Horror D'Angelo

The son of Anguish D'Angelo and Prophet D'Angelo, born on Nov 21st 2013. He is the younger brother of Bane D'Angelo and her siblings. Horror and his twin, Haunt D'Angelo were considered a blight upon their bloodline. After being exiled from Khalif, he was joined by his sister in his exile. They moved around for a while, soon making their way to Nova Scotia looking for Bane.

Haunt now lives alone with her brother along the Halcyon Mountain. They have claimed a small piece as their own territory and is not only their home, but their ritual location. Horror has kept up with his rituals, thankful from the help of his sister. The two of them have been curious of Anathema, though he is not as interested in it as Haunt is. He just tags along with her.





  • Date of Birth: 21 Nov 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Halcyon Mountain
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: None
  • Rank: —



  • A black wolf and looking to get into some trouble? Horror is a devout follower of Tak and would love to try and send you to the flames.
  • Want to learn about Tak and Khalifism? Horror would be more than happy to share.

Anyone may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Hanging around at home or outside the mountain with his sister, Haunt.
  • Sending prayers to Tak and generally hanging around a large fire.




  • Species: Horror's structure is very clearly wolf, as is the norm of those from Khalif.
  • Fur: His fur is typical to that of wolves, but it is very messy and will often stick up.
    • Optime Hair: Horror has long white hair that has been dyed red like the rest of his markings.
  • Facial Features: Horror has a wolfish face and facial features. Generally has a cruel smile worn on his face.
  • Build and Size: Horror is on the lean side, though still has some muscle to show off. It is nothing compared to his sister, but enough to give some look to his leaner form.
  • Humanization: Low to medium. Horror wears more in terms of clothing than his sister, but tends to wear very little unless there is a reason to wear more than his usual outfit. He only owns one accessory and doesn't actively seek to get more.
    • Clothing: Horror gathers clothing that are red and black, just like him. Although this is the case, he usually doesn't wear much of it. His favorite outfit, and the one he wears the most often, is a simple red loin cloth with an open black vest. He will generally only wear more than this for a special occasion.
    • Accessories: Much like his sister, Horror only has one accessory that he owns and wears, his can tah. His can tah is a silver wolf's head with ruby eyes and a serpent's tongue.


Coloration and Palette

  • Fur:
    • Primary Mine Shaft.
  • Markings:
    • Alabaster markings on his muzzle, upper chest, and hands are dyed Red Berry.
  • Eyes: Carrot Orange
  • Optime Hair: Red Berry
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Cod Gray
Carrot Orange (#EE9C19)
Red Berry (#961800)
Mine Shaft (#2D2D2D)
Cod Gray (#101010)



?? lbs (?? kg)?? in (?? cm)
Horror's lupus form is lean, lacking in the muscle that his sister possesses. Horror's wolf features are heavily present here, even with his lean figure. Generally uses this form for long travel, like his sister.


?? lbs (?? kg)?? in (?? cm)
Although Horror gains some bulk in this form, it is not much. He is still rather lean, gaining most of his bulk in his front legs rather than his back. The upper part of his body gains more fur, but not much else changes.


?? lbs (?? kg)6ft 8in (80 in) (203 cm)
In his optime form, he has a long white mane that has been dyed red like the white parts of his fur. Horror is still lean like in all of his other forms, though it is much more apparent in this form.


  • Piercings: -
  • Tattoos: -
  • Scars: -


  • Manipulative, Sly, Fake
    • Horror can be very manipulative, especially when it comes to gathering victims to send to Tak. He has no problems lieing to others to gain their trust before turning his back on them and betraying them to meet his own means.
    • In this same sense, he loves to lead others into a false sense of security, letting others gain his trust before he turns on them with his sister. He loves to give black wolves fake warning about himself and his sister before he launches on them to take them in.
  • Cruel, Careful
    • Although very cruel in his faith, an impressive feat even to those from Khalif, Horror is careful about his work and planning. He strives to make sure everything is prepared and ready, especially when it comes to his faith.
  • Devoted
    • Horror is a very devoted individual, though this only normally relates to two major factors: his faith and Haunt. Horror believes himself to be a soldier of Tak and can not do anything against him. He relishes in his faith and does everything to make sure that Tak is pleased with him. With Haunt, he does everything that he can to ensure he has a lasting relationship with his sister, the only female he has grown attracted to. He will do whatever it takes to make sure that her needs at meet and that she is happy, or at least what counts as happy for her.


