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      • ...talks to me before having her leave.
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  • Related background, culture, homeland, or pack pages: Acidic, D'Angelo, Mistfell Vale
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by Despi

Zansa is the second-born daughter of Baelish D'Angelo and Zuri Acidic-Trombetta, and is sister to her litter-mate Zelda D'Acidic. The siblings were born together in Mistfell Vale, where they received every bit of love and attention they could wanted from their parents. While their father was much more relaxed, her mother was the one that kept things in order, and true to the nature of where her mother came from, made sure her daughters kept to a certain standard with their appearances, at least in terms of keeping up with pelt and hair maintenance. Their childhoods and into adulthood was relatively normal.

That was until their father had come back from one of his business trips. At first, nothing really seemed to be wrong aside from him slightly avoiding her mother. From there, it had grown to the point where her parents were yelling at one another, shaking both the girls. Zansa kept closer to her mother, her father cutting himself off from the rest of his family. Zansa doesn't know much about what happened between them, but there was now a new addition to their family, her half-sister Callisto. Confused at first, but she came to love the newcomer to her life.

She soon moved out of her parent's home, finding her own place and continues to forge her own path in the Vale, while keeping in touch with the other members of her family.

What Zansa has been up to while living in Mistfell Vale, her interests, and specific talents will be left open for her adopter to expand upon.






  • Date of Birth: Mar 31, 2019
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Wynterwind (Her Own Home)
  • Species: WolfDog
  • Subspecies:
    • 49.22% Wolf (Various Subspecies)
    • 38.28% Dog (Pharaoh Hound/Australian Shepherd)
    • 12.5% Coyote (Northeastern Coyote)
Zansa — Praise, Charm (A play off the name Sansa)
D'Acidic — Surname Combination (D'Angelo and Acidic)
    D'Angelo — Of the Angels (Italian)
    Acidic — Poison (Latin)
  • Pronunciation: zahn-suh
  • cNPC: --
  • yNPC: --


O O C • A S S U M P T I O N S

P L O T • O P P O R T U N I T I E S

Snap (Mar 2019)

Mistfell Vale members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Zansa...
    • ...around the Vale, either with her family or her home in Wynterwind.
  • Zansa is up for Adoption!
  • Zansa is an adult now in her home pack of Mistfell Vale. She's open to pick which house she belongs to and follow her own path.
  • Freeform opportunities to what Zansa has been doing in Mistfell Vale since moving out of her parents' home.



Zansa's build is fairly average, if leaning more on the lean side when it comes to her upper body. She doesn't have much in terms of muscle, her body shaping more of a figure with her womanly structure. Her height is average, though compared to the rest of those in her immediate family, she is on the shorter side, but not by much. She spends most of her time in her optime form, but will shift to lupus or secui as she sees fit for hunting or other survival needs. Zansa takes looks more after her father, having a combination of grays and blacks mixed with some very light tans and white. Her optime hair is very long, and shows off the same colors that are along her pelt. Though long, thanks to habits enforced by her mother, she makes sure it stays neat and untangled. One of her ears is flopped over, a trait carried over from her mother that shows both her wolf and dog roots.

How Zansa holds herself, physical features, and other aspects of her appearance will be left open for her adopter to expand upon.

  • Nose and Paw Pads: Dune (#302826)
  • Claws: Dark Gray
  • Optime Hair: Tower Gray faded to Mirage
  • Scars: None

Clothing & Other

Zansa owns a blue bandana with a 'Z' embroidered into it in white thread. This was a gift to her from Sedona Whitesage when she was a pup. She'll still sometimes wear this around Mistfell Vale, as she was very found of it when she was younger.

What other clothing, accessories, or other information added about Zansa's appearance is open for the adopter to expand upon.

Color Codes

Mirage (#182128)
Tower Gray (#b1bcbe)
Green White (#f0f0e6)
Ebony (#070a13)
Pale Sky (#69737c)
Hampton (#e7d7b3)
Golden Glow (#fce696)

200 lbs (91 kg)
5 ft 11 in (71 in) (180 cm)

135 lbs (61 kg)
42 in (107 cm)

71 lbs (32 kg)
31 in (79 cm)


  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, Dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • A happy-go-lucky and gabby wolf. She knows everything about everyone. So much so that it's gotten to the point that this run-of-the-mill pack member has become the friend of powerful company. She doesn't even quite realize it yet, but she's the unwitting spy to and for many of her 'friends'. (Open for her adopter to expand upon as well as open for some plot opportunity with this personality trait.)
  • How Zansa behaves and treats others around her will be left open for her adopter to expand upon.
    • Likes: ---
    • Dislikes: ---


Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master

  • Basic Survival Skills (Master)
A must have for any luperci. Zansa knows enough basic hunting and scouting skills to get by on her every day to day life.

