Prophet D'Angelo

The daughter of Misery D'Angelo and Rue D'Angelo, born on October 10, 2008. Born a flawless, rich white she has a powerful, elegant frame. Her eyes are D'Angelo orange and she follows a new revelation of the Khalif faith.

In her youth, she was promised to her brother Ash, and has never stopped mourning his death that occurred from the founding of the town of Ruin (originally known as Ankh). The heir apparent of her Mother, she played a key role in the revolution that culminated in Misery's death, and her own ascension to High Priest of the Khalif. She was mated to her brother, Anguish D'Angelo and produced many children with him. This was all part of a multiyear plan to destroy the priests of Ankh - of which Anguish was a leader. She is now mated to her brother, Famine D'Angelo?.

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