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Baelish is the youngest son of Ankh D'Aabt, born of Grace Revlis.

Raised by his father at The Outpost, Bael and his siblings came into this world bought and paid for. Neither he nor his siblings knew the identity of their mother, and it was likely their father wasn't much the wiser. Having wanted children and never having managed to settle down, Ankh finally grew impatient and paid a travelling merchant to carry his children, or so they believed for all of their childhood.

Just before their seventh month, Bael's younger sister Saga D'Angelo left the Outpost, having grown tired of her father's spiritual ramblings. Her intentions had been to travel to Salsola, but she changed her mind en route after hearing a less biased account of the pack. Baelish followed in her footsteps and soon found himself at the borders of Mistfell Vale, and upon finding Saga there, promptly joined. Later, their brother also came to the pack, completing their happy little family.

Baelish is canonically a trickster, preferred more covert ways of operating as opposed to using brawn like his older brother. He does very well in the trade business, having a silver tongue that aids him greatly in negotiations. He is a connoisseur of the finer things in life, and prefers to hire out dirtier jobs; he loves food, drink, and women.





  • Date of Birth: 20 June 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Wolfdog (26.56% Pharaoh Hound, 73.44% wolf)
  • Birthplace: Portland
  • Pack: Mistfell Vale
  • Rank: Elkenfrey

Character NPC:

  • Minor NPC:
    • Geist (3 yr. old white Marwari Stallion)



  • Got something to trade or get swindled out of?
  • Need something specific or rare procured?
  • If he's met you, he's probably flirted with you

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials

  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Build and Size: Baelish is of average height (6'1") with a lean build.
  • Humanization: High

1.2  Interaction

  • Speech: Very slight German accent.
  • Scent: Clean; soapy; floral
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Seems to have a permanent smirk

1.3  Other

  • Accessories:
    • Pierced ears; usually simple studs
    • A gold wasp brooch is usually on his clothing somewhere at all times
  • Scars:
    • None

1.4  Images

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

2.2  Acquaintances

2.3  Minor

2.4  Notable

3.  History

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Baelish is the son of Ankh D'Aabt and Grace Revlis though he did not know of his mother until after he joined Mistfell Vale. He father bought and paid for the use of Grace's womb, and from it Baelish along with his sister Saga D'Angelo and brother Malfoy D'Angelo were born. In pup-hood, the family of four lived in the Salsola Outpost of Portland were Baelish got to learn and experience many things. After his first shift, Baelish followed his sister to Nova Scotia and Salsola proper.

However, he instead found Saga at Mistfell Vale's borders and joined her there. Headstrong and proud, Baelish dives right in to pack life, making a name for himself as a trader and a flirt. Many do not take him seriously, due to his youth, but he has great ambition and an even greater ego.

Baelish makes a name for himself as a trader in the Vale, gaining many goods and even two horses for the pack, and one for himself. He chooses a home for himself, a small little bungalow near his sister, and spruces it up. He lives very comfortably, but one day, a new female joins the pack. She is Zuri Acidic-Trombetta, and after a first failed attempt at flirting with her, they become good friends... and this eventually grow to more.

Baelish falls in love with Zuri, and asks for her hand in mateship; she agrees. It isn't long before they bare their first children, Zansa D'Acidic and Zelda D'Acidic. Though it is a much different way of living for Baelish, he revels in being a husband and a father. However, a trading mission to Portland takes a turn for the worse. Baelish is brutalized by a woman name Salena, and he returns to the Vale a broken man.

His depression makes it nearly impossible to meet the demands of his family, and Zuri nearly leaves him. Finally, Baelish confesses to his sister what had happened to him, and the healing begins. Not soon after, Salena arrives at the Vale's borders, with Baelish's bastard daughter. Baelish takes in the girl, and ingratiates it into his family. It is very difficult to start this new way of life, but he continues to look on the bright side.

4.  Summary & Thread Archive


Key Events

  • Left his birthplace in Portland to find his sister, joined Mistfell Vale
  • Flirted with all the women
  • Earned himself three horses, two for the Vale, one for himself
  • Summary: Baelish dives into pack life, sweet talking every woman he meets, and taking part in various trade deals. He builds himself a comfortable life, but who is that woman who has caught his eye?