  • Speech: Horror has a very relaxed, but confident tone, especially when it comes to talking about Khalifism.
  • Scent: D'Angelo, Haunt, mountain, ashes.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Giving fake warnings about black wolves to black wolves. Usually has a cruel smile on his face.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Submissive or dominant depending on the situation. Relaxed posture no matter which situation.



Confident, cruel, manipulative, careful, surprising.

  • Outlook: Neutral
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant, confident
  • Expression: Submissive or dominant, relaxed and confident


  • Haunt
  • Khalifism
  • Tak
  • Cruelty


  • Tak: Although Horror is a complete devout to his lord, his greatest fear comes from Tak himself. Tak is forever hungry, and Horror will often worry if the dark god will come for him or his sister. Even though this is the case, he hides his fear very well.


Horror is a complete devout to Khalifism, as are the rest of the D'Angelo's raised on the mountain. He believes himself to be a soldier of Tak and relishes in the dark lord's cruelty, a great feat considering those from Khalif. He is willing to do anything and take anyone as long as it means staying in Tak's good graces. Horror's faith is one of his greatest strengths, and he takes pride in his cruelty. He loves to share his teachings with others and is very careful with every aspect of his faith.


  • Species: Has a bit of a bias favoring wolves since he lived on the mountain with them, but is generally not bothered by other species.
  • Non-Luperci: Horror highly looks down upon non-luperci. They are inferior and allows his sister to end their miserable lives.
  • Color: Horror favors those with black coats, especially if they have that and red eyes. He's always on the lookout for more sacrifices.


  • Although Horror is primarily heterosexual, he really only seems to be attracted to his sister, Haunt. He is not opposed to flirting with others if it will get him what he wants, so long as he is ready to face his jealous sister whenever he comes back. Even though his sister is clearly the one with the dominance in the relationship, Horror takes every opportunity to try and exert his dominance on her. It normally doesn't work.


  • Likes: Haunt, faith, cruelty, fire, Tak, red and black items/luperci.
  • Dislikes: Annoyances, disappointment, struggles.


Horror does not actively take part in any substances, but is more likely to with some persuasion, and as long as his sister is keeping a watchful eye on him.


Family: D'Angelo

Familial Relations

  • Haunt D'Angelo: Haunt is Horror's sister, but above all, his lover. He does whatever he can to please her and is the only person who can reel her back in when she loses her temper. He is constantly trying to win dominance over her during sex, but it hasn't worked so far.
  • Bane D'Angelo: Horror has a much more neutral feeling about Bane. He doesn't see her as a threat, but loves to mess with everyone, even his siblings.


Horror was born with his twin sister, Haunt as the second litter to their incestuous parents. Haunt was born under the protection of Ankh while Horror was to follow Tak. The two of them spent as much time as they could together, learning and growing under their respective gods. As the two grew older, they followed along like their parents, growing attracted to each other. The two became lovers, seeing each other to spend time together. Haunt was quick to exert her dominance over him, but he did his best to gain it back. It hasn't worked yet.

While growing up under the guidance of Tak, Horror developed a level of cruelty that was even too much for those of the mountain. After attacking his mother, Prophet, he was exiled from Khalif. Not wanting to be left alone without him, Haunt joined her brother in his exile. Since then, the two siblings had been considered a blight in the family. The two then left Khalif, living a life of their own before coming to Nova Scotia.

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