Rune D'Angelo was murdered by his mother, Misery D'Angelo in Nirvana, where she later buried him.

Rune had been dead silent the day she had carried him to Nirvana. He'd been carried in her arms, cradled like a human babe. She hadn't looked at him the entire time because it made her feel dirty. The same feeling did not come with Poe and Samhain who did not look like him. Only Rune made her feel tainted and dirty. That was what had made her make the decision. His blood had been hot and heavy in her mouth. In those days when food was far and inbetween because she was such a worthless hunter, the temptation to feast on the body that produced that hot blood had been very, very tempting.

Misery D'Angelo in "judge roy scream"


Please see the D'Angelo family for more information.

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