Primeval Memories

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This territory or sub-territory has been partially or completely destroyed; it is no longer a playable area.

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    1.   1.1  Landmarks
  2.   2.  Subterritories
    1.   2.1  Wentworth Valley
    2.   2.2  Cobequid Foothills
    3.   2.3  Âmes de la Mort
  3.   3.  Waterways
    1.   3.1  Sosye Basin
    2.   3.2  Yawrah River Territory
  4.   4.  Likely Encounters
  5.   5.  History
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Region Sticks and Stones
Subterritories Wentworth Valley

Cobequid Foothills
Âmes de la Mort

Major Waterways Atlantic Ocean

Northumberland Strait

Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

These are the former territories of Bleeding Souls, burned in the 2008 fires. Though the fire was catastrophic, destroying much of the old-growth forests of the area, life had since returned to the area, with young new trees, lush undergrowth, and ample prey.

Nevertheless, evidence of a decade-old disaster still linger. The corpses of scorched, fallen and rotted trees can be found under what sometimes appears as solid ground, under a layer of moss and grass. Here and there, patches of dirt stubbornly continue to shun new growth and remain barren.

Formerly known as the Withered Realms, this region's name was changed to Primeval Memories in 2017 as a nod to its historic past.

In the autumn of 2022, Primeval Memories was wracked—and ultimately, destroyed—by the wake of tremors that rocked the Nova Scotian peninsula. Much of was laid north of the Halcyon Mountains broke off, drifting from land and falling away into the ocean. None of its subterritories were left unscathed.

1.1  Landmarks

Acheron Peaks

The connection between the Halcyon Mountains to the south and the Death Mountains to the north, the Acheron Peaks are a series of bumpy, low foothills. They shield the Haunted Forest from the Northumberland Strait to the north and separate Wentworth Valley from the Sosye Basin to the east. Among the otherwise low-lying ridge, a solitary peak, taller than the rest, looms over its surroundings. It is not so proud and tall as Conquest Bluff to the north and east. Over the eons, the stream and the elements both have rounded the peak down to a gentle mountain, as with many in the area. It is here that the Tranquil Springs come forth from the earth -- blooming from the mountain and pooling down its sloped sides.

Tranquil Springs

A series of small pools, beginning with a spring from the center of the mountain, sits midway up the mountain, cutting slowly into its side as the elements work to wear down the peak's top. These pools were formed over many long years -- yet steep steps separate them from one another, leading to pooling waterfalls. Most are no larger than a Luperci, but one is large enough to conceal a shallow hollow behind its tumbling falls. The water here is cold, clear, and beautiful -- a sharp contrast to the destruction to the east. The fire was here, but the water was quick to cleanse its effects.

Chimera Rise

At the absolute highest point of land between the Yahraw River and Sosye Basin, a great ring of fallen trees form a semi-circle around a small rise. This area is overgrown, with a great mixture of tall grasses and wildflowers fed by the rotting trunks of only those oldest trees that did not burn completely in the fire. The peak of this hill is accented by a singular massive bolder, a remnant of a glacial retreat. Intricate (if worn) carvings adorn sections of this, but most notably, the triskelion of one of the packs that once roamed the lands.

Ceres Sadira and Kiriska Gravesites

In the woods near near the Yawrah River's in-flowing tributary are two large, oddly colored rocks, each bearing the name of a deceased Clouded Tears alpha. Kiriska's gravestone is the older of the two and directly opposite hers is Ceres's gravestone. Kiriska and her stillborn litter was buried there by Ceres, and later on, Ceres was buried opposite her friend by Kiriska's only surviving son Laruku Tears.

2.  Subterritories

2.1  Wentworth Valley

The Wentworth Valley cuts through the Halcyon Mountains and the Cobequid Foothills, formed by a glacier as it cut through the earth and slid toward the sea. Although a few tiny towns once existed within the fertile valley during the time of the humans, they have since fallen to complete ruin -- the only evidence of their existence is the occasional still-standing foundation of a house, or a pile of rotting wood. Some of the trees are bent at awkward angles, and the occasional dead log sits in an impossible place -- speared through boulders at the edge of the valley, for example. At one time after the demise of humanity, a great deluge came through the area, wiping it clean of any evidence of man.

In the autumn of 2022, Wentworth Valley was destroyed in a series of tremors and sunk into the ocean.

2.2  Cobequid Foothills

The Foothills, formerly a territory of Bleeding Souls, comprised of the low-lying mountains to the north of Halcyon Mountain. In comparison the larger ridge, these are mere rolling hills, though they are gray and foreboding. Stinking sulphur pits, evidence of the long-dormant volcanic activity in the area, comprise what were once kettle lakes and pits, and the area seems overcome with a dense, stinking fog. Even the formerly beautiful Tranquil Springs have become tainted and poisonous to drink from -- any other streams or pools of water in the area are a genuine gamble. The dead and dying remnants of the trees, spared death from the fire but dying a slower one as the land surrounding them seems to die, are steadily withering. Nevertheless, stubborn shrubbery still takes root here between the charred trees -- though they are stunted and gnarled in accordance with their harsh surroundings. Even the birds don't nest here -- the area is devoid of life other than the obstinate shrubs sprouting here and there.

