Haunt D'Angelo

The daughter of Anguish D'Angelo and Prophet D'Angelo, born on Nov 21st 2013. She is the younger sister of Bane D'Angelo and her siblings. Haunt and her twin, Horror D'Angelo were considered a blight upon their bloodline. After her brother was exiled from Khalif, Haunt left along with him. They moved around for a while, soon making their way to Nova Scotia looking for Bane.

Haunt now lives alone with her brother along the Halcyon Mountain. They have claimed a small piece as their own territory and is not only their home, but their ritual location. Since Anathema moved back to their original location, Haunt has been a bit curious about it, and is known to linger around it, but not for very long.







  • Date of Birth: 21 Nov 2013
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Halcyon Mountain
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: None
  • Rank: —
  • Pronunciation:
    • 'Haunt'
    • 'Da-An-je-low'
  • Nickname: None
  • Epithet: None
  • Etymology:
    • "Ghost" - African-American
    • "Of the angels" - Italian

Horror D'Angelo

  • Haunt's twin brother.
  • He is a very skilled hunter and horseman, with a deep knowledge of anatomy.
  • He is very talented with daggers and knives, and has some rudimentary blacksmithing knowledge.


  • Roulette is a scar covered blood bay mare.
  • Belongs to Horror who rules her with an iron fist.
  • Knows how to ride.



  • Haunt is prone to getting into a lot of fights, especially with her short temper? Want someone to fight or want your character beaten up? She's your wolf.
  • Haunt and her brother have been hanging around Anathema quite a bit. Want to catch sight of them on the mountain or around the borders?

Anyone may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seen around home or the mountain with her brother, Horror.
  • Finding her out hunting around the base of the mountain or dragging something live back up it.

Outfit Assumptions:

  • Seen wearing her can tah around her neck.
  • Seen wearing a thick polar bear cloak when in optime form.




  • Species: Haunt's structure is very clearly wolf, as is the norm of those from Khalif; although, with all the bulk she possesses, she can often be mistaken for looking like a bear.
  • Fur: Haunt's fur is thick, adding to her bulk, but isn't as messy as Horror's is.
    • Optime Hair: Haunt's hair is medium length, and very thick. Her hair itself is black, but has white streaks randomly flown through it.
  • Facial Features: Haunt has a wolfish face and facial features. Generally has a scowl on her face and often baring her teeth.
  • Build and Size: Haunt is very tall and very wide. She has a lot of bulk to her build, making her look massive in comparison to her brother.
  • Humanization: Low. Haunt has much less of a humanization factor than her brother does. Haunt does have a number of outfits made from animal hides, though rarely wears there. She prefers not to wear anything at all, but will dress in more if she sees a need for it.
    • Clothing: Haunt's outfits are made out of different kinds of animal hides, though these clothes are rarely worn. The only piece of clothing she seems to truly like is a long, thick polar bear cloak. She can usually be seen wearing this when in optime form.
    • Accessories: Haunt only has one accessory and is not actively searching for more. This accessory is her own can tah. Haunt's can tah is that of a silver bear with a scorpion tail.


Coloration and Palette

  • Fur:
    • Primary Mine Shaft.
    • Alabaster undersides.
  • Markings:
    • Alabaster markings on the top of her muzzle, streaks along neck, and on legs.
    • A Quicksand stripe across the top and front of her nose.
  • Eyes: Lime
  • Optime Hair: Mine Shaft with Alabaster streaks
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Cod Gray
Lime (#A5E200)
Quicksand (#B8968F)
Alabaster (#F8F8F8)
Mine Shaft (#2D2D2D)
Cod Gray (#101010)



?? lbs (?? kg)?? in (?? cm)
Haunt's lupus form is bulky compared to that of her brother, and is the result of her build. Her wolfish features are present in this form, but her bulk can often make her look more like a ber instead of a wolf. Generally only uses this form for long travel.


?? lbs (?? kg)?? in (?? cm)
If she didn't look like a bear before, Haunt certainly does now. Haunt gains more muscle and fur to add to her overall bulk. Haunt's prefered form, and the one that she does the most fighting with. She feels much more comfortable in this form than the others.


?? lbs (?? kg)7ft 0in (84 in) (213 cm)
Haunt's bulk in her optime form is much the same as that in her lupus form, just on two legs. Haunt stands very tall compared to other luperci, letting her size be a huge part of her intimidation factor. Haunt gains her thick mane in this form.


  • Piercings: -
  • Tattoos: -
  • Scars: Two scars on the left side of her muzzle.


