Truth D'Angelo


The daughter of Anguish D'Angelo and Prophet D'Angelo, born on Sept 2nd 2014.

Firstborn, she is a mix of soft silvers and greys. Truth's eyes are a dark, burnished gold and contrast well with her grayscale coat. She stands an even six foot tall, and is the shortest among her litter. Truth has soft curves and gentle features that are often contorted in a sneer or snarl. At birth, she was given to the goddess Rah'khir of the Khalif.

Truth fulfills her name - she is brutally honest in all things, and willfully lacks a filter. She sees no value in lies or subterfuge, and this often gets her into trouble. Initially meant to be a priestess of Rah'khir, she abandoned the pursuit, unwilling to offer the comforting lies expected of the priesthood. She was engaged to a young male by the name of Willow Brandt, and though she enjoyed his company she could not bring herself to fake the affection he so clearly desired. Truth enjoyed a closeness with her grandmother, Misery D'Angelo, before being sent with her Aunt, Torment to Salsola to seek out her sister, Bane D'Angelo.

Truth is a talented spearhunter, trapmaker, and falconer. She has a hunting bird by the name of Stolz, and a pale white mare with silver dappling by the name of Dawn.

She carries a can tah of a horse with a wolf's head.


  • Extended: See the D'Angelo family. Thanks to a prolific grandmother, Misery D'Angelo, they do not want for aunts, uncles, and cousins in Khalif. They are also related to a good portion of D'Angelos in Nova Scotia, if distantly.
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