Bleeding Souls

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  1.   1.  Previous Territories
    1.   1.1  Montagnes e Sabbia
    2.   1.2  Cuore Di Anime
    3.   1.3  Bordo Occidentale
    4.   1.4  Città Umana
  2.   2.  Former Territories of Bleeding Souls

These territories were active from 2001 - 2008. In 2008, they were burned in a wildfire and all of the characters moved south. From 2007 - 2011, most of these territories were not playable in-game. In 2011, the southern portion of these territories were re-opened; in late 2011, the remainder of the territories were re-opened for play. This page exists primarily as an archive to showcase the former territories of Bleeding Souls (2001 - 2007).

1.  Previous Territories

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1.1  Montagnes e Sabbia

1.2  Cuore Di Anime

1.3  Bordo Occidentale

1.4  Città Umana

  • BSConcrete Jungle
    • East Line Subway
    • St. Paul's Episcopal
    • Séduisez le Parc
    • Luminous Sanctuary
    • Nirvana
    • Chinatown

2.  Former Territories of Bleeding Souls

Tranquil Springs


Bubbling gently, noisily over rocks and other obstacles, there is one main stream with a myriad of smaller tributaries and creeks and streams that feed off of the main stream. There are all sorts of pools, waterfalls, and brooks running throughout this place. Surrounding the water is mostly sand or dirt; the leaves of the trees are all an unnaturally bright shade of green. This gives the place a paradise's appeal, as if the coldest, freshest water in the whole of Bleeding Souls were not enough to lure wolves to this place. However, one must take caution, for entering this place is not so easy as it might seem. The springs are nestled carefully within the deadly Foothills.


Dark Plains

Tucked away in the northernmost corner of Bleeding Souls lies the Dark Plains. They are completely secluded away from everything else, and travelling to this place proves near impossible, as the trail is treacherous and filled with obstacles one would not face even if heading for the Tranquil Springs. The place always seems to be in shadow, as if dark spirits linger, just beneath the ground. Steep, sharp cliffs loom over both sides of this territory, blocking out the sun for three fourths of the day.

Yawrah River Territory

Speeding over rapids, quick as a rabbit, runs the Yawrah River. The water is clear and cold, the best source of any water to be found in all of Souls. And because of this, the Yawrah river feeds each of the pack territories with crystalline liquid, pure and cold. During winter, however, the water freezes over in the places where its pace is slow and sluggish. Depending on where one is, the ice can be thin and thick; a risk either way.

Acheron Peak

Acheron Peak lays a safe distance to the west of most of Bleeding Souls, and has lain dormant for years- at least in terms of an actual eruption. Hot lava continues to boil beneath the surface, and even during the coldest winter months it seems warmer here. A lake has formed in the volcano's caldera, and a small river runs down the mountain, although it possesses a strange reddish tint. Also of interest are the hot springs bubbling up at random locations on the mountain; if one can overcome the stench of sulphur, they provide a wonderful opportunity for relaxation.

Wraith's Rest

CreatorDidn't Kiri maek? D:

Thinning northward from the Haunted Forest is a lonely stretch of woods rarely disturbed. While the haunted and restless may rise to disturb the neighbouring forest, the Wraith's Rest is just that - a resting place for the souls departed that bare no grudge or illness with the living world. Marked and unmarked graves are scattered throughout and the soft, musky scent of peaceful decay reigns dominant. While many wolves may be buried within the heart of their packland, there are always those who never quite belonged, or those misfits and lones and hybrids that found homes elsewhere in 'Souls. Those collective souls gather here to rest, to sleep together under the soft blanket of mist and dirt. Tread softly through this graveyard; to visit is fine, but to thunder through and to break the peace may unleash unearthly wrath. Or so they say.

Swamp Sosye

The apparent delta of the mighty Yawrah River is a rather small territory, its once sandy soil made rich by the thick silt fed to it by the Yawrah. On either side, the shallow, murky streams of the delta, the area is surrounded by thick trees and thicker underbrush. Where the freshwater finally meets the ocean, the water is brackish, and there is a constant battle between the escaping water of the river and the frantic, grasping waves trying to come inland. The land surrounding the delta are lush, swampy lowlands, prone to flooding. The swamp houses a wide variety of unique predators and prey animals, since the often humid land attracted many escaped exotic pets which would not normally be found in the area.


Square Miles8.4
Colour Code#F66800

The Bonefire territory is strange and intriguing. The red rock walls open up here and there, allowing passer-by a chance to enter the intricate network of underground tunnels carved into the soft clay by underground rivers. One of the caves, the largest, is a meeting place of sorts for the leaders of the packs. Occasionally, they gather in the large room, decorated with skulls, smears of paint and ash, and other assorted happy goodies, seated around the live firepit in the centre, and discuss the manner of all things occurring in Bleeding Souls. One can easily get lost in the winding tunnels of the Bonefire, but you'll eventually end up at an exit somewhere. All of the underground rivers here are fed from the Yawrah river, but they all are filtered thoroughly before they are again seen by wolf eyes.

Crystal Caverns
Crystal Caverns
Square Miles0.2
Colour Code#DABAE4
When the sunlight hits this place, at exactly 3:42 PM, for a whole half an hour, as the sun drags across the sky, the entire area is a sparkling paradise. Thousands of crystalline stalagmites and stalactites have built up over the years, jutting from the reddish clay like sand, and as the sunlight sparkles through them, they reflect the glittering shimmer of day and brighten it. For this half hour, it is a beautiful place to be alone with a friend or a lover. The rest of the time, it is still a nice and pretty place to be, but the best time is the half hour in the afternoon when the entire cavern lights up and sparkles like a star.