Any other skills Zansa has are open for the adopter to expand upon.


Key Relations

  • Baelish D'Angelo - Loves her Dad, especially since he is the more relaxed one of the two. There was some distance between her parents, but that hasn't hindered her relationship with them.
  • Zuri Acidic-Trombetta - Loves her Mom, even if she had been a bit on the stricter parent than her Dad. It doesn't keep her from loving her Mom any less, but doesn't understand her distance with her half sister. Maybe if she was more open, her daughter could help her, but keeps out of the "conflict."
  • Zelda D'Acidic - Loves her sister dearly, and keeps their relationship positive. Though the two sisters are now living their own lives, it doesn't stop them from being a constant presence in one another's lives.
  • Callisto - At first was confused by her inclusion into the family, but came to love her none the less. In fact, her turning up helped to push the older sibling out to finding her own home. Callisto is just as much a sister as Zelda is, but doesn't understand the full circumstances as to why she is here, and why her mother seems to keep a lot of distance with her.
  • Saga D'Angelo - Respects her, just like anyone underneath their leader, but likes having more of her family around her, which includes her aunt and cousins.
  • Malfoy D'Angelo - Loves her uncle, even if he isn't around as much as the other members of her family. She loves all the little gifts he would usually bring along on his visits, and keeps him close to her heart.
  • Posey Prior - When her parents weren't watching over her when she was growing up, Posey was. Sweet older woman, and was always kind to her when she was growing up, and there's no reason she wouldn't be kind to Posey in her adulthood.

Family: D'Angelo, Acidic, Trombetta, Rhiannon, Eternity, Revlis, Behr, & Ganesa

Callisto (Through Baelish)
Caspar, Daniel, Ramsey (Through Saga)
Kalia (Through Malfoy)
  • Zansa has many other cousins from half-siblings on both sides of her parents' families.

Post Log & Archives


Mostly positive childhood growing up with her sister Zelda in Mistfell Vale. (All threads listed below are from threads when Zansa was an active NPC.)


  1. [M] You've got it all
    Zansa, and her sister Zelda, are born to Baelish D'Angelo and Zuri Acidic-Trombetta.
  2. I hurried my quiet time alone
    Saga D'Angelo brings her children, Daniel and Caspar, to Zuri's home to meet their younger cousins.
  3. From My Heart To Yours
    Sedona Whitesage comes to visit Zuri and her children. She gifts them each with a bandana with a white 'Z' on it, a tradition from Sedona's family that she wanted to share.
  4. And babies make four
    Falcon drops by to visit Zuri and the pups, and after learning some more about newborns, the adults share a cooked meal together.
  5. not simply to be, but to work together
    Bennett de l'Or stops by Zuri's home bringing a small gift. After a small look at the pups, the adults make a meal and use this as a chance to get to know one another.
  6. Await the stars, cause they're all around you
    On a late night outing with her mother and sister, her uncle Malfoy D'Angelo comes across them. After getting to know him a little, he agrees to watch Zelda while Zuri helps her daughter try to 'catch' the stars on the water.
  7. Who Threw That?
    Work on the Rum Bridge comes to a small halt when a mud fight breaks out, and just as Zuri and her children show up.
  8. darkness was upon the face of the deep
    Baelish finally returns home from his trip, and brings some presents for his family.
  9. It's amazing what you get from hitting stones together
    Zuri is out with her children when they come across Yvonne and her son Tora. The children play while the adults talk weapons.
  10. Invite Two
    Distance and anger has been brewing between her parents, but gets excited when Malfoy drops by to invite the family to see his union with his soon to be mate.
  11. Bones are easier to find than flowers
    Posey Prior drops by Zuri's home to see about getting some roses from her bushes. The girls are happy to greet her when she arrives.
  12. Now these towns, these towns will know our name
    A thunderstorm strikes the Vale. Mother and children are at home together and get to talking about how to better handle fear.
  13. Zoomies
    Zansa and Zelda help their mother and Brom with gathering materials they will need for the Paper Mill Project.