  • Serious, Stoic, Quiet
    • Haunt is often quiet, at least compared to her brother. She prefers not to say much unless she is brought to it, or if she is speaking to her brother, whether it is in front of others or not.
    • Haunt comes off as very stoic and serious, as her nature has always been. She is almost always in this sort of stature, unless she is with Horror or someone that she respects. They are the only ones who can get her to relax, but even then it isn't by much.
  • Cruel, Torturous
    • Haunt is cruel in a different manner from her brother. While Horror is cruel in nature, Haunt is cruel in her battle tactics and interrogations. She loves to use her force against others and is not above dragging things out just to deal more pain on another being.
  • Protective, Jealous
    • Haunt's deep love for her brother also makes her very protective of him. She will not allow any harm to come to him, even if he was the one that was causing trouble. She can always deal with him later, but knows that she can take a fight better than he can.
    • With her protectiveness also comes some jealousy. Haunt is not fond of the way Horror sometimes flirts with others, and makes sure to get back at him when he does. Deep down she knows that he won't take anyone else but her, but she can't help but show her jealousy. It is more apparent when others want him, not when he wants them.


  • Speech: Haunt doesn't talk nearly as much as her brother does. When she does, her tone is often harsh and uninterested. This can change.
  • Scent: D'Angelo, Horror, mountain, ashes.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Generally giving a very displeased look to anyone she comes across, almost always to the point of baring her teeth at them and either threatening, or ignoring someone depending on the situation.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Dominant and serious. Almost always tense and standing tall.



Dominant, stoic, serious.

  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: Introverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant, Stoic


  • Horror
  • Khalifism
  • Tak
  • Torture


  • Tak: Much like her brother, Haunt is fearful of Tak, even though she is not as devoted to him as Horror is. She follows the dark lord and sends him offerings as she is supposed to, but also fears the wrath that he is known to send upon the children of Khalif. She aids Horror to ensure this wrath does not come to the two of them.


Haunt is dedicated to Khalifism, but not to the length that her brother is. She was raised on Khalif, so their faith has been part of her being. When she was born, she was placed under the care of the Khalif goddess, Ankh. Once her brother was exiled, with her choosing to leave with him, she changed to following the teachings of Tak. To this day, she still follows the dark lord, aiding Horror with his rituals and sacrifices, mostly being the one that brings them home to him for him to burn.


  • Species: Has a bit of a bias favoring wolves since he lived on the mountain with them, but is generally not bothered by other species, so long as they are not annoying.
  • Non-Luperci: Haunt highly looks down upon non-luperci. They are inferior and allows his sister to end their miserable lives.
  • Color: Haunt favors those with black coats, especially if they have that and red eyes. She's always on the lookout for more sacrifices.


  • Although Haunt is primarily heterosexual, she really only seems to be attracted to her brother, Horror. Haunt has all the control in their relationship, but Horror is not afraid to try and take it away from her. As much as she doesn't show it, Haunt enjoys the games they play for dominance, but Horror has yet to gain control from her.


  • Likes: Horror, Tak, faith, hunting, interrogating, torture.
  • Dislikes: Annoyances, disappointment, idiocy.


Haunt does not actively take part in any substances, but is more likely to with some persuasion, and as long as she is keeping a watchful eye on Horror, and he is taking part in them along with her.


Family: D'Angelo

Familial Relations

  • Horror D'Angelo: Haunt's twin brother, and just about the only person she can really stand. She has a deep love for her brother, as it has been between the two of them since they lived in Khalif. Haunt will do anything for her brother, except let him have the dominance in their relationship. She is his protector and will not hesitate to make sure he stays safe, and with her alone.
  • Bane D'Angelo: Bane is the only person who has been able to gain Haunt's respect. Since leaving the mountain and coming to Salsola, Bane has grown unafraid of her cruel siblings. Haunt has noticed her change and is willing to at least be cooperative with her.
  • Plague D'Angelo: Haunt forever holds a grudge against Plague for looking at her funny when they still lived on the mountain. She believes her older sister to not even be worthy to send to Tak, and is not afraid to attack her when spotted.

General Relations

Positive Relations

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

  • None to note
  • None to note
  • None to note

Minor Relations

  • Sex: Horror
  • Friendly: —
  • Enemies: —
  • Murders: —

Combat Log

  • Win:
  • Draw:
  • Loss:

Skills and Inventory




  • Unarmed combat (Expert): Haunt's prefered method of fighting, and the one she is better skilled at. Her unarmed fighting tactics range from fighting on all fours to just using her fists. She prefers to use her strength against her opponents rather than using the time to come up with a strategy. Although she finds herself a bit more skilled fighting on all fours, she will use her fists when actually beating someone.
  • Armed combat (Journeyman): Though not as good as her unarmed combat skills, she has some talent with weapons as well. Her prefered weapon is the mace she carried around with her, saving this option for tougher opponents or when bringing a swift death.


  • Hunting (Journeyman): Haunt is a good hunter, especially on all fours, but not to the level as her brother. Even though this is the case, she relishes in hunting, and will go hunting whenever she feels like it, even if she is out gathering another victim for them to send to Tak.
  • Interrogation (Expert): With her strength, Haunt makes it useful for interrogation. She is very good at getting information out of others, doesn't matter who they are. She prefers to use violence and force rather than words to get what she wants out of them.



