Adele is the daughter of War D'Angelo and Silver Peak, born in Khalif.

Adele D'Angelo

by Vida



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1.  Appearance

Adele is of an unassuming height, if anything perhaps she's a little on the short side. She lacks the lean, muscular physique of her sister Adri, opting for much thinner one. She has an oddly gaunt look, without appearing unhealthy. She carries herself with an almost arrogant air, confidently and assertive.

Her fur is surprisingly coarse despite it's appearance, wiry and short with a slight wave. It's thin with the illusion of thickness in some places.

Naturally her build is typical of a wolf, if not slightly thinner. She's feminine, but no more than necessary.

Her hair is simple, unstyled, natural. Dark, streaked with pale, and in between shades.

1.1  Coloration

  • Optime Hair: Cod Gray (#1E1E1E), streaked with Nobel (#B5B5B5) and various shades in between.
  • Eyes: Olivine (#93C67B).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Dove Gray (#6B6B6B).
    • Darker Cod Gray (#1E1E1E) and Mine Shaft (#3B3B3B) draped on her back.
    • Nobel (#B5B5B5) on on face, paws, legs and stomach and Mine Shaft (#3B3B3B) on back.

1.2  Scars

  • Right upper and lower lip in an upside down Y shape.

1.3  Clothes

  • She might occasionally throw on a cropped leather jacket or a woolen scarf, but she is generally bare most of the time. Anything she wears is typically dark in colour.

Art by Ann

2.  Personality

A key defining point in Adele's personality is her Aspergers Syndrome. She is a very misunderstood woman, and has lots of issues. Behind this her personality is very unformed and raw. Because of her lack of social skills, she tends to seem more feral in personality. In addition to all her flaws, she is smart and a quick learner. He intelligence is higher than average, but not over the expected limit for an average person who studies hard. Her knowledge is incredibly focused, she knows amazing things about very specific subjects.

She can come off as apathetic and uncaring, but that's more down to her inability to correctly guess emotions and facial cues. If she does guess correctly, she is just as likely (if not more so) to care and attempt to help.

3.  Tropes


  • She tends to forget about requiring as to the well-being of other people, since it doesn't usually directly effect her.
  • She doesn't really have a sense of shame or modesty.
  • She's a literal thinker, doesn't work well with sarcasm or metaphors.
  • There's usually a delay before she speaks, she needs to consider her words her words in most social situations.
  • She tends to come across apathetic. It's not that she doesn't care, she simply finds it impossible to pick up on hints made via gesture.
  • There needs to be a reason for what you are asking her to do.
  • She tends to blindly follow rules.


3.1  Interests

  • Likes: Reading, sex? She doesn't have that many interests tbh. Learning. Conversations that aren't pointless.
  • Dislikes: Being social, being interrupted by reading. Small talk. Contact (sex don't count, yanno?) People being loud (coughSeb). Kids.

3.2  Traits

Unsocial. Blunt. "Rude". "Boring".

  • Outlook: Realist
  • Expression: Extrovert, Dominant.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral

3.3  Fears

  • Being alone, being social, danger to her family, kids.

3.4  Motivations

  • Safety, comfort, routine.

3.5  Biases

  • Packs: If it's full of D'Angelo's the it's safe.
  • Species: She has no real bias.
  • Non-Luperci: Would probably be accidentally rude to Non-Luperci.
  • Gender: Has no bias.
  • Color: No true bias, pays attention to the Khalif belief loosely.
  • Sexuality: Doesn't really care if it doesn't have anything to do with her?
  • Age: Anything above the age of a child is just another random being. Kids totally scare her.

3.6  Sexuality

She's entirely straight and sex is one of the few things she enjoys.

3.7  Substances

Does not take anything, not really for any reason though.

3.8  Spirituality

She more or less follows Khalif, but it's super devout because she would need proof.

4.  Relationships

Key Relations

  • Sebastian D'Angelo: Her brother. And occasional bit on the side. Sebastian is Adele closest friend, the one who understands her the most and perhaps the single being she allows entry to her mind.
  • Adri D'Angelo: Adele isn't as close to her sister, she sees her as somewhat of a competitor. Nevertheless, she loves her sister and relies on her just as she does with Sebastian.
  • Agathe D'Angelo: Adele is close to Agathe, possibly more so than with Adri and Seb. Agathe's supposed death told it's toll on Adele, though many people assumed she was unmoved by it through her lack of visible emotion. She regrets not doing more to comfort Agathe though her troubles and is overly eager to make it up to her now.
  • Alana D'Angelo & Idris D'Angelo: Adele has very mixed feelings about Alana and Idris. While she loves them as she would any family, she lacks any maternal instinct when it comes to the pair and as children their presence made Adele anxious. When they were very young, Adele did only what was necessary and then left them in the care of Adri and Seb.

Family: D'Angelo

Minor Relations

5.  Interaction

  • Speech: Monotone voice, strange, unplaceable accent.
  • Scent: D'Angelo, books, clean, water.
  • Tracking, den building, other survival skills.
  • Good sense of direction.
  • Smart
  • Focused knowledge of a few topics.

5.1  Weaknesses

  • Adele is super bad at being social.
  • She's a very bad and neglectful parent.


5.2  2012

  • September: Born.
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