Victory D'Angelo


The son of Anguish D'Angelo and Prophet D'Angelo, born on Oct 1st 2012. Born a rich, flawless white (with pale, golden ticking on his neck), the only other shade on his body are the strands of gold that appear in his optime form, leaving his shoulder length hair a mix of silver and gold. He has a large, golden sun tattooed on his back. Victory is the largest of the litter, with a broad chest, strong muscles, and standing six feet, eight inches tall. He has the fiery orange eyes something seen in the D'Angelo line and belongs to the god Ankh of the Khalif. Victory is his father's favorite, and one of the most beloved wolves in Khalif. A fully trained priest and warrior, he is the pride and joy of the white wolves of the area. Victory is not happy with his place in the world though, and longs to see the wider world. He suffers deep guilt over getting caught sleeping with his sister, Bane D'Angelo, leading to her getting proclaimed to be the next black wolf burned on the pyre. This was halted by his grandmother, Misery, who sent her to Salsola.

He carries a can tah of a stone bear with a scorpion tail.

Victory is a skilled musician (he plays the wood harp), an excellent warrior and horseman. He owns one of the finest horses in Khalif, a flawless white stallion with a white mane and tail. Due to his high status he has the most belongings of the family, and has a collection of rich silver and white clothes, and a sable cloak made of thick bear fur. Victory is noble and melancholy, and plagued by doubts. The wolves of Khalif expected him to assume the mantle of next leader, though he does not want it, and he is glad to have been sent by Misery to Salsola.


  • Extended: See the D'Angelo family. Thanks to a prolific grandmother, Misery D'Angelo, they do not want for aunts, uncles, and cousins in Khalif. They are also related to a good portion of D'Angelos in Nova Scotia, if distantly.
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