Haunt currently doesn't partake in any trading.

  • Offering: —
  • Accepting: —


Personal Items

  • A nasty looking mace, wood with nails driven into it.
  • A silver bear with a scorpion tail can tah.
  • Long, thick polar bear cloak.
  • Animal hide clothing, rarely worn.

Horror's Personal Items

  • A couple small daggers.
  • A silver wolf head with ruby eyes and snake tongue can tah.
  • A black open vest.
  • Red loin cloth.
  • Other black and red clothing, rarely worn.

Other Items

  • A number of hides, used to adore their home and sleep on.
  • Fresh meat from hunting, usually in surplus.
  • Firewood and kindling.
  • A few small pieces of rope.


Haunt was born with her twin brother, Horror, as the second litter to their incestuous parents. Haunt was born under the protection of Ankh while Horror was to follow Tak. The two of them spent as much time as they could together, learning and growing under their respective gods. As the two grew older, they followed along like their parents, growing attracted to each other. The two became lovers, seeing each other to spend time together. Haunt was quick to exert her dominance over her brother, but he does his best to gain it back. It hasn't worked yet.

After Horror attacked their mother, Prophet, he was deemed too cruel in his faith, and was exiled from Khalif. Not wanting to be left alone without him, Haunt joined her brother in his exile. Since then, the two siblings had been considered a blight in the family. Before leaving the mountain, Haunt gave birth to a pup that belonged to the two of them. Haunt smothered the child, claiming it to be too weak and sickly. Horror is not aware of the pup they created together or that his sister killed it. The two then left Khalif, living a life of their own before coming to Nova Scotia.



  • December: After living alone together for so long, Haunt and her brother, Horror, made their way to Nova Scotia to look for their older sister Bane .


  • January-February: After settling in on their mountain home, Haunt gets into a number of fights, most resulting with her as the winner.
  • April: The meteor makes impact in Nova Scotia. Haunt and Horror's home suffer some damage, but not as much as those at the base of the mountain.

Post Log




  1. [M] Understand the wrath of the beast (Dec 20)
    Haunt and her brother take part in burning some local wildlife, being discovered by Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi under the guise of 'Van Lykoi'.
  2. Home is where the heart is (Dec 20)
    While looking for a place to call their home, Haunt comes across Pisces D'Angelo, and is not pleased by her attitude.
  3. The fire's found a home in me (Dec 21)
    Haunt and Horror come across their older sister, Plague D'Angelo, and proceed to chase her down as she runs from them.



  1. [M] who taught you how to hate (Jan 01)
    While passing by Salsola, Haunt and Horror come across Scorpius D'Angelo, who is being attacked by loners. Haunt assists Scorpius in killing the strangers.
  2. never seen someone make pink look so pretty (Jan 05)
    Haunt and Horror come across Lithia Napier, striking a deal with her.
  3. [M] One by one, baby, here they come (Jan 05)
    After mistaking Marcella Fauks's companion, the two of them join her for a meal.
  4. Now the past I've tried forgetting (Jan 06)
    Thread with Bane D'Angelo.
  5. Carnivore, Carnivore. (Jan 06)
    Haunt and Horror come across Misfit Yatagarasu, stalking and confronting him.
  6. The day deserves a truly sordid end (Jan 29)
    Haunt goes hunting on her own and comes across Sylven Firebringer. She gets annoyed by his music and attacks him.


  1. We're all nothing but scavengers now (Apr 02)
    After the red star makes impact, Haunt and Horror leave their home to search for supplies. While they are out, they come across their older sister, Bane D'Angelo.
  2. [M] When the cold in my heart leaves (Apr 20)
    Haunt and Horror are about to look for a sacrifice when they come across Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi.


  1. Just a simple bystander caught in this game (Feb 15)
    While trying to bring a woman home to send her to Tak, she escapes and begs Heine Kaiser to help her. He threatens the siblings and Haunt attacks him.
  2. Neighbor? (Feb 26)
    Haunt and Horror discover about Anathema's move back to the mountain and explore, running into Kentaro Lykoi.


  1. we lose our heads at the break of dawn (Mar 07)
    Haunt and Horror trespass into Salsola lands after spotting Bane D'Angelo.
  2. 'Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me (Mar 07)
    After leaving Salsola, Haunt and Horror come across Ahote Makya.
  3. The flames of glory (Mar 09)
    Thread with Kohaku Amarok.
  4. [M] Hungry minds are feeding (Mar 20)
    Thread with Izual Massacre.


  1. I can't stop til the whole world knows my name (May 07)
    Haunt and Horror wander around Anathema and come across the true leader, Aeron Ganesa.



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