Zenith D'Angelo

The son of Anguish D'Angelo and Prophet D'Angelo, born on Sept 2nd 2014.

Thirdborn, he is a deep black with grey highlights, and gold-green eyes. He stands six foot, six inches tall, and his body is slender and spry. He is a sprinter and dancer, moving swiftly and sleekly in every movement. His optime hair is spiky, and he has wide, bright eyes giving him a perpetual youthful appearance. Easy with smiles and touch, he has an infectious, jolly energy. Given to the god Tak of the Khalif he is surprisingly untouched by any of Tak's normal burdens.

Quick with a joke and a smile, Zenith is charming. He believes Tak to be a chaos figure, and not a demon of darkness, though he rarely speaks of his faith to anyone. He is open and earnest in all his dealings, though he can keep secrets and guards them zealously. Eager to please, he can be prone to being manipulated. He is a very sensual young man, and has engaged in relations with multiple female and male cousins.

Zenith is an excellent horseman and scout, with a passion for trade. In Salsola, he would likely pursue the Vedetto and Mercante tasks. He has a pair of horses, a white piebald mare with sparse blue-grey dappling and a sweet tempered black seal bay stallion. He carries a pair of curved daggers for protection.


  • Extended: See the D'Angelo family. Thanks to a prolific grandmother, Misery D'Angelo, they do not want for aunts, uncles, and cousins in Khalif. They are also related to a good portion of D'Angelos in Nova Scotia, if distantly.
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