Kalia D'Angelo

Kalia D'Angelo is the daughter of James Germershausen and Malfoy D'Angelo, carried by Dalia as a surrogate.

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By Ash



  • Date of Birth: November 24, 2019
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence:
  • Mate: None



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    • Kickin butts and doing squats
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1.  Appearance

Credit to Kate "Sie" Walsh, a 'Souls roleplayer and the creator of Forum Roleplay for the color design and Despi for the Lupus pixel.

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: Up to the adopter.
  • Secui: Up to the adopter.
  • Optime: Up to the adopter.

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Up to the adopter.

2.  Personality

This character is the meek, humble and frank "good child" of a family either great or small. They are wary of strangers and aloof with outsiders, either because of a natural shyness or certain beliefs instilled in them. Among their kin, they are a peacemaker that is trying to stand out, falling into selfish and self-centered tendencies in an attempt to find their individuality. They are a bit bitter that they can't seem to find acceptance outside of their immediate blood, and give off an impression of being impatient and bad-tempered despite trying to be as stoic as they can be. There is a growing scorn inside of them of not finding the strength to reach out, but they struggle with anxiety in trying new things or meeting new people. Despite this, no matter how sour they might be or how sheltered they might feel, they always stop and run back to help their loved ones.

Needless to say, this character probably doesn't have much experience with outside friendships or lovers, and if they do, it's far and few between or limited to acquaintanceships.

This character, if they had a D&D alignment, would be Lawful Good with Chaotic Neutral leanings. From to least importantly, they believe that they:

  • Shall not betray others, for loyalty and trust are rare and precious things
  • Shall not harm the innocent, for the innocent have done nothing to deserve being harmed
  • Shall honor no authority above themselves, as they believe no outside influence can determine one's moral code or choices
  • Shall bring criminals and evil-doers to justice, but will be lax on criminals who commit crimes accidentally or out of need or desperation
  • Shall pursue pleasure, but understands and makes exceptions to this in order to avoid hurting innocent parties

In regards to their alignment and their behavior, they are, from most to least likely, to:

  • Respect the authority figures in their family and obey their mandates, as their family's words and beliefs guide their actions
  • Believe people deserve the treatment they are willing to endure, because people show other people how they want to be treated with what they're willing to tolerate
  • Will not want to disappoint their family, as they take the criticisms and concerns of their family very seriously
  • Consider themselves above the law, but only when the law seems corrupt to them or goes against their moral code
  • Will do things to aid others during crises (even if it's unprofitable), but puts the survival and safety of them and their loved ones first and foremost

3.  Relationships

This character was raised in a strict setting with either a religious or philosophical focus. They lived among highly- or moderately-humanized Luperci, and were likely part of a large family or pack. They show signs of having to deal with controlling or emotionally abusive people in their life, which manifests as flightiness or uncertainty with close or intimate relationships. They do, however, have a capacity to make many friends, and may be seen as a kind and caring leader-figure or "mom friend". They expect loyalty and kindness from others, and may become distant or have difficulty associating with those who don't share their sense of morals. They also may frown on acts such as polyamory or open relationships, one-sided friendships, and marriage for political reasons. Despite this, they will try their best to fit in where they can, saving their beliefs to discuss only with their closest friends or family members in private.

There are a number of open territories you can use as a place of origin for this character, or create backstory and ties to. Good examples for this particular character include Barbados, El Malecón, Rivière-aux-Graines and Yváypa. The on-board settlement of Amherst may also be a good option.

4.  Family

5.  History

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5.1  Timeline



  • Occurrence [1]

5.2  Threads



1 Wolf breeds: 27.35% Common Gray Wolf, 14.06% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 0.38% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf,4.69% Arctic Wolf, 3.13% Alaskan Tundra Wolf, 1.56% British Columbian Wolf, 1.56% Eastern Timber Wolf

2 Pharaoh Hound and other unknown dog species