Haunted Forest

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Haunted Forest
Square Miles3
Colour Code#71C65D


The territory of Haunted Forest is something different. Walking amongst the ancient trees and through the omnipresent mist, one can hear the faint calls of the other side. Some say Haunted Forest has a rift in it, a passage between worlds through which ghosts and mortals alike drift between dimensions. The territory was once claimed by the Celestial Hollow pack, before it merged with Silent Dawn to form Chimera. Faint scents of wolves that had lived here still linger with the fog.


Wraith's Rest

Wraith's Rest
Square Miles1.7
Colour Code#5F7A9B
CreatorDidn't Kiri maek? D:
Thinning northward from the Haunted Forest is a lonely stretch of woods rarely disturbed. While the haunted and restless may rise to disturb the neighbouring forest, the Wraith's Rest is just that - a resting place for the souls departed that bare no grudge or illness with the living world. Marked and unmarked graves are scattered throughout and the soft, musky scent of peaceful decay reigns dominant. While many wolves may be buried within the heart of their packland, there are always those who never quite belonged, or those misfits and lones and hybrids that found homes elsewhere in 'Souls. Those collective souls gather here to rest, to sleep together under the soft blanket of mist and dirt. Tread softly through this graveyard; to visit is fine, but to thunder through and to break the peace may unleash unearthly wrath. Or so they say.