Rain Marks

Rain Marks is a well-learned male that lives in the barn of Sangi'lak, as the helping hand behind the scenes. He once lived in Anathema, where he was mated to Samantha Jarret and became father to Lux Marks and Quinn Jarret. Now he is a bona fide Evan'ule ranked member that takes care of the animals and most other basic Nomad needs. He hasn't quite assimilated into the Nomad culture and still practices some humanistic rituals, but none the less he and his daughter are part of the Family and highly respected as such.

Rain Marks



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23 Sep 2009






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Current pack Sangi'lak
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1.  Appearance

Rain is a relatively pale male with various hues of off-white and beige there in. A more noticeable hue is the sandy coloration along his back which fades seamlessly into the pale grey fur at his rump. His eyes are a striking blue-grey that never cease to exhibit the expressions that mirror on his muzzle. Wears a satchel and a cloak and a furred bag that used to hold Lux in when she is tired or needs to get warm. Has a bow and quiver of arrows on him almost all the time. Has a dagger and his carving tools on him in the front pocket of his satchel and the bigger part has wood and small figurines.

He is not a large male, somewhat lanky in the arms and legs, but manual labor his bulked him up some, rounding him into a healthy weight of 185lb in the Optime form to compliment his 5'7" height. Has a scar across his chest from a fight with a bear that happened during his childhood. Wears a silver arm band that looks like a lizard on his right bicep that his father made him and gave him for his birthday one year. Wears a necklace with a carved rock and feathers that his late sister gave him.

  • Rain is a donated character for the pack. His appearance has been written prior, however it is the adopters privilege to alter it to their discretion. Please, nothing extravagant (tattoos, piercings, etc)

2.  Personality

One of the longest established members of Sangi'lak, Rain has earned his place among the Family and exhibits it humbly. He is not one to step out of line to a superior, but if someone is disturbing his task, he will correct them with the utmost enthusiasm. Overall, he is a fairly happy individual. There are times when he ponders on the relationship had then lost with his son and previous mate, Samantha Jarret, however he looks to his daughter for continued strength as well as the Family to keep him busy. Rain is quick to assist anyone with an issue (as long as it doesn't keep him away from the animals for too long!)

He is honest and open with his feelings most of the time, but cautious when approaching others. He is open minded and caring, supportive of others' ideas and thoughts and is courteous to others (more towards females then males though). An active listener, but is closed when it comes to his feelings and thoughts because he feels they do not matter. Very down-to-earth and loving, particularly toward his precious daughter. He whistles and sings when working. Also very tidy and neat when it comes to his work or home. Knows how to carve and whittle. Also knows how to fight with a sword and longbow. Can read and write in English and German, and knows how to make inks. Sometimes he suffers from insomnia and slight anger issues.

  • Rain is a donated character for the pack. His personality has been written prior, however it is the adopter's privilege to alter it to their discretion. Please keep him positive though!

3.  Family

4.  History

Rain is a native wolf of Berlin who moved when he was but a pup with his family. Due to a ruthless storm, the small band was separated and for the longest time he was made to survive on his own missing his family dearly.

In due time he came upon the land of 'Souls and was welcomed into Anathema where he found happiness with a female named Samantha Jarret. And for a time, they were a loving couple, and delved into the adventure of parenthood when she birth two pups, Quinn and Lux.

However, the bonds of parenting withered, and the bonds of mateship too faded away. Taking Lux with him and leaving Quinn with his mother, Rain and Lux made their way toward Sangi'lak where they have been a part of the family ever since.

  • Rain is a donated character for the pack. His biography has been written prior, however it is the adopter's privilege to alter it to their discretion. Please only alter the details of the life before 'Souls!

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