In the autumn of 2022, Cobequid Foothills was destroyed in a series of tremors and sunk into the ocean.

Storm Chasm

In the southeast of the Cobequid Foothills, a small cave system nestles into the beginnings of the gently-rising land. Once well-hidden from view, the caves are now plainly visible when approaching from the west. A small stream, occasionally running dry, snakes through the central arm of this cave, though a few dry veins of cave exist. These caves are not especially deep and not particularly interesting -- save the ever-present echo of the babbling stream. In the deepest parts of the cave, it sounds as if a hundred voices whisper into one's ear.

2.3  Âmes de la Mort

The Âmes de la Mort, stretching south of the Cobequid Foothills to the marshy reaches of the Sosye Basin, was once a dead, gray land, littered with dead trees and thirsty dirt. These lands were the initial tinder for the vast wildfire that consumed its surroundings. The territory, once home to the Shadowed Stars pack, had become withered and gray long before the fire; however, in the aftermath, it seems to have fared the best of its surrounding territories. Most of the trees here fell during the initial fire and have begun to rot away; saplings can be seen here, and although the land seems strangely flat and bare, there is evidence of green, returning life. Strangely, however, the predominant settler seems to be the English Oak, which is not native to Nova Scotia. The tree seems to quash its competitors, guaranteeing a forest predominated by the invasive species in several years' time.

In the autumn of 2022, Âmes de la Mort was destroyed in a series of tremors and sunk into the ocean.

3.  Waterways

3.1  Sosye Basin

A number of rivers in the south of the Cape Breton Peninsula are collectively referred to as the Sosye Basin. Fed by the Yawrah River, the low-lying land here soaks up the water, resulting in wetland. The low-lying lands here are especially prone to flooding.

Where the freshwater finally meets the ocean, the water is brackish, and there is a constant battle between the escaping water of the river and the frantic, grasping waves trying to come inland.

3.2  Yawrah River Territory

The Yawrah River begins in the upper parts of the Acheron Peak area, fed by the Tranquil Springs. It snakes down through the mountains and flows across much of the Cape Breton Peninsula, picking up several smaller creeks and streams through its long course.

Its currents are lazy and mild, with little force to them. The danger in the Yawrah is its width. Broad, flat floodplains expand all around the river, which is itself incredibly wide. The territory surrounding the Yawrah River, once green and lush, has become flat and dreary, comprised primarily of floodlands. The trees once lining the river’s borders have been swept away, leaving the soil loose and free to erode. The once quick, clear Yawrah has become muddy and even stinking in the northerly parts, tainted sulphur in the Bonefire caves. Clean water from its many estuaries is enough to purify it in the south.

In the south, however, the floodplains are even wider, and the river slows to a crawl, dominated by the invasive Fanwort plant, a foreign invader to Nova Scotia's soil. Nevertheless, there is still evidence of fish life beneath the surface, and Ospreys and Bald Eagles, fisher-birds, are sometimes seen circling the muddy river, still capable hunters despite the change in the river. Other water-dwelling birds are often seen along the river, though not in any plentiful manner.

4.  Likely Encounters

  • Not one of the average routes taken, pack members do not often cross the mountain. This area boasts a large number of stoats and martens, and two pairs of Canadian Lynx—though these cats are rarely, if ever, seen.

5.  History

  • Previously known as Withered Realms, it was later changed to Primeval Memories as a nod to the former territories of Bleeding Souls.
  • Storm formerly claimed part of the Cobequid Foothills, namely the landmark Storm Chasm, before the pack's disbandment in 2008.
  • Shadowed Stars once laid claim to Âmes de la Mort before its disbandment in 2002.
  • Inferni claimed a piece of Âmes de la Mort between November 2017 and August 2018.
  • The Moaning Wood previously existed in the southeastern part of the territory, until the Silent Creek flooded and merged with the Yawrah River and nearby Sosye Basin. Often thought to be haunted during times of occupation, the forest was largely destroyed during the 2008 fire. A few stubborn, young oak trees now dominate the area.
  • Enkiel Lykoi and his son, Pazuzu temporarily lived within the Wentworth Valley. They were occasionally seen, especially when on horseback, but their actual residence moved frequently. Both medics, the pair had been known to help strangers passing through.

6.  Notes

  • The name Yawrah is actually a play on Sie's hometown, Rahway, because Sie was not very kr34t1v3 with naming things at age thirteen. XD

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