Eventide D'Angelo

The son of Anguish D'Angelo and Prophet D'Angelo, born on Sept 2nd 2014.

Eventide is a mix of blacks and greys, with startlingly bright yellow eyes. He is very tall and thin, with sharp, aristocratic features - he is arguably the most handsome of his family. He has a guarded, but keenly intelligent face. Always impeccably clean and put together he often wears fine, carefully tended to clothes and his prize possession is a plush, white stag cloak that his mother gave him. Eventide enjoys dressing in light colors, but his favorite color is bright gold, and he often wears a simple gold dyed vest to bring out his eyes. His hair is always carefully styled and neat.

Eventide is kind of a jerk and is not afraid to share that with the world. He's a wheeler and a dealer and enjoys moping and being magically delicious. I'm really bad at wiki guys idfk.

Eventide owns a ghost white mare with sooty legs, nose, mane and tail named Geist. He owns a large hunting bow dyed bone white, and he's a talented woodcarver capable of making more bows, staves, and fletching his own arrows.

He carries a can tah of an eagle with a serpent's tongue.


  • Extended: See the D'Angelo family. Thanks to a prolific grandmother, Misery D'Angelo, they do not want for aunts, uncles, and cousins in Khalif. They are also related to a good portion of D'Angelos in Nova Scotia, if distantly.
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