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Anja Belgrave is the eldest daughter of three, born to infamous slave merchant and smuggler Solomon the Salamander. She was raised by her timid, foreign mother Joy, along with her two sisters Sari and June Belgrave.

Anja was the crowning disappointment of her father from birth. He had wanted his firstborn to be a son; Strong, masculine, able to carry on the family name and occupation. Though Joy showered her daughter will affection, this alone was not enough to deter young Anja from noticing her father's lack of warmth and approval, and craving it desperately.

Following the birth of her two sisters, this being a further failure to produce a son for the Belgrave line, Anja determined to take the role unto herself. Having inherited her father's fierce tenacity, she quickly began to adopt more of his other, less favorable traits - Becoming short-tempered and demanding, often acting aggressively or dismissively to her demure mother and younger siblings. All the while Anja inwardly desired that her merciless father might see her strength and courage, regardless of her gender; Might accept her as a suitable heir. Might love her like a son.

Depraved of this, Anja's temper grew out of control. She became cold and distant from her family, and began pushing herself further and further from home, in spite of her mother's protests and Solomon's general disapproval. Even though still very young, she has quickly gained a reputation as a hot-head and a ruthless merchant in her own right, selling tobacco and rum along the coastal trade-routes and earning a small fortune in her own right.

When the startling word came that her two sisters, June and Sari, had disappeared from the family residence in Barbados, Anja felt both the betrayal and the challenge deeply. Hoping to impress her wrathful father, Anja has decided to hunt her two sisters down, and drag them both back home. She is currently searching for them in Freetown, though word has it they left some time ago with a dark stranger, headed along the coast toward Nova Scotia.






Player Info

  • Family: Belgrave
  • Birthplace: Barbados
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: The inexhaustible
    • Last Name: Lovely Grove
  • Nicknames: None
  • Pronunciation: AHNya bell-GRAY-ve
  • Epithet: Kelpie

Iki & Sly

  • Iki and Sly are Great Black-Backed Seagull brothers
  • They are both extremely competitive, and sometimes aggressive
  • Are unafraid of anything, will take on beasts many times their own size
  • Not the brightest birds, but speak some high-speech jargon (enough to taunt!)

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: None
  • Residence: None
  • Rank:
The Associate

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • General



Coloration and Palette

  • Nose and Paw Pads: COLOR
  • Claws: COLOR
General Colors
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Eye Color
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)
Isabelline (#f4f0e9)


Image Here
102 lbs (46 kg)
34 in (86 cm)



Image Here
220 lbs (100 kg)
42 in (107 cm)



Image Here
240 lbs (109 kg)
6 ft, 7 in (200 cm)

Optime (Preferred)


2.  Personality

"Well Done, Son!", Ambiguously Evil, Don't You Dare Pity Me!, Hot-Blooded


3.  Interaction

  • Speech: Well-educated, brisk, and often irritated. Anja has no true accent, as she grew up in an ocean port that saw many foreigners passing through. Because of this, she is multi-lingual, and can easily speak French, Spanish, and the Islander Bajan-Creole of Barbados.
  • Scent: Seasalt and lemongrass.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

  • Sari Belgrave Anja is disliked by Sari for her overbearing nature, and this is in some way mutual - Anja dislikes Sari's rebelliousness, while simultaneously feels an immense amount of responsibility to ensure her youngest sister's safety. Though their arguments often lead to Anja being the bad guy, she would be beyond furious if anything were to hurt her little sister.
  • June Belgrave Anja pities June for her similarity to their timid mother. She thinks of June as weak and generally inefficient, like most feminine pastimes June indulges in. Even so, Anja secretly has a respect for June's domesticity, and often wonders if life would be easier if she, too, acted as the submissive daughter.

4.2  Family: Belgrave

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