Anguish D'Angelo

The son of Misery D'Angelo and Rue D'Angelo, born on September 1, 2010. Born a ghostly white, he has slightly effeminate long hair and a slender, willowy frame. His eyes are D'Angelo green and he belongs to the Goddess Ankh of the Khalif.

He believes he should be the next leader of Khalif, and attempts to impress this upon his mother, frequently. His mother hates him and has regularly sent his elder brother War to beat him savagely. He is a vain, proud man, proud of his status as son of the God Prophet, as a child of her last litter, and of being a son of Ankh. He dislikes his wife, and married her for ambition, and because he had gotten her pregnant. He has regularly tried to kill or exile his dark children, and fawns over his son Victory, though he believes the boy is out to get him.

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