: COLOR
General Colors
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Eye Color
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)

1.4  Forms

Image Here
102 lbs (46 kg)
34 in (86 cm)



Image Here
220 lbs (100 kg)
42 in (107 cm)



Image Here
240 lbs (109 kg)
6 ft, 7 in (200 cm)

OPTIME (Preferred)


2.  Personality

"Trope", "Trope", "Trope", "Trope"

It is easy to see Tituba as a stern woman - She often refrains from speaking, and rarely indulges in any sort of polite sensibilities that one would expect from a lone woman caring for her children. She is fiercely independent, but seems rather capable of being so; And will often disappear with her children for days, weeks at a time, only to return without speaking of where they had gone and certainly looking no worse for wear.

She will not suffer fools gladly, but when given an engaging topic - religion or spirituality (of any sort) being a particular favorite - will speak at great and eloquent lengths on the subject, as much with her hands and animated movements as with her accented tongue. The woman collects idols and deities by the dozen, though seems very select and private in discussing which one/s she holds most dear.

A healer by craft, Tituba is a practiced apothecary, primarily through simple potions in the nature of healing, divination or the like. She has been known to throw an extravagant curse should the situation warrant it.

When asked about her past, or indeed any aspect of her life prior to her arrival at Airgid Gleann, the woman will make no pretense of discussion and instead fix the ask-ee with such a baleful look that they are like as not to flee.

2.1  History


2.2  Interaction

  • Speech: Multilingual (Primary: Arabic - also Common-tongue, Gaelic, Spanish) - Tituba speaks quickly and directly, when she speaks at all. Her voice is surprisingly deep, and husky to the ear.
  • Scent: Lichen and spice, nettle and smoke

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

His gentle kindness is strange and unwarranted in a man of such size and build. It attracts the woman, for she has known harsh hands on her body before. He is a pleasing distraction from the memories that haunt her.
Some family is not of the blood, but still the blood remains. We choose who it is we follow, and in the end this may prove to be our downfall; The woman misses that which she lost, long ago.
It shames her to think of how she might have shed him, unborn, had the old herbs been handy. Now he is her beating heart, and she dreads the task she must set for his life; But all things must find balance. He must return.
There is no honor in such a murder, only vile abhorrence; But she wanted only vengeance, and for the spirit of her brother to sleep the long sleep at last (may they have mercy on her for her crimes; May she one day join him in the great sands of the Immortal Dunes, where their people wait and have always waited).

3.2  Family