Mab de le Poer

Mab de le Poer

Mab de le Poer, by Mel
Date of BirthAugust 15th, 2004
Age4 Years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus irremotus
Birth placeCatskill Mountains
Current packN/A

Mab is the eldest female of the de le Poer family, and currently resides in France, in the families castle Exham Priory. She was once the leader of Chimera, though abandoned her post after five months.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  High 5 (Rock the Catskills)
    2.   1.2  Bleeding Souls History
    3.   1.3  Across the Sea
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Appearance
    1.   3.1  Eyes
  4.   4.  Family

1.  History

1.1  High 5 (Rock the Catskills)

Most people claim to have led terrible, tragic lives as children; Mab is not one of these. In fact, she led a relatively normal childhood—except for perhaps playing harder then the other girls and spending a lot of time alone in the mountains of Pennsylvania. She truly did not experience a traumatic event until her packs coming-of-age ritual. Sent into the wilds of the Catskills and given the instruction not to return until they had experienced a vision quest, the children set off intent on up one another. One boy in particular, though, had other thoughts in mind. He stalked Mab and one night came after her, intent on claiming her as a prize. She had other ideas, and fought him off. In the ensuing struggle, he stabbed her in the left leg, and she killed him with his own knife. Realizing that if she returned she would be exiled or killed, Mab fled.

For the next several months she wandered along the highways, following what her parents had called The Line; something that appeared in their bloodline, and varied from child to child. For some, they explained, it was premonition, and for others, a visible guide. Mab’s was this—a fine ribbon that led her north. She went west, into the small desert that had formed in South-West Pennsylvania. One night, she came across a white wolf with dark hair, and the two held lengthy discussions before sleeping together. When she woke in the morning, he was gone. This did not deter her, for the line was brighter then it had ever been, and this time, turned north. Along the way, she cut through what locals called the moors (formerly Grove City, though having long since flooded and turned swampy), and there was attacked by followers of the Man-Jesus, who claimed she was a witch and the devil incarnate. Without hesitation, Mab slaughtered the small pack with a revolver she had found in the ruined city of Pittsburgh. She then threw the gun into the river and fled.

The line led her to Bleeding Souls, and to Chimera. It was here that Mab understood why; her uncle, Damian, was here. Having heard rumors of the rogue, black-sheep of the family, she elected to stay.

1.2  Bleeding Souls History


Joining DateJune 2nd, 2005
Joining RankSubordinate
Most Recent RankAlpha Female

Mab settled in Chimera, and spent her life doing whatever she could to amuse herself. She stole a young hawk from its nest and set about training the bird, and began calling him David. Most of her duties were limited to border patrol or helping her uncle, though she began to grow increasingly wary of the man. A wild girl, Mab would flirt with strange boys and attempt daring stunts for her own pleasure, often overworking her slightly-crippled leg. Over time, she began to realize a terrible truth; Damian was dying. After consulting with his mate, Misery, Mab argued that she was the best for the job and began to take the steps to make this happen. On September 11th, when Mab went to deliver a rabbit to Damian, he attacked her in a fit, claiming she was attempting to poison him. Understandably, Mab held him off—right up until his heart gave out and he fell dead at her feet.

She took the pack, and began doing her best to lead them. Though naturally talented at this, she lacked the heart and the loyalty that her uncle carried. Over time, she became increasingly distant with the wolves of Chimera, and increasingly violent [1] [2]. Only two people seemed to really understand what she was planning; Misery, who began seeking out a new head for the pack, and Roman, whom had courted the girl over several months. Without so much as a goodbye, Mab went south, found her cousin, Ahren, and told him that Chimera was his. She left Bleeding Souls that same day, and never once looked back.

1.3  Across the Sea

Mab spent the next few months traveling as she had before, and came across a port town in Maine. It was here that she met a European wolf named Bowie, an enigmatic character who bred and trained horses. The two hit it off instantly, and spent several months courting one another before he finally asked her to be his mate. Happily, Mab accepted, and the two became inseparable. Curious as to how her cousin was faring with Chimera, she sent David to find him, and was thrilled at his response. She decided that a visit was in order, and with a present in tow, she and Bowie made the trek north on horseback. They gave the pack a horse, and Mab performed a handfasting ceremony for Ahren and his new mate, Matinee. Satisfied, she and Bowie returned to the port, and began finishing up his business. While there, Mab received a startling letter—an aging relative had passed on, leaving the de le Poer family a castle in France.

Not two days after this information arrived did Ahren and his family show up. He had explained little, only that things were ill and he wanted to move the family for safety. Mab agreed with this, and they left en mass for France the following day. When they arrived, the castle was waiting, and the family spent the next few weeks setting it up to their liking. Mab began to get involved in the local nobility, having such a title, and soon was appointed to a secret society that kept law and order within the majority of the developed European cities. She charmed the important locals and not-so-locals, and did her best to keep the shady history of her family in the dark.

Then everything rushed together one night, when she was woken by screaming. Ahren and Matinee were going at it and she managed to only catch the conclusion, and to see Matinee storm off into the night. Her cousin fell apart at the seams and began drinking heavily; his children began to vanish, and soon the castle was all but empty—only Mab, Bowie, Ahren, and his son Draco remained. Still drowning himself in a bottle, Ahren grew increasingly violent, and finally, unwilling to put up with this, Mab told him that he had to leave.

Draco, however, remained. Mab began to train the boy as if he was her own, teaching him riding, falconry, and all sorts of odds and ends, and made a point to expose him to everything she could. When he reached what she felt was the right time, she set him on his own coming-of-age mission. Since then, she and Bowie have lived comfortably and Mab continues her duties as a noble and for the secret society. In early September 2006, she gave birth to two boys--Wyatt and Gawain. When Draco returned the following month, he explained that his father was a lost cause, and was given his title and began assisting further in the castle and their community.

2.  Personality

A vicious, empathetic, unforgiving, sarcastic, cynical, optimist.

3.  Appearance

Mab’s coat is black and white, though the black has become reddish over exposure to the sun. Her build is athletic, though she sports feminine curves when shifted, as well as beyond-shoulder length black hair.

3.1  Eyes

Ice-blue. One was previously wounded by Misery D’Angelo, grew a cataract and became so cloudy that Mab had to wear an eyepatch, remarkably healed while in Europe. Though her vision is sometimes blurry in that eye, Mab can see out of it once again.

4.  Family

Please see the de le Poer family for more information.


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