Rowan Bissette

Rowan Bissette

Name OriginA tree; fine linen
Date of Birth??, 2008
Age2 Years
Subspecies50% canis lupus
50% Canis lupus familiaris
Birth placeMontpellier
Current packSalsola
'Souls Profile?

Rowan Bissette is a misplaced woman from France who currently serves as Larkspur D'Angelo's personal slave in Salsola.


Having been raised by a mother who considered her a blight, given she was formed through rape, Rowan was brought up being taught she was nothing. She was a submissive girl long before she was sold into servitude. She spent two years of her life working for the man and his rather cruel mate, who found the girl's pleasing appearance a temptation she had to deal with. Before the girl was old enough to bear children she was sold to another man. He planned to pimp her out, something her old owners had never done, and this made the girl panic. As soon as they reached the shores of Freetown, she began plotting an escape. She made it through the northwest by trading away what goods she had stolen from her captor, though was left alone in New Brunswick when her trade ran out. Lost and scared, having never been in a heavily forested area, she stumbled across 'Souls and into Salsoa, where she was found by Larkspur D'Angelo and brought into the fold as his personal slave. She barely speaks English, but is fluent in French and German. She is a capable house-worker, as well as a talented seamstress. However, she knows nothing about physical labor.



Rowan is a thin wolf, though because of her Irish Setter heritage her pelt is unusually long and wavy. It's a deep red, and long at her thighs, belly, and elbows. Her tail is feathered but otherwise carried like a wolf's. She has gray eyes. No scars are visible on her body, as she is remarkably concerned about her appearance. This explains why her hair is remarkably cared for, and its length--she takes great pride in it. Upon joining Salsola, she was given the slave septum piercing. While she arrived in rags, she currently wears no clothes.


Despite being remarkably submissive around dominant personalities, Rowan thinks of herself as being better than other servants because she was never used for hard labor (ie; house slave vs. field slave). She is aware of her striking appearance and will try and use it to her advantage. She will develop Stockholm Syndrome in regards to Larkspur, and view him as a savior since he is the only one capable of speaking a language she understands.

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