4.1  Threads

  1. Apr. 16 - Windfall
    Finds his sister and joins Mistfell Vale
  2. Apr. 16 - Now I lay me down to sleep
    Baelish speaks to his sister after joining
  3. Apr. 19 - Silly Little Love Song
    Baelish works on his new home and meets Posey Prior
  4. Apr. 24 - A Wasp's Whisper
    Meets Cairina Diglosse, flirts with her
  5. Apr. 27 - Spilled Milk
    Meets and cleans Jura's feet, flirts with her
  6. May. 06 - Do you see the man in me?
    Brings Calia Larsen a gift, flirts with her
  7. May. 08 - When our legs grew tall
    Meets Generosity while out scavenging, tells her of the Vale
  8. May. 10 - [M] The sun is burning hot again on the hunter and the fisherman
    Baelish meets an in heat Yuka Nukilik and has a swim
  9. May. 15-18 - [M] i aint' gonna hold on to the monsters anymore
    Saga and Baelish go to trade for livestock in St. John
  10. May. 20 - With fortuitous intentions
    Meets Kalypso Savoy, flirts with her
  1. May. 25 - A Worthy Tribute
    Baelish swindles a naive Mateo Salcedo out of a horse
  2. May. 27 - When the lights fade out, all the sinners crawl
    Baelish assists Ragna Eklund with a trespasser
  3. Jun. 01 - try me on and i will tell you where you ought to be
    Baelish gets put into house Elkenfrey
  4. Jun. 02 - We Are Men!
    Meets Theo Redpaw
  5. Jun. 03 - [M] She checks her pulse, to know her hearts still beating
    Baelish and Saga find their mother, as well as a ton of half-siblings
  6. Jun. 16 - Idle Hands
    Brother hangz
  7. Jun. 18 - now it's all rusted
    Meets Eliza Cormier at the borders
  8. Jun. 19 - The Sunstag Ritual
    Invites Valeria Redpaw in to shelter from a thunderstorm
  9. Jun. 20 - Drink! To the promise of fun
    Meets Greed Lykoi at Biffs Bar
  10. Jul. 01 - death is a pale creature
    Meets Zuri Acidic-Trombetta; flirts with her.
  1. Jul. 18 - Let's talk turkey
    Meets and trades with Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii in Casa di Cavalieri
  2. Jul. 18 - I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine
    Trades with -- in Casa di Cavalieri
  3. Aug. 07 - Stung on the Lips
    Baelish and Zuri get into some mischief.
  4. Sep. 23 - Who am I, am I still the same guy?
    Zuri brings Baelish a gift.
  5. Oct. 13 - welcome, you, to the masquerade
    Mistfell Vale has a Halloween masquerade; Baelish goes as a bat
  6. Sep. 23 - Beware all thos angels with their wings glued on
    Baelish interacts with Mystery, even though she's strange.


Key Events

  • Baelish takes Zuri as his mate
  • Baelish's first children are born, daughters Zelda and Zansa
  • Baelish is raped and produces and illegitimate daughter Callisto
  • Summary: In progress

4.2  Threads

  1. Jan. 12 - heard you queen was a sight lovely to see
    Baelish speaks with Kalypso Savoy at CdM's Holiday Ball.
  2. Jan. 12 - Take off on the wings of a bath
    Baelish asks Zuri to be his mate.
  3. Jan. 16 - Buns in the Oven
    Baelish visits his very pregnant sister.
  4. Jan. 20 - [M] I'm colder than this home
    Baelish and Zuri set up their new home, only for Baelish to become quite ill.
  5. Jan. 21 - [M] And all the kids cried out please stop you're scaring me
    Zuri becomes possessed, Baelish is distraught.
  6. Jan. 31 - [M] We are free, and we are perfect
    Baelish and Zuri do the do.
  7. Feb. 10 - ring around the rosey
    Baelish and Posey Prior discuss house Elkenfrey.
  8. Feb. 11 - togetherness, togetherness, togetherness
    Baelish visits Saga and her new puppies.
  9. Feb. 28 - seedlings to sprout in the snow
    Zuri lets Baelish know that she is pregnant.
  10. Mar. 02 - Swag
    On a scavenging trip to POE, Baelish and Genevieve Auditore are jumped and their clothes stolen.
  11. Mar. 31 - [M] You've got it all
    Baelish's daughters are born.
  12. Jun. 24 - somewhere over the rainbow
    Baelish returns to the Vale after a trading mission to Portland.
  13. Jun. 24 - darkness was upon the face of the deep
    Baelish reunites with his family, but something is wrong.
  14. Jun. 27 - Brotherly love or harm?
    Baelish snaps at his brother when Malfoy questions his change in personality.
  1. Jul. 7 - I don't want them to know the secrets
    Baelish tries to wash away his pain.
  2. Jul. 10 - Offerings From The Mist
    Baelish goes on a trading mission to newly formed DCG with Sedona.
  3. Aug. 1 - forfeit your whole kingdom
    Baelish and Willam are present for Saga's rise to leadership.
  4. Aug. 2 - Invite Two
    Malfoy invites Baelish and Zuri to his wedding.
  5. Aug. 14 - [M] The Tangled Web We Weave
    Baelish confesses to Saga what happened to him in Portland.
  6. Sep. 09 - I lay my troubles down, I'm ready for you now
    Salena arrives uninvited to the Vale, bringing with her Baelish's bastard child.
  7. Sep. 10 - [M] One the Spindle of a Spinning Wheel
    Baelish decides the fate of his new daughter.
  8. Sep. 17 - Trail for two during this time of scandal
    Baelish spends some time with his daughter Zelda.
  9. Oct. 9 - Raindrops on Roses
    Posey watches over Callisto and advises Baelish.
  10. Oct. 20 - Celebrate Eachother
    Baelish accompanies Saga to the Casa di Cavalieri diplomacy summit.
  11. Oct. 21 - Do you love me now that I can dance?
    In progress.
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