Solomon Belgrave


Solomon Belgrave, a Gray Wolf

Also known as: Solomon the Salamander

A Slave-Trader and general people smuggler, Solomon is a heartless character driven purely by motives of greed. Although not necessarily marked as being overly cruel, his merciless nature is renown - Those who get in his way often go missing. Captain of The Salamander, the boat that earned him his alias, Solomon appears frequently at the bustling ports of Freetown to market his wares. On arrival he peddles a different kind of goods to many of the other vessels - Luperci - though he often carries other items, such as rum, sugar-cane or cocoa to supplement his trades.

Solomon most often speaks the common tongue, though he is fluent in numerous languages (notably Spanish, Italian and French). As a man of average intelligence, this is of no importance to Solomon, who feels the languages are necessary for better trade in each port he docks at. However, when Solomon flies into a rage - as he frequently does when something goes awry - he will slip back into the native Bajan Creole that he spoke as a child.

Solomon and The Salamander were created by Alaine. Anyone is welcome to reference seeing, trading with, or even simply talking to Solomon. As long as he is presented in a way that adheres to the information in this Wiki document, this character is viable to be used by any player in any reasonable way. However, extreme use of this character - resulting in his death/injury/permanent changes to his character - is not permitted.

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"The Salamander"

Solomon was born and raised on the docks of Barbados. As a small child, he suffered incredibly poor treatment at the hands of his own father, who was a merchant-ship sailor and an alcoholic. Surrounded by the general masochistic nature of the dockworkers and the scathing rapport of the worldly traders who frequently passed through, Solomon was swiftly crafted into a cunning and opportunistic young man. With his heredity as a Gray Wolf lending him immense size as he grew, Solomon quickly became a bully, using his strength and calculating nature to push others around.

He was given command of his first vessel at an extremely young age, and earned enough wealth doing profitable rum-trades that he was soon able to purchase his own ship, "The Salamander".

Solomon was first enticed into doing slave routes by an old friend, with the promise of immense wealth to be had. After feeling the rush of power that comes from commanding slaves and selling other Luperci as though they were simple items, there was no going back for Solomon - He is now one of the most feared and hated merchant traders of the Europe to North America trade route.

He and Sirius Revlis had secretive, long-standing connections, and were good business acquaintances. It is said that Sirius often traveled with the man on his route to Europe, and this is why he became so accepting of the ideals behind slavery - In the end, bringing them with him when founding Salsola.

A connection still exists between Solomon and Salsola today, with the leaders of that group having procured slaves from the merchant on many occasions.


Joy, wife of Solomon

Current Family

Solomon took as his wife a timid New Guinean woman named Joy. Joy came from a large family of Singing Dogs, and was only one of many daughters - Her family were glad to be rid of her for a meager sum, regardless of the hard nature of her infamous husband.

Happily enough, Joy is very content in keeping a neat home in Barbados for her husband. He treats her surprisingly well, often bringing her luxurious gifts from the many ports he visits, and showing her off as though she were one of his most precious acquisitions. When Joy gave birth to three daughters, Solomon was less pleased - He intended to have a son, to take with him on the ship and to teach the "family business".

However, Solomon's daughters were discontent to be viewed as simply as their docile mother, and have quite the infamous tempers themselves.

The daughters are as follows:

Anja Belgrave (the fierce): Eldest daughter Anja (pronounced Ahn-Yah) is determined to be the son her father never had. With a stomach of steel and a stern look upon her face, grey Anja resembles her merciless father the most.

June Belgrave (the meek): With a voice like a siren, beautiful June (pronounced Joo-n) is the spitting image of what a respectable daughter should be. She darns, she cooks, she dresses in fine silks; But acting like a true lady has its downsides. Timid, sweet June is afraid of the life outside of what she knows, and is prone to melancholy.

Sari Belgrave (the restless): Solomon's youngest daughter, Sari (pronounced Sahr-ee) is discontent with her life as the kept daughter of an infamous smuggler. She seeks freedom from the restrictions placed upon her and her sisters by their heavy-handed father, and will stop at nothing to see the world beyond the walls of Solomon's rule.


  • The Belgraves are a known family surname to most trading ports along the popular trading route that includes large swathes of the Mediterranean, American, Barbadian and African coastlines. In spite of the daughters' current lack of fiscal goods, their name often buys them courtesies not often awarded to others - particularly in some less noble circles.
  • Notably, the Belgraves are familiar with Onuba

Solomon had frequent dealings with some Onubans when he was a rum, cinnamon and spice merchant, prior to taking up slavery on his own vessel. He traded with a number of Onuban merchants, particularly those of the Arena family, who were famous for their wares of exotic pelts and